Dear Diary: Chapter Two

by Ali Bear

Dear Diary; Chapter Two.Trying Harder.

Dear diary,What am I doing here? Where do I go from here? My mind's mixed up.Dear Diary, please help me with my thoughts. There's this girl...The Second day of school. Oh the joys of riding the bus to school. I was running late and kinda had to. I sat with my friend who just happened to be my neighbor. She was a total sweetheart. I ended up falling asleep on her. Taking advantage of the quiet times that my bus seldom offered. We got to school and i walked in. The morning was normal. I went to my classes, and then it was time for lunch. That day i actually ate, seeing as the first day, all the stupid freshman are still trying to get used to going through the lines. Me, on the other hand, got there first and found a table by myself. I looked around and saw that girl. She looked so confused. My friend came over to the table and i told her to watch my tray. She asked me where i was going, but before i could reply, i was already walking towards this girl. "Hey, I said." I swear she would have dropped her try if i haden't grabbed it. She lookedtotally and utterly embaressed. I kind of felt bad, but continued on my quest to talk to her, finally. The butterflies in my stomach were too much to handle as they ate away at the inside of my stomach, as i paused. I looked at her and smiled. And to my surprise, she did to. "Uhm, uh. Ha. Hey there. You look lost. You can sit with us if you want to. " Her eyes lit up and the butterflies finally stopped trying to break free from my stomach. She followed me over to the table. "By the way, What's your name?" She looked up from the floor, avoiding awkward glances from the other kids. "Uhm. Emma... Your's?" Her voice! Her voice was enough to sooth a rattle snake. I loved it. "Im Aiden. Over there's my brother Adrian." We're supposed to be twins, but i can't see it. "Guys, this is Emma. She's gonna sit with us today." Everyone waved. My brother even waved. My friends began to talk amongst themselves. We all shared our summer stories. Bandcamp for some, Beach for others. Me, on the other hand. Mine was all music related. We all looked to Emma. "Are you a freshman?" Adrian asked. "I've never seen you before." She looked down. "No. I just moved here with my mom." Finally. Someone new who isn't so closed minded as half the people in Eastwood. We finished lunch and i walked Emma to our 3rd block class. "So it was you yesterday... The girl who was walking my way in the hallway and just stopped." I giggled and smiled. "Kinda... " "Why?" she replied. My heart raced. Do i tell her i thought she was beautiful? "I have no idea. It was just one of those days." I felt my stomach kick me. Damnit Aiden! She just continued the conversation. I sighed in relief. There was something about her. Something i couldn't quite understand.

I know what you're thinking "Why didn't you just tell her she's beautiful?"Atleast i talked to her. I guess I'll work on it and we'll see what happens.

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