Dear Diary: Chapter Nine

by Ali Bear

Dear Diary; Chapter NineIm Not Sure...

Dear Diary,What am I doing here? Where do I go from here? My mind's mixed up.Dear Diary, please help me with my thoughts. There's this girl...It's been a few months now, My mom and Mrs. Shae recovered. My mom has some troubles with lifting her arm. She's been in physical therapy. Emma's mom had to go therapy too, to get the feeling in her right leg back. She was told she would never walk quite right. But you know, atleast they're okay. Emma and i have been going strong for the months we've been together. This friday we plan on going to a friend of mine's party. Her parents are letting her have the house for her turning 18. She invited Emma and I to go.We're gonna skip a head a little. Nothing really happened this week, just the normal. It's was friday, we all got together to get ready for my friend's party. That night changed our lives, it brought us closer in a way, but it also scared the hell out of us and our parents. Here's what happened.That day after school, Emma, Adrian, and I all decided to walk home together. "Hey Ren, do you wanna come to the party with us tonight?" I asked him. And of course, him having nothing better to do, he said yes. Emma had kept half her wardobe in my closet just because she spent most of her time at my house. Then again, so did her mom. Her mom and my mom had gotten closer, they expected Emma and i to be together for a while. They loved the fact that we were together. They knew we were perfect for eachother. We got all dressed up for the party, and believe me; Emma looked good. Our parents told us to be back by 12, and mom actually let me use the car. You see, i've had my licence for a while now, i just never had a vehical to drive. We turned up the music and were on our way. We got to the party and heard the music thumping. We knocked on the door, and she let us come in. She's always had a crush on my brother, even though he was gay, so she was more than delighted that he came along. I could tell Emma wasn't okay with a lot of the people there, so i held her hand the whole time. My brother went off to hang out with his friends and all and all Emma had a good time. Half way through the party, I had to go to the bathroom, and left emma downstairs. I came back down and a girl stopped me, putting her hands on me like she owned me or something, getting real close to my face. Of course i pushed her off, and she pinned me against the wall. And of course at that moment, emma saw it. I pushed the girl off of me after she was saying stuff like she wanted to be with me, and we could go upstairs and all that stupid junk girls say to get you into bed. She almost fell down the stairs when i pushed her, and i sprinted after the love of my life, who was crying. I knew i should have took her with me. I should have made sure everything was fine. She came onto me right? Anyway, I chased her outside and grabbed her hand and she jerked it away from me. "Leave me alone..." she said to me. She's never told me to leave her alone. "I saw the way she was looking at you. If you didn't want to be with me anymore, Aiden, you should have just told me." My heart sank. It felt like a million needles were digging into my heart, causing me to start crying. "Emma..." i said, taking her hand. "Do you honestly think i would choose anyone over you?" She refused to look at me. Oh god, was i really going to say it? Was I gonna tell the girl that i had so much feelings for that i loved her? "Emma... I love you. I don't. She pined me. Hell, i pushed her half way down the steps pretty much. No, She's nothing to me. Not even a friend. Just some drunk chick that in her drunken stupor, found me attractive. Emma. I love you." I took her face in my hands, and kissed her through her tears, like i've never kissed her before. I could tell she was speechless. She looked at me. No, i lied. She looked inside of me, through my eyes that met hers. In that moment, nothing mattered. I was just about to take her back inside and i heard Adrian behind me. "Aiden, we have to go. Now. " I looked at him and asked him why, and at that moment, the boy i told him he could never see again, came up behind him. The smell of alcohol from his breath filled the air around us. He grabbed my brother and before i could intervein he threw him to the ground and started attacking my brother. Why the hell was he doing this? I knew i wasn't strong enough to pull this drunken bastard off my brother so i yelled for two of my friends to help. They pulled him off and held him back through his fighting, cursing, and yelling nasty things to my brother. "You stupid faggot! Why did i ever put up with your whiney shit?!" He yelled. I grabbed my brother, picking him up. "Ren... Renget up." I said, as he fell limp, passed out from a few blows to the head. I carried him out to the car, emma following behind me. I called my mother, the phone was busy. I kept trying and finally, after getting Adiran into the back of the car, she answered. "Mom! Mom please. Please come to the hospital. Joshua attacked Ren. I don't know what happened. Ren's not doing so well." I didn't give her enough time to reply, until i was already driving, i hung up the phone and drove straight to the hospital. By that time he came to and was cluching his head and trying to stop his nose from bleeding. We got him inside and the nurse asked what happened, and i told her that my brother was attacked by his ex boyfriend and that i saw the whole thing. She took him back. I sat with emma, not really that flustered, cause he was doing fine, now. I got a call from my friend Dylan at the party, he said the cops picked up Joshua, for public drunken-ness, and they saw the blood on his hands. They talked to the people at the party. The police man is coming to talk to Ren when ever he's feeling up to it." I sighed to myself. Joshua's going to jail. Adiran's gonna take that real well. That night was rough but Adrian was discharged with a black eye and a fractured nose. He also had a minor concussion, but they said he should be back to normal in about a week or so. My mom came in about five minutes after we sat down, freaking out. I told her he was fine now, and she went to talk to the doctor. I told her we may have to go to court because of Joshua beating the crap out of Adrian. That night we took my baby brother home. My mom had to go to work, and left me in charge. Everyone slept in my bed tonight. Poor Adrian. "Aiden..." I heard emma said, mid sleep. "I'm sorry for not trusting you." I wrapped her up in my arms and hugged her "I love you..." she whispered. Those words; said to me by the person i spend all my time with. From the girl i think about day and night. The girl i can't wait to wake up to in the morning. She told me she loved me. I fell asleep the happiest girl that night.

I know you may be thinking. "What's going to happen to Joshua?". I guess we're going to court after the police talk to Adrian tomorrow. I guess we'll see what happens.

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