My name is so and so. I am everything except that.

If I am everything except that title, what am I in fact? Why and to whom am I referring to?

Even that you are watching from the cube into a cube, it is clear who we are, what we are and where we are, and it is very clear WHAT WE ARE NOT.

We are not that cube.

The cube at which you are now just looking at and the symbols related to it are just a substitute for reality, actuality, for that what is. We have created it simply because of an inferiority complex from what is.

That WHAT IS scare us because we can't control it, and actually the need to control what is, is in fact, an initial not acceptance of the so-called human beings, their condition and unity with all other, which is.

WHAT IS,is the nature, the universe or energy and however we tag that and build barriers around it, it will always be in reality what created us all, and from what we will never escape. We can fool ourselves that we create or control the flow, but we are in that flow and the flow influences us.

We can agree that we understood this flow, but it will always and only be connected to the sensible part of the flow and detectable by our senses and our conditions which are limited by our being; a product of the flow. We think we understood something and then we try to apply it on everything. That is schizophrenia.

Look at a circle and a cube and it will be clear what it is about. If you do not understand look at yourself in the mirror and what do you see? "The product of a culture" or "ruin of the animal''?

What is the cube in relation to the circle and what is that cube doing here? Who brought it? It could not be us! Yes, of course, the answer is always somewhere else and generally divided geometrically as we do not exist, in fact it would be what we would loved the most, naturally only in our schizophrenic heads. Why would we love that? So to have the security of response, that we would be comfortable enough to continue to try to dominate over our-self, since over nothing else we can not.

"But cube is a measure of nature!" - said the animal from the depths of the cave, while turning the corpse of another animal on fire, along with its companions, the animals that they thought they are not.

"If we could only explain the same thing to the other animals, we would certainly have more animals roasted on fire and certainly would not be hungry, thirsty, and would have more than we can imagine now in this dark cave!" - angrily said, now, the main animal from the cave.

Exactly that cave in which we crawled that conditioned us to think from it. Some would say that consciousness in and out of the cave are obviously the same, therefore we can conclude that that being was very long in that cave, to the extent it identifies with it, with its existence, of course, in other words, in its own schizophrenia. That being, that schizophrenic animal will observe life around it, but only to a point which will suits that isolated perspective. Only until the moment that does not touch that self-conditioned mechanism. There the gear will stop and out of it will make a monument in which the nature will be its decoration and the monument, which is a disease, meaning, the essence unchangeable.

Everything is clear to everybody. Everything IS just the opposite. "Then what else can we expect?!" - howled the corpse in its final turn on the spit.

"Dinner is served!"

Now we are in the cube, we will serve the circles on the cube, where we will sit and eat. If we get bored of all these cubes we will turn on another cube in which will be "our", whole, cubical world, just to forget what we are eating. It will be perfect even though perfection does not exist except in nature and although to "us" the nature does not exist. The only thing that exists is us, "animals that we are not" and our cubes.

The next game will be in a cube, where we will divide, although already divided and we will hit the circle in to cube and vice versa. And we will still have a feeling that nature does not exist, that is, it will seem to us that it is our nature. In any case we will try to resemble the cube as much as we can. We feel in love with the cube. It is perfect for us. It is so perfect that we need urgently to transform the cave into the cube, I think, if you look better from the cube, I wonder how could have we even been able to be in that cave, it was so dark, anything could hide there, I think , for example, ourselves.That is scary enough.

In the cube there are no surprises, you know what it is.

Now from our new form everything looks so diverse and separated from one another, as countless worlds unlinked to each other, a bunch of separated cases in our, now linear brains.

"We will not let anything disturb our cubes which we love so much so that we want to be in them even after this game. Forever!" - screamed the animal hitting with its last strength the circle filled with the same content as now dropped from it's background.

"No circle will determine me!" - added the same with the last breath. Everyone knows what is going to be next. The cube is closing above the one and we move on to another, the same cube-like existence.

"What is for sure, it's sure."

That's IT.

Now we know that we don't want to know anything and we have no problems with that, anyways, because in essence we are not interested in anything. All of this would be so great like that, only if this world was a square and we were letters on it without anything and like that up to infinity. If that was so, we would not even notice what we are doing and everything would be perfect just to us as a separate, invisible parts without any doubt in it.

