Dear Diary: Chapter Six

by Ali Bear

Dear Diary; Chapter SixLooking Into It.

Dear Diary,What am I doing here? Where do I go from here? My mind's mixed up.Dear Diary, please help me with my thoughts. There's this girl...I didn't sleep that night, all i could think about was my brother and how he must be feeling. Also, how Emma must be feeling, seeing the fighting between my brother and Joshua. Poor souls. I gazed out the window lastnight and i guess I moved cause Adiran woke up. He looked at me, and got up. "I'm gonna go sleep in my bed tonight. Goodnight, sis. " "Night Ren." I said as he left the room, shutting the creepy, squeaky door that gave me chills at night. I guess our voices woke Emma up. "I guess i fell asleep during the movie" she said. "Ha, you definitely did." I got up and walked over to the bed and laid down. "The futons just not that comfortable tonight." I said. She laid down on the futon, covering up with the blanket draped over the side. I thought to myself,'this is far to complicated'. "Ha... uhm. You can sleep here if you want." "Are you sure?" I couldn't help but laugh. I wanted to say some sort of joke, but i figured it's too late for that. "Of course." She slipped in next to me and i covered her up, turning off the TV from my bed. I laid on my side and looked at her. "Emma..?" She looked at me. "I kinda like you." I blurted out. I guess i was too tired to censor anything i wanted to say. She smiled and wrapped her arms around my waist. "I like you.". That night, we had our first kiss. "Will you be mine?" I asked her. She smiled and held to me tight. "Yes..." she said. We fell asleep happy that night.

I know you must be thinking. "What's gonna happen to Adrian?" Well. I guess we'll see what happens.

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