Sexy Comes at a Price

by Christen E

"You're kidding!" Jennifer exclaimed as Emily held up the miniscule dark-blue pair of jeans. "My butt's never fitting in those!"

Emily gave her that familiar "Girl, please!" look and Jennifer sighed in resignation.

"Remember your date tonight!" Emily reminded her. "You've gotta dress to impress!"

Jennifer tapped her fingers against the clothes display nervously, staring at the jeans with dread. She knew that, if any guy could get her to change her wardrobe, it was the one she was going out with tonight. And if any girl could be trusted with helping her on this shopping endeavor, it was her trusted style-guru best friend Emily.

"Jen," Emily said, "You promised to try on whatever I said you needed to try on, and I'm not wasting anymore time if you aren't going to listen to me."

Emily handed the pair of jeans to Jennifer. Jennifer held them up, trying to comprehend the fact that they looked easily half the size of the flare jeans she was wearing now.

"I just can't get over the fact that these look way too small for my little sister!" Jennifer exclaimed. "How in the world am I going to fit my massive ass in these skinny jeans?"

"They're your first pair of skinnies," Emily rationalized. "Every girl's first pair is a little bit of a shock when all you've worn the past ten years is those baggy flares. I never thought I'd fit in these," she said, putting her hands on her denim-coated hips and looking down at her own jeans.

"Okay," Jennifer sighed. "I'm trusting you, Em. Let's... go to the dressing room."

Emily smiled and walked over to an employee, who opened up a room for them.

They shut the door and Jennifer tried every delay tactic she could before the dreaded event.

"I think I need to go to the bathroom!" she exclaimed with concern.

Emily glared at her with the authority of a mother. "Not before you try these on!"

"What am I in for here?" she asked Emily, holding up the jeans again and trying desperately to stretch them out even just a little.

"Probably a lot of tugging and squeezing," Emily admitted, "But it's all going to be worth it. And I'm here to help if you need me!"

Jennifer dropped her current pair of jeans with ease, revealing her beautiful figure: slim legs transitioning into curvy, wide hips and a large, round backside. Her tiny waist was slightly visible as her shirt caught on jewelry adorning her belly button.

Emily lifted the old pair of flare jeans off the ground after Jennifer dropped them.

"Size 10?" she exclaimed. "Seriously?"

Jennifer lifted up the new pair of skinny jeans and countered, "Size zero? Seriously?"

"Come on Jen," Emily encouraged her. "Let's see some jeans that actually show off those curves of yours you've worked so hard to get!"

Jennifer sighed. "My ass is about to hate me!"

Emily laughed.

Jennifer bent over, dropping the skinny jeans to the floor and opening up their leg holes as wide as they could possibly go -- which wasn't that wide, she thought.

She inserted her first foot into the opening and started to pull the jeans up. Even sooner than expected, she felt resistance. For the first time in her life, she felt her jeans fighting against her right from the start. But this was a battle she was determined to win.

Jennifer tugged with all her might as she felt the denim wrapping around her calves. It felt strange, but something about it actually felt good.

"These are so tight already!" she remarked to Emily.

"Embrace the feeling!" Emily said. "You'll be living in those things pretty soon!"

"I seriously doubt that," Jennifer replied.

She had to tug to fit her ankles through the tiny opening at the end of the first jean leg, but once she got it through, she felt an initial sense of relief.

She did the same with the second leg, secretly embracing the feeling of the denim hugging her calves even more this time.

She tried to pull the jeans up farther toward their dreaded obstacle to beat all obstacles, but they barely budged.

"Now what, Em?"

"You've gotta pull every single little bit of fabric you can as high as you can up your calves. You're going to need every millimeter you can get in a minute!"

Jennifer's fingers started burning as she grasped the wrinkles in the denim, pulling at them until she was able to inch the jeans up her calves.

"Now, this'll be the fun part," Emily predicted.

Grasping the waistband firmly, Jennifer lifted the jeans skyward. She felt them inch up her knees and thighs snugly. She could make out every indentation of her knees and everything below it through the tight fabric. "So that's what second-skin fit means," she thought.

"Get it, girl!" Emily encouraged her.

"I'm trying... desperately!" Jennifer said, almost out of breath as she tugged to try and pull the denim to the top of her thighs.

Emily laughed sympathetically. "Hey, this is what I have to go through every morning," she reminded Jennifer. "Sexy comes at a price!"

