Trick or Treat

by Claire Morgan

They were skipping up the drive, the pumpkin lamps all glowing with the inane grins of unskilled but enthusiastic carvers. Little witches and wizards, cloaks spangled with glitter; the odd skeleton or two with their shop bought masks. I could hear them coming. Shrill voices. Their incessant high pitched chatter was so grating; children just can't keep quiet.

"Trick or Treat".

Enthusiastic shouting and I could even hear banging on my front door. I'm not going to pretend no one's in; the little pests might decide to do a trick anyway. So annoying; they need a lesson.

"Could you go and greet them on the porch darling and drive them away? But keep your head on darling. I just want them scared enough to never come back but so that their parent's will think it's just children's imaginations; but not much more any more and we'd have to move; that would be irritating."

Shrill screams hit the air. Joseph Ryder, died 1885, had performed his special trick of walking through people. Extremely effective. I could see swirls of sparkled cloaks and hands clutching their pumpkin lights pelting as fast as their legs could carry them down the drive and away. Perfect.

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