by Cheri

"I don't want to go! I hate her!" I yelled, before slamming the door behind me. Why me?! How could Clarissa do this to me?! She's my best friend, she promised me we'd stay friends forever but she betrayed me, and left me to suffer alone.

         I put on my Creed CD on, turned to track 5 and turned on the volume to the loudest. Then I realize this is our favourite song and she bought me the CD. Everything I did, everything in my room, reminded me of her! My eyes were already swollen from all the crying at the funeral, but I just could not care less. I continued to drown myself in tears. Before I realized, I doze off and the last thing I remember hearing was "..cause I'm six feet from the edge..."

         "Clarissa, how could you just leave me here alone like this?! It's unfair! It's so unfair, why does it have to be you?" My voice trembled as though intimidated by the peaceful look on Clarissa.

"Don't say that, it was just my time. Everything happens for a reason. I never really left you. I'll always be by your side. I know I made some promises I cannot keep, but Joan, you have to promise me to carry on. You have to be strong, I know you will get though this; I'll stay with you all the way and always, always remain in your heart. Promise me you'll pull though, ok? You won't deny your best friend's death wish, right?" Those words sent a shiver down my spine and a deep cut in my heart. The word 'death' hurt me so, so bad. But I knew what I had to do, somehow, I just knew.

       I felt like sleeping beauty waking up to the comforting strong arms of her Prince Charming after a deep slumber, only I woke up to a realization, a realization that my best friend was gone, gone forever and only in my heart she remains.

       I got up, changed my shirt, pulled on my khakis and ran over to Clarissa's.

       "I'm glad you came, dear, I have something that I think Clarissa would want you to have you to have. I know how close you two were, I know this is a hard time for you but she's with God's now, she's in good hands, have faith." The hurt on Mrs. Sanders face showed even though she tried to cover it.

       I ran upstairs to Clarissa's room. Old memories came flashing though my mind. The old stain was still on the wall. The stain where Clarissa and I stamped our prints on the wall with car oil and chocolate. No matter how hard Mrs. Sanders tried, she couldn't get the stain out. I could not hold back the tears as I recalled the number of slumber parties we've had over here, how many stories we've shared, our secrets, our crushes, they all happened in this room.

       My thoughts broke as Mrs. Sanders walked in with a tiny box in her hands. She just cast me a smile and handed the box over. I curiously opened it to find a ring inside. The ring I bought for Clarissa on her 7th birthday. She adored that ring and wore it everywhere till she was 13, the only reason she took it off was because the ring could not fit her finger anymore. I knew how much that ring meant to her and I will keep it and cherish it.

       I took in a deep breath and played back all the memories that filled the air in that room. I walked out, shutting the door softly but firmly behind me.

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