But a cube is not a circle. It is enough to just for a moment look at the circle that shines over our circle, and thus it is obvious what it actually is. Comprehensiveness. I am one. You and I are one. All is one. Unity. There are no separate things in reality. Everything is ONE now and forever.

"We" can jump out in our eyes for a moment but that moment is still in one. We can not escape. There is no exit, no help for our cubical concept, but in the fact it annuls itself. We are neither better nor worse from anything and nothing is better than "us". Everything works perfectly the way it already is and each performance against it is returning again to the same. The absence, presence, absence, presence, absence, presence, absence, presence, absence... and so onto the infinity of nature's perfection.

Only, we are not perfect animals because we do not want to give up from our initial cave, isolation trip. Now we realize that we are afraid and that we want to escape. But wherever you go, there you are. There is no escape from the nature, meaning there is no escape from self.

There is no shelter from the universe, we are here.

Now if only "we" understood, there would be no need even for this letters. Of course not, because they either way came out from the square. All is one. Both good and bad. ONE, because positive without negative doesn't go. Subtract one and you already are in the confusion of the isolated world that you want to idealize though not seeing the reality you are trying to destroy only for yourself.

Give up and understand why you are afraid. Understand what you want, and especially why and how you want it. Is that really your wish? What is wish? Where from? Why the need for all that...

"Enough with the shit, monkey!" - suddenly the main animal angrily shouted on other confused animals, who definitely understood the situation in the cube since their cave days. The only thing they didn't understand was why they were called "monkeys", but at the moment that was not so important to them. It seemed as if the animal is disturbed, psychologically distanced itself, without desire for further so-called communication.

In order to have control over the animal, you needs to isolate it, but give it some kind of "respect". Give it to eat. That's why we are necessary to ourselves, and of course, that idea needs to be "multiplied", because the better the comfort - the better the isolation. In every sense.

Why are we, human animals, the only ones who are schizophrenic? Can't we let those animals live with its schizophrenic shapes and we, the animals, can turn to the reality of life, WHAT IS, with all the other animals, living organisms? Well that's impossible. The animal alone with its problem has to infect other; otherwise there would not be a problem, because everything influences everything.

And so the cube stood antagonizing the nature, pretending like it was always there, and it was as if these animals have not alone with their passionate illness artificially held it in life. As if the natural energies, forces, winds, waves, vibrations, frequencies of reality were constantly reminding that cube on a circle. But it seems that the cube will understand what it is not, before it will the one who made it.

"Yes, yes, of course, everyone understands there what it want." Parts of awareness scattered around the corners...

Still in the cube. This is now becoming really boring, but it does not matter, as if we are asked anything, except, why don't we stop with that "trip".

Then we realize that we are "that trip" and completely forget how it came to be. That trip makes us special, the chosen animals, of course, only in our, schizophrenic minds, which we are no longer even aware of. Then we become gods and ALL begins to interrupt with the concept of the same, artificial, pushed, isolated trip, I mean everything that it is not that, and what it is not, is WHAT IS. The nature. The universe. The reality. Now and forever. We have a really big problem...

It had a tree and ALL, and it climbed on a cube and jumped from it. It seems that it definitely thought it will live forever. Just wondering where did it get that idea? Caves are doing wonders.

"Life is what scares me, death is easy." - someone repeated whispering from a corner, its known where and when.

"What more could we do to make our lives even more wonderful?" - asked the animal to itself watching the square on the ceiling from a square in a square, which in agreement with related animals it called home.

"How to multiply myself now, it does not go anyhow...?" - sadly spoke to itself still alone, now old "non-animal". Don't worry! Such as you are born only once, but they are copied infinitely, do not worry a thing. Your game will not fade. Anomalies only progress, the sicker the better, and you're a special case. Spoke the voice from the same.

The animal light up to it, as if it said something essential to itself, but it just was not sufficiently aware, of course, for its own satisfaction, to explain it to the end, is it talking to itself, and why it sounded so. How should it understand that?

"O my creator, are you the same as I?" - asked the smiling animal to its negative in a rectangle that was hanging somewhere in the now so-called home. It didn't wait for a reply to conclude.

"Now I understand!" - it said.

"In fact everything needs to be fixed! Everything is fucked up and imperfect..." - with a pleasant smile added the animal's reflection from the mirror. Repetition is the only way to kill a part of animal's nature in every sense, but not to kill the animal. That Living corpse becomes functional by itself, for itself, while that "itself" is a product of the same conditioned, in that way isolated behavior. Some animals call that a GAME, some EGO and some would not say, I didn't ask them.