"How on earth am I going to fit my ass in these?" Jennifer thought out loud.

"Just keep pulling every inch of fabric you can up those sexy legs," Emily advised. "They'll stretch a little, too. Trust me; you aren't the only big-bootied chick to ever rock a pair of size zeros! I'm proof of that!" she said, slapping her own butt in her tight jeans.

Secretly, Emily wondered if she'd recommended a size too small to her friend. Her pride, however, would never allow her to admit this. She'd find a way to help Jennifer fit into this pair, even if it meant using the jaws of life.

Jennifer pulled the final wrinkle up her thighs to join the tiny clump of fabric she held that would somehow encase her entire butt in a few minutes, in theory.

"Now what?" she asked her trusted comrade.

"Time to do the skinny jeans dance!" Emily replied.

Jennifer felt a drop of sweat dripping down her forehead as her tiny jeans started this last great leg of the journey over the massive mountain they needed so desperately to climb. Meanwhile, she tried not to think about her throbbing bladder.

She inched them up her hips, bending to one side, then the other to try and maneuver the denim over her curves. Before long, she found herself tugging and wiggling side to side frantically.

"This isn't working!" Jennifer exclaimed, confirming Emily's worst fears.

Emily kept her best poker face. "Make sure you have a grip on the waistband with your full hands," she calmly advised. "Don't grab the beltloops or you might tear them!"

Jennifer got a better grip on the jeans and tugged ferociously. Her face looked like a soldier marching into battle. Sheer determination filled every ounce of her body.

Emily watched nervously as Jennifer kept inching the denim higher and higher over her more and more enormous-seeming hips, tugging at one side, then the other in succession.

Jennifer could feel the jeans starting to coat the massive curves of her butt little by little, one cheek, then the other. She was just glad she'd worn a thong today.

"Come on, Jen!" Emily kept cheering her on. "You've almost got this!"

Jennifer took a break to catch her breath as the jeans sat almost halfway up her backside. She looked in the mirror with satisfaction, remembering how she'd been envious of how every other girl seemed to wear the tightest, most figure-hugging jeans, but how she thought a girl with a butt like hers and hips like hers could never fit into jeans so tiny.

"Let's finish this off!" she exclaimed, digging her fingers into the material once more.

With every bit of strength she had, Jennifer tugged the denim toward her navel, wiggling and squirming in every direction known to man as the jeans raced toward the finish line.

Then, it happened.

She felt that final friction on her hips as her butt lost the battle to their conquerer, being subdued by the jeans once and for all, completely at their mercy and their every command. She'd become the master of her jeans, and her jeans had become master of her body. From now on, her lower half would be ruled by these skinny jeans, not bending or moving in any direction the jeans wouldn't allow. Her butt would have to squirm from side to side inside its new denim habitat wherever she walked, gasping for room that simply didn't exist any longer.

The final pull of the waistband into place felt like child's play after the last two minutes, but Jennifer still had to struggle a little to pull the button toward the buttonhole and slide it through. She tugged at the zipper and it succumbed to her command, rising up slowly to the top.

She pushed the white pocket fabric back down into the front pockets, sliding what fingers could fit into the small openings for the first time.

"Oh... my... gosh!" Emily exclaimed. "You look so cute! Those look incredible on you, Jen! They fit like a glove!"

Neither of them could stop smiling as they admired her figure in the jeans.

Jen turned side to side, unable to avert her eyes from the mirror where she admired how her hips, butt, and legs looked in the completely form-fitting jeans.

She turned to the side, admiring her butt's curvature while squeezing a hand into the back pocket on one side. She loved the simplicity of jeans that merely showed the shape of her body -- nothing more, nothing less -- next to no wrinkles, no extra bulges of fabric, none of her formerly-beloved flares at the bottom.

"I have something to admit," Emily confessed.

"What?" Jennifer said, a look of concern spreading across her face.

"I know I said I grabbed a size zero skinny, but those are actually size zero ultra-skinny," Emily explained. "I knew you'd never have even attempted to get into them if you knew they were ultra-skinny."

"You!..." Jennifer tried to scold her, but ended up laughing. "Thank you. I never thought I could fit into a pair of skinnies, let alone super-skinnies. And you're right; I probably never would have even tried had I known."

"This guy's going to propose to you on the spot when he sees your sexiness!" Emily said. "You don't be afraid to move those hips and move that ass of yours when you walk in them!"

