The Sexy Vampire Part 1

by Max Meeko

\"Yo Jamie.\"

I shifted in my seat, my brain still in that not quite awake not quite asleep stage.

\"Yo Jamie!\"

My eyes fluttered open, everything came into focus and the first thing I saw was this scary looking lady standing just in front of me. We locked eyes for a split second then I looked away and shifted my Gaze on Dean, who was sitting next to me.


\"What?\" I asked. \"Did we miss our stop?\"

It wouldn't be the first time. I lived in one of those areas were everything was far from my house. The shops, the clubs, even my college was in Birmingham which is like 20 minutes on the train. It is because of this that most of my life was spent on public transport.

\"Nah, there's like 5 more stops or sumfin\" Dean said

\"Oh.okey.\"I said feeling relieved.

\"Jamie...Wouldn't it be cool if vampires actually existed?\"

\"No, coz they'd kill you\" I said a little irritated. See, this was typical Dean he came up with the most stupid things ever But hey he was family.

\"No they wouldn't coz id find a hot vamp chic and she'd turn me into a vampire.\"

I sighed. \"Why would you wanna be a vampire anyway? Vampires suck. They can't come out during the day, they are afraid of Garlic, they are afraid of holy water, and they are all fuckin' Emo.\"

\"Vampires are not Emo.\" Dean said. \"If anything they are Gothic\"

\"Whatever.\" I said. \"all am saying is you never see cool Vampires. They are always in like weird tight black shit and even the guys wear makeup.\"

Dean shook his head \"Vampires rock.\"

\"Vampires died the minute that Twilight movie was released.\" I said.

Dean laughed. \"You are just jealous coz Emma's got Taylor Lautner's screensaver on her phone.\"

\"She does?\"I asked genuinely surprised \"I didn't think she was into all that\"

Dean nodded.

\"See that's my point exactly, why's that guy gotta have his shirt off the whole time?\"I exclaimed, feeling slightly annoyed that my crush was perving on some ripped pretty boy twat. \"They should make a guy version of twilight were all the hot chics get to run around topless.\"

Dean chuckled.

\"What made you think of all this Vampire nonsense anyway?\"

Dean leaned in and whispered \"Okay, don't look now but you see that girl sitting at the corner in the back row?\"

It was a bit hard to see from where I was sitting so I stood up and grabbed on to one of the rails.

.Dean stood up too. I looked towards the back. It wasn't hard to spot the girl Dean was talking about. She had long jet black hair, I couldn't make out her features properly coz I was standing a bit far but there wassomethingabout her.

\"Yeah I see her. What about her?\"

\"What do you mean, what about her? She looks like a Vampire.\"

I laughed. \"No shedoesn't. she looks just like another Goth chic.\"

\"Trust me if I was directing a movie Id cast her as a vampire.\"

\"Well, your movie would suck. That creepy chic from evanescence...\"

\"Amy Lee?\"

\"Yeah her.SHE looks like a vampire, Emma's weird friend ...\"


\"Yeah SHE looks like a vampire.Thatchic doesn't look like a vampire.shes too fat to be a vampire.\"

\"She's not fat, she'scurvy.\" Dean said. \"You know you go for girls who are way too skinny. You need something to grab onto.\"

\"Something to grab onto? That's what the hair's for,mate\" I laughed.

\"Whatever man, you just don't know your vampires.\"

The bus stopped at our stop and we walked out. The chilly air hit all my senses instantly. Man, I hated winter, not only was it freezing it got dark earlier, it was only 7 o'clock and already it was dark. I put my hands in my coat pocket and fished my phone out. I dialled Emma's number.

\"Hey Baby.\" I loved her voice she was so posh and proper

\"Hey.\" I said. \"Listen, we are like 10 minutes from yours. Are Nicky and Grace there yet?\"

\"No but they texted me saying they are stuck in traffic and should be here in like an hour.\"

\"Alright cool, well we can have a couple of beers whilst we wait for them. Do you have any scary DVDS?\"

\"Ill have a look but I think Anna's got some in her room\"

\"Yeah, well put some popcorn on and we can like watch a movie and get hammered.\"

\"Sounds good. See you in a bit babe.\"

\"Bye...Love you.\"

\"Love you too.\"

I hang up and turned to Dean. \"You are gonna Love Nicky man. You too are like perfect for each other, she's into sci fi and weird shit as well. And she's a bit fat. I know how you like your fat girls.\"\"Fuck off.\" Dean said playfully.

\"Well it's a win win situation for you man coz if Nicky isn't feeling it you can just go for Grace. Whatever happens you are getting some pussy tonight.\"

Wed walked away from the bus stop. We were still trying to adjust to the outside cold; we got to the shop around the corner. Just between the shop and the post office there was a narrow pathway, an alley way kind of route that led all the way down to the street we were looking for, the street were Emma lived. mmmm Emma, Just thinking of her tight little arse and her pierced tongue gave me an instant hard on.

\"Fuck, I hate alleyways\" Dean said.

\"Relax scaredy cat this is a posh hoodies with knives round these parts.\" I said as I led the way.

We were halfway down the alley way when I spotted a figure standing a few steps in front of us. It was only when I was about towalkpast her that I recognised her. It was the Goth girl from the Bus. I turned to look at Dean as if to say \"Hey it's your Vamp chic\" And Right then I felt a cold hand on my neck.

