Dear Diary: Chapter Seven

by Ali Bear

Dear Diary ; Chapter Seven.What's Gonna Happen?

Dear Diary,What am I doing here? Where do I go from here? My mind's mixed up.Dear Diary, please help me with my thoughts. There's this girl...It's been a month that Emma and I have been together. We haven't told anyone. I've been seeing her every day, walking her home, and she spends the night on weekends. I figured it was about time to tell my friends about us. We told our parents, and told them to keep it a secret. They were just fine with the idea. They said we were perfect for eachother. I know, surprising right? Anyway,We went to school that day, Emma seemed distraught. "What's wrong sweetheart?" I asked her. She just looked at me and shook her head, giving me a kiss on the cheek before she left for her class. I accepted it, and gave her her space. I went to class, and afterwards i met up with her at her locker, i took her hand in mine. "You're worrying me." I said and put my hands on her waist. "It's.. It's nothing." "Hey guys! " Oh god, my friends were coming over, and i was holding Emma like this. "So. I feel there's something going on." My friend Dylan said. He was always the first to get stuff about me. "You guys are dating. Aren't you?" I nodded. "Why didn't you tell us. Afraid we wouldn't accept you? Come on Aiden. We've known eachother for years now. We knew about your other relationships. Why keep this one secret?" I looked down. "Oh come on Dylan, that was kinda harsh. Look Aiden, It's whatever you wanna do. You guys are adorable together." Alax said. She was alway one to stick up for me. I heard the bell and took Emma's hand, and we all walked to lunch together. That afternoon i saw a car sitting in Emma's drive way. It wasn't too long until she saw it too. She completely stopped in her tracks. She grabbed my hand "We can't go home... My mom's not home yet... That's my... My father." I looked at her and took out my phone. "Call your mom... So she doesn't come home to him." Emma nodded and dialed the numbers. It rang twice and her mom picked up. "Hello sweetie. Are you locked out? I'm sorry, i went to the store." "No mom... Dad's in our drive way." "This is Aiden's phone, right? Go home with her. I'll be there shortly." A few minutes later we came to my drive way and walked inside. Sat down on the couch. "Why is he here? Mom has full custody. He can't take me away... He wouldn't. He's only my step dad. How did he find us?" Adrian came downstairs "What's going on?" he asked. Emma looked up at him. "I'm in trouble..." was all she said, until i came into the room, sitting beside her. "Adien? Ren?What's going on?" my mom said, walking in the door. She sensed the worried looks on our faces. I never told my mom what Emma told me. "Is there something wrong, Emma-dear?" "Mom... Emma's step dad is back..." I told her. My mom could tell something bad was going on and she looked outside as a maroon SUV pulled into the drive way. Emma's mom got out of the car and walked into the house. She frantically knocked on the door. My mom answered it and let her in. "Emma..." she said coming over to give her a hug. She kneeled to one knee. "I swear... what ever happens tonight. We'll be okay." She let go of Emma, and she clung to me again. "Aiden... " she said, tears in her eyes. "If anything happens to me... Keep my girl safe." I felt the pit in my stomach twist, I , too, started crying. Ren sat down beside me. "We promise, Miss Shae." My mom came over to Miss Shae and told her she would go with her. Infact. We all went with her that day. We all got into the SUV and drove to the house, reluctantly to see what Emma's step father wanted. I didn't let go of Emma's hand that whole car ride. My brother was in the back, my mom riding shotgun.We arrived at the house in less than 5 minutes. His car was still there. He seemed to resemble a tiger, ready to pounce. He was just waiting for the right moment to do it. He was doing just that. Waiting in Emma's drive way. My mom and Emma's mom got out. He got out of the car, and started yelling at Emma's mom. My mom was a hardass. She didn't take shit from anyone. Emma started crying, hiding her head in the crook of my neck. Adrian put his hand over the seat, on her shoulder, in a comforting manner. She clung to me, hearing faint yelling and it all sent silent. I looked out the window. Was he a mad man? What was he doing?! The man had a gun. He held it to Mrs Shae. "Mom! " Emma yelled, trying to get out of the car. "Emma. Babe. No." She cried harder. The suspense was enough to kill the faint of heart. I called the police. And as soon as i hung up the phone The man put the gun to my mom. He shot her... He shot MY mom. My mom... The bullet lodged into her stomach. I screamed. He shot our way, but missed us by a land slide. I saw empty alcohol bottles in his car. I knew he was drunk. He directed the gun towards his ex wife. Shooting her too... At that moment. The man that looked to be no older than 30's... He shot himself.

I know you must be thinking... "Are they okay? what's going on? Did he kill himself?" The police were coming.I guess we'll see what happens.

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