The Thirsty Angel

by Preeti Rawal

Priyanka gets married to Mayank when she is at the tender age of 22 and she feels blessed and lucky to have such a handsome,debonair and dashing hunk in her life.She dreams of lusty sex-filled nights wherein she makes love to him for the entire night and she would lead a satisfied married life.But fate had other crafty plans for her and she had cruel reality to face at the very outset and she really did not not know how to get out of this dilemma.

Mayank had thought that after he gets married to the beautiful,charming and absolutely alluring Priyanka,his life would take a new turn and he would have a new and promising marriage but little did he know that for him too things would not bring about all his dreams come true.While Priyanka was a very loving wife and she took utmost care such that Mayank should not have any discomfort,whether it was in the bedroom or outside it,she found that after the initial months of total bliss,wherein Mayank made love to her for hours every night,now he spurned her every move to be intimate.Priyanka was confused and her mind was in a total turmoil as to what she should do. Every morning when Mayank woke up

Priyanka found that he was a very caring and understanding husband and he listened to all of her demands and quietly followed all of her wishes but as night descended in their home there was an air of bitterness and indifference.Priyanka was very confused initially as to what could be the reason and why he had totally rejected her body and he refused to even touch her.At first she thought that maybe due to the birth of a baby,she had gained weight and she had become unattractive and therefore very ugly on the bed,but she was mistaken,as this was not the reason.

One fine day when she could not take the indifference of Mayank anymore,she confronted him and he initially just refused to even accept the fact there was a problem as he felt that sex was just to make babies and once you had one there was no need to have sex,but Priyanka was not convinced she not only felt physically dissatisfied but she also felt deprived of Mayank's love and she felt unwanted and uncared for.

Mayank then told his story of never accepting her in his life as he had been deeply in love before marriage with a girl called Mohini and he had met her in college.He had even decided to get married to her,but parental denial of the relationship had soured the impending marriage and they had separated amicably,with broken hearts. Priyanka was shocked to hear of this revelation and she felt cheated and deceived ,but now she had nothing to say as she knew that she can never win her husband's heart,no matter what she did and now with little baby in her arms she could even think of ending her marriage into a bitter divorce as baby would suffer.

She was a strong charactered woman so could not even think of another man in her life,so she had confine herself to her fate of remaing like a thirsty angel whose sexual desires and thirst could never be quenched and she would have to remain thirsty for life,despite being married and to make matters worse she would to sleep next to her handsome husband every night twisting and turning and not daring to touch him as she would be spurned again and that would be an insult to her womanhood.

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