Cold fingers grasped my neck tightly, I looked at the girl, her blue eyes seemed to sparkle in the dark, and she lifted me off the ground as if I was a feather. I felt the blood rushing to my head. I grabbed her hand with both my hands, trying to break her grasp, I was choking, I punched her hand as hard as I could but her firm grip remained intact, my eyes were watering up, The pain was unbelievable. Have you ever had food go down the wrong pipe? And you cough and cough and you feel as if you can't breathe? That's exactly how I felt except worse, I tried kicking, and my whole body was shaking as I gasped for breath. Her grip tightened.

Dean didn't stop to see what happened; he let out a scream of terror and ran as fast as his legs could carry him. Leaving me to die. I saw my life flash before my eyes. It can't end like this...with my last remaining strength I uttered \"P...P..PLEASE\"

Suddenly without warning she let me go. I hit the ground and lay there breathing heavily and coughing hysterically. My whole body was shaking.

I heard her speak. Her voice was husky and she had a eastern European accent.\"Am so sorry. I lost my temper\"

I was too busy coughing and shaking to see her disappear into the darkness.

Emma opened the door and Dean burst in. He started pacing up and down looking really freaked out.

\"Dean, Whats wrong?\" Emma asked.

\"Its Jamie he's in the alleyway with a fucking vampire!\" Dean exclaimed.

Emma laughed and then walked up to Dean. \"That's what I love about you, Dean. You are so funny. You want to know what else I love about you?\"

\"Did you hear a word I just said?\" Dean blurted. \"Jamie is trapped in an alleyway being strangled by some vampire bitch.\"

Emma seductively placed her index finger on Dean's lips. \"Shhhhhh...\"

\"But Jamie...\"

\"Fuck Jamie.\"

She planted a long kiss on his lips. He felt himself getting light headed. That was the effect Emma had on him, she made him forget all his worries. Some People would call this cheating but Dean saw it differently. Ever since they were little Jamie was the ladies man. Whenever Dean met a pretty girl and introduced her to Jamie She'd end up sleeping with him. In high school Dean was referred to as Jamie Phillips' cousin. For the first time one of Jamie's chics was attracted to HIM. For once he was better than Jamie. \"Yeah,\" He thought. \"Fuck Jamie.\"

Emma unbuckled his belt pulled the zipper down and slid her hand in. He felt her fingers stroking his dick through the cotton material of his boxers.

\"Mmmmm....someone's happy to see me.\"She said mischievously.

She reached underneath the boxers, her fingers feeling warm on his already erect manhood.

\"There's still a little bit of time left before Nicky and Grace Get here.Wanna have a quickie?\"

Dean responded by kissing her so hungrily and passionately it took her breath away. Her fingers were still running up and down the length of his dick, pulling the foreskin slightly when she got to the tip. She could feel the pre-cum oozing in between her fingers. She pulled back and seductively went up the stairs. He followed like a dog in heat. They got to her room and didn't waste any time, they stripped eacothers clothes off and hopped onto the bed. She got on top of him, He placed his hands on her hips, and she started rocking backwards and forwads, her wetness lubricating his throbbing dick.

\"You wanna fuck me?\" she asked breathlessly.

All dean could do was nod. She leant sideways and opened the little drawer that was just by her bed, Dean licked her left nipple. She pulled out a condom, she ripped the packaging with her teeth then she grabbed his dick making it stand up straight she rolled the condom on with her left hand whilst securing the base with her right. She leant in and kissed the tip of his dick then she adjusted herself so her pussy was right on top of the head. She grabbed on to his spread out inner thighs and slowly eased herself down, taking it inside her inch by inch until it was buried deep inside her. She bit her lip as she felt the pleasure instantly swelling up from her pussy and spreading up to her stomach and running through her veins, making her yearn for more. Dean felt like he was about to explode, His body began to shake, his toes curled. \"Oh...Shit baby! Am...Am cumming!\" he yelled.

He blew his load and moaned with each spasm.

\"Oh for fucks sake Dean.\" Emma said angrily. \"That was less than a minute.\"

\"Am sorry babe\" He said out of breath. \"You are just too hot\"

\"That's what you said last time, and the time before that and the time beforethat!\" She snapped.

\"Look.\" Dean said, getting irritated. \"If am not doing it for you, why don't you go fuck Jamie?\"

\"Well obviously coz he's shit in bed.Thats why am fucking you, genius\" She said her voice full of sarcasm.

\"Well then go find some other fuck buddy that will meet your fucking expectations.\"

Emma took a deep breath. \"Am sorry babe. It's not just about the sex with you. You mean a lot more to me than that. Am just a little...frustrated, you know.\"

Dean nodded.

\"We don't even have to do anything and id still be with you.\"

\"Yeah But that's the thing Emma you are NOT with me!\" Dean Barked. \"You are with Jamie.\"

\"I WILL break up with Jamie, you know I will.\"She said. \"I just need to find the right moment.\"

\"You've been saying that for the last 3 months.\"

\"Look, this is complicated for me Baby, you know that. All I Know for sure is you make me feel like am more than just a pretty face, you make me feel like...I don't know like I've got more to offer\"

Dean wrapped his arms around her, she placed her head on his chest, and she could hear his heart beat.

Jamie walked through the door. (Emma had completely forgotten that she had given him a key.)

I froze. Taking in the image of my cousin, my best friend lying naked with my girl. Her tits pressed up against his stomach. I was in shock. I just stood there. They looked up and saw me. I looked straight into Emma's eyes, those very same eyes that had got me weak at the knees, those eyes that had made me put aside all other girls I looked into those eyes and it's like everything went into slow motion. I always thought the term heartbreak' was metaphorical but at that moment I physically felt my heart break

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