Dear Diary: Chapter Four

by Ali Bear

Dear Diary; Chapter FourFinding Out.

Dear diary,What am I doing here? Where do I go from here? My mind's mixed up.Dear Diary, please help me with my thoughts. There's this girl...We finally got to my house and we walked inside. "Hey Mom!" I yelled as my mom came from down the hall. "Hey. Just in time. I'm going to work. 'Want anything from the story?" "Nah, it's okay. Have fun!" I said as my brother walked in the door. "See ya later Mom." he said and went up to his room. "You want music Aiden?" he asked. "Sure" i said. We listened to the same music and so he blared his speakers until music filled the house. Making sure it wasn't so loud we had the cops called on us. I took Emma up to my room. It was in the attic. It was hot up there so i had three fans running all through the different sections of the attic. I sat down on the futon that was neatly placed at the window. "Have a seat" I told her. She looked at me then sat down on the futon. We started sharing stuff about eachother and the hours passed by. I put in a movie. It was sorta scary. Then again it may have been a little bit more than i considered /scary/. I sat up against the wall, she sat beside me. "So..." she said as the movie was loading. "Hm?" I said. "I don't really know how to ask this.. But the way you dress... Is it because...?" "I'm gay?" I said with a giggle. She blushed hardcore and looked away. "Sorry..." i wrapped my arms around her in a hug. "Well don't be. It's obvious. I scream 'gay'. Im surprised it took you this long to ask." She said. "Uhm.. do you mind if we go down stairs and get something to eat? I'm kind of hungry." I giggled at her sudden change of subject. "Sure thing." My brother was already downstairs cooking something for himself. "Is there enough for all of us?" I asked. "Well duh. Im not that stupid." he said "Well thanks Ren." he sat down at the table. "So how are you, Miss Emma?" she smiled at him, for being so nice to her. "Pretty great , that im here." He nodded. "well have fun with my sister. Mind if i come up later and watch a movie with you guys? Not the one you're watching now. I can't stand it. But later?" I nodded, "alrighty." I said. He got our food, ate and went to lay down on the couch. By the time Emma and i were done, the TV upstairs had gone to it's screen saver. We sat down and i pressed play on the DVD remote. The movie started and i laid back against the cushions to get comfortable. She did the same. It was about the middle of the movie, and i knew a pretty grusome part was about to come on and so i looked to Emma. Her eyes glued to what was happening. I counted it down in my head, and just as i suspected; emma jumped and covered her face. "Haha awh..." i said quietly. She looked at me and glared. "Why didn't you tell me?!" She said. I smiled a little, which caused her to break all seriousness and smile back at me. I put my hand on her lap and looked to her. "It's just a movie." she blushed again, and inverted her gaze back at the TV, and i removed my hand. The movie ended and i turned on a small lamp i had beside the futon. She looked over at me, kind of relaxed now that a light was on. "So... Uhm. If you don't wanna tell me you don't have to. But what happened with your father? I talked to your mom earlier... " Emma's cheery disposition automatically changed to sorrow. She looked away from me, as i saw the color drain from her face. "He... He was a horrible man..." she said. Her voice already cracking. I put my hand on her shoulder "You don't have to tell me." She looked at me, then back at her lap. "He never liked me. He married my mom, after my real dad passed away. He just wanted her for her money. After she lost her job, everything went down hill. He started yelling at her, treating her like she was a nobody. And when she wasn't there, he switched to me. He told me i was worthless. He said that no one would ever love me. And one night i tried to run. I had very few friends and he knew where they all lived. I gave up and picked the only friend that he didn't know about. His name was Kyel. And me showing up was like a calling card to do what ever he pleased with me. I decided not to bother and so i went to the park that night. The moment he pulled up, my heart sank." She lowered her eyes. She started choaking up. I wrapped my arms around her. "He pulled me into the car and screamed more than he ever did before. He told me if my mom found out i ran away she wouldn't love me either. He beat the living shit out of me that night. I couldn't walk for the next two days. He kept me home. He told my mom i was sick, and made me swear i wouldn't show her the bruises." She turned to me and looked me in the eyes. "He came after me when i told my mom... at first she didn't believe me, until i showed her. She stopped him from hurting me... She got the worse of it that night. Every night after that we slept with the doors locked. My mom slept in my room with me. It just pissed him off more. Every morning he'd sleep in, which gave me time to get ready for school. After about six months we packed our stuff at night while he was sleeping, and slipped out the door. Thank god the car was legally my moms. " She stopped her story as my brother knocked on the door. "Am I intur.... What's wrong?!" he said coming over to the futon, sitting down beside emma. She shook her head and looked down. We both covered her in hugs. After a few minutes passed. She looked at us, "Thanks..." She said. "Why?" we both said, almost in sync. "For listening." she said "Now put in another movie." she said with a smile. Adrian looked at me. "Can we watch -" He looked down at his phone that read "Loverboy." his face lit up and he walked out of the room. "Oh my. Adrian and his boyfriend. They're so cute together. He was supposed to come over tonight, but he had to work. I guess it's his break now. "Your brothers gay?!" Emma said and smiled. "Don't feel too left out now." I said, jokingly. "Well I don't have a reason to be." she said and gave me a smirk. Oh my god. I felt like my face was on fire. "So... Why.. And you're? Why didn't you tell me?" "Youuuuu never asked." I could have face palmed myself right in the middle of my forehead at that moment. All that wondering and hoping. She. She drives me crazy.

I know you're thinking. "Why didn't you just ask her in the first place? Or how could someone do that to a sweet little girl?" Well there's a simple explaination to that. It's impolite to ask someone flat out? And I don't know, some people are just jackasses. Well i guess now i can attempt to get a little closer to Emma... We'll see what happens.

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