Jennifer laughed, wiggling her hips and then seeing if it was possible to fit both hands in both back pockets at once. It was -- barely -- and she watched with curiosity as the outlines of her hands appeared behind the back-pocket designs. She felt like a kid again on an adventure, eager to explore every new option at her disposal.

Emily looked on with a smile, remembering her first experience with skin-tight skinny-jeans. Suddenly, an epiphany dawned on her. "Hold tight... no pun intended! I'll be back!"

Jennifer worried a little as Emily ran off, but she couldn't stop admiring herself in the mirror. She ran her fingers up and down the fabric that coated her legs perfectly without a millimeter to spare.

She was still in denial that she'd actually conquered the tiniest, most intimidating women's jeans she'd ever come face to face with -- and succeeded, with flying colors. Was there a double-zero she could try on some other time? She'd seen the light, and now there was only one direction to go from here: tighter, if that was possible! She wouldn't even let her bladder force her take them off as it begged for mercy. Where in the world was Emily?

Just then, Emily came back into the room. She held some of the tallest boots Jennifer had ever seen in her hands. Jennifer swallowed hard as she saw the sky-high heels on the bottom.

"Em... You may have gotten me into skinny jeans, but I'm never doing heels!" she insisted.

Emily simply gave her a look this time as to say, "Why can't you trust me all of a sudden?" and Jennifer obeyed.

Grabbing the dark-brown boots, Jennifer instinctively tried to sit down on the seat in the dressing room, forgetting the skin-tight jeans she now wore. The snug fabric gripping her butt and knees shocked her as she somehow managed to sit down. Her bladded felt like exploding for a split-second.

She struggled to bend forward enough to put her socks back on. As she pulled them over the denim, she regretted covering any inch of these beautiful jeans with another material.

With the socks on, she grabbed the first boot, unzipped it, and forced her foot into the small opening. It went in and slid down to the bottom without a centimeter to spare.

Jennifer was shocked at the steep angle of her foot as she set the boot down on the ground to try and zip it up.

"What are these -- five-inch heels?" she asked.

Emily laughed. "A woman's gotta do what a woman's gotta do!"

She struggled with the zipper on the side, but she knew now that struggling with clothes could lead to the most rewarding experiences in life.

Inching the zipper to the top, she felt the boot gripping her entire foot the way her skinny jeans gripped her body from ankles to waist. She loved this newfound sensation.

Squeezing into the other boot, she zipped it all the way up to her knees where the top of it sat.

"If I fall over..." she said, glaring at Emily, who looked on with her hand up to her mouth, smiling in anticipation of the finished product she'd created.

Jennifer struggled to her feet, using Emily to help stabilize herself as she stood up. For the first time in her life, she felt several inches taller. She also felt her bladder continuing to beg for mercy as she shifted her center of gravity again, but nothing would make her undo all the work she'd just done at this point.

Turning toward the mirror, Jennifer nearly died when she saw the sexy, mature woman staring back at her. She'd never looked this good -- no, she'd never looked half this good before. She felt like a new woman with a new style.

"I'll help you practice walking as soon as we leave here," Emily promised. "But I had to grab those for you when I saw how good your ass already looked and thought of how good we could make it look!"

"How do boots make my ass look better?" Jennifer asked quizzically.

"It's all in the wiggle!" she replied. "When you walk around in those bad boys, the muscles they'll force you to use will lift up your butt more and make it wiggle side to side even more as you walk."

"Hey, as long as you teach me your moves, I'm game," Jennifer said. Inside though, the word "wiggle" scared her to death when she thought about how full her bladder was and how much even the slightest movement now put pressure on it. But the last thing she was going to do was engage in another battle or two with these jeans, having to force them down and then back up again.

"Do you think they can check me out while I'm wearing the boots and jeans?" Jennifer thought out loud.

"Everyone will be checking you out!" Emily joked. "But, yeah, they've done it before for me. I know you don't want to have to take it all off now as good as you look! Let's just pick up a couple more pairs of jeans and boots for you though before we check out!"

As Jennifer prepared to go into public for the first time as her new, sexy self, she glanced in the mirror one last time, reflecting on the transformation that had taken place.

Her life was changed forever now. Gone were the mornings of slipping on her jeans in two seconds. Gone were the days of going to the bathroom the second she had to go. Now, her figure squirmed at the mercy of tight denim that gripped every single last square inch of her legs, hips, and butt.

Her new lifestyle would take sacrifice, but for that woman in the mirror, she was willing to do anything.

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