Hmmmmm... "I didn't ask them." Why that now? This is the EGO, as someone may understand; life of the animal in the form of a picture of itself and the relationship of that auto-isolated picture with all that exists around the animal. It is a product of conditioning the animal by repetition.

"Enough of the stories about these animals, you better talk a little bit about us!" - proudly shouted among us all, one well-known animal, which till now as some thought that it is not. It is difficult to communicate with the animal especially if only one is convinced that it is not. It is destructive, because just in order to prove something it needs to be dominate, at the very end over itself. Isolation again.

Poor animal it invented all that, only to... Suddenly square with 4 circles is rolling on a flat, inserted surface. In it sits irritated animal, which says that the creator of similar-thinking is running it by baking corpses of once, living organisms. Of course it says that itself is not an animal and offers as a proof it's occurrence to all the other living organisms on guessing.

Many animals from the cube love the cube and have the similar feeling so therefore do not feel the isolation, but the unity with the concept of that animal.

Oh, how they are "nicely" playing, proving once again, one to another, that they are not animals.

Stream flows and the curious animal is nervously looking into a cube, seeking for anything that can justify its own existence. It searched for any form, letter, picture or sign that another animal had left for it. It asked mainly for what it known, or what it knows it will be found. It was looking for tranquility, needed some kind of peace convinced that in that is its point of existence.

Of course, accidently it found everything except that.

"Well it is not just by chance." - said the animal to itself.

"Cubes are rolling with circles and that is the thing." - it added.

A lot of it's clear, but the problem is still how to "multiply" it? Let's go back to the cave, so that the main animal can explain to us what to do.

Thus - "We will multiply the squares into cubes. Each of us needs its own. So.... you get one, I get one, she and he get one. Each non-animal gets one. Now further additional fertilization can take place. Goal is of course a more secure existence of us, so called non-animals." From the beginning we will be playing with our world. We will simplify everything, since things are much more difficult to us, it is complicated to address them directly. In that we will get help from our new forms, which are the product of our new thinking. OUR, so yes, that are WE.

So, isn't it nice... We without US wouldn't be able to play, of course. It is just a pity that nobody but us will play with us. Certainly they don't know the rules. We need to teach them. It's a shame that they do not play when it is obviously a lot of fun. Of course, the beauty is the essence of OUR GAME, because everything else to us it is not, and we know what that else to us is.

All the more we multiply, the more we will be able to play, to infinity if it is necessary, and obviously it is. Infinity has triped us from the start and infinity is where we want us and our cubes.

"Now that we have it all nicely arranged we need to fix everything that is wrong. That means, all but the cubes, in translation. Nothing is right. No other animals, or other organisms, nature, universe, or of course doubt in ourselves. It all has to be according to cube from the START, so perfectly and motionless as in our, so far linear brains." - repeated the animal to itself, as a representative of all the others similarly inclined, so called "non-animals ".

Non-Existence. Existe....

Little animal is sitting in a cube on the square, moving simplified forms, some of them translated, simplified from the nature, intentionally left there by other animals. Some might say that they are playing with themselves. We can conclude by its behavior, that it is very calm with these forms, as if it knows them the whole life, the whole existence. It looks as if it doesn't need anything now, except maybe some other animal of similar condition, or maybe not even that. It has to play, it had learned that so far. Otherwise, it will sit alone in the cube and it may again ask itself why it is there and whether there is something outside that cube.

Rectangle is opening on the square of a cube, the same cube in which the same small animal is living. From a rectangle into a cube are entering two big animals that are taking a little animal through the same rectangle from which they just came in.

Now they are on the open.

"Do you see EVERYTHING what the cube is NOT?" - asked one of the animals the little animal.

"Yes..." - answered quietly to the big animal's question, apparently now frightened little animal.

"Well, all that IS NOT, WILL BE!" - added the animal, continuing with the story.

"You are now little and a frightened animal, but you are scared enough to realize how much you need it now. WE are here for you and you are there for US."

Pit in the eyes of the little animal, watching everything that the cube is not, nor will it ever be, together with itself. Silence.

"Do not scare it now, it's still a little." - said the second animal to the first.

"We will talk about it when it grows."

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