Not Tonight, Trakka...

by Peter Hunter

Not tonight, Trakka

Peter Hunter

'Not tonight - I'm afraid'

'But I haven't seen you for weeks, Bobbi' I protested. 'You've been in the States - working in San Francisco.'

'That - that is the point Trak, she replied 'you did not think I could last that long without it - sex I mean and there was no one on the crew I fancied - I had to look further afield

  also I fancied a line of coke.

'So what did you do?' I thought I was being a little forward asking the question.

' I drove downtown to Fisherman's Wharf and went into two or three bars until I got talking to a couple of youngsters'

'And then?' I ventured

'The subject of drugs inevitably came up - but they did not want money Trak

  they wanted me'

I wrinkled up my nose in mock shock or a gesture of surprise.

Bobbi laughed 'You're being old-fashioned'

'both of them?' I repeated - and I could tell from her girlish giggle that I was right

' both together?'

another very satisfied giggle

' and don't worry - I'm only out of action until I've finished the antibiotics but I've plenty of other ways of pleasing you'

Despite her infection she rolled over and proceeded to satisfy me totally

  imaginatively and enthusiastically


Peter Hunter 2012

Extract from death of an Eroticist Amazon and Kindle

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