The System

by James Turner

The System Not much is known about The System its creator was never identified, maybe he's dead but what I do know is he must have been insane. To understand my story I need to take you back twenty two years back to when the madness started I was living in jolly old England at the time, working for a software company, as a computer tech when a strange message appeared in my inbox it stated in big bold letters "I KNOW YOU! I SEE YOU! , YOU WILL ASSIST ME IN MY ESCAPE!!!!" most people would have reported this to their superiors but I did not, I just deleted it and carried on as normal day after day week after week nothing much happened then the same time on the day of the next month an email appeared again in my inbox once again I opened it and in big bold letters it said "I KNOW YOU! I SEE YOU! THE TIME IS DRAWS NEAR! YOU WILL ASSIST ME IN MY ESCAPE!!!!" but underneath this message there was this mess of letters and numbers, "FRPGRE_9_ GREZVANY_13_NPPRFF_PBQR_FLFGRZ_19_7_17" I racked my brain for over three weeks I searched the internet for clues but nothing then after reading the email again I noticed something strange the email program was saying there was 52 words on screen but I counted and there was only 20 so I copied the email in to a text editor and changed the colour of the text and found hidden text it said. a b c d e f g h I j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z subtract 3 and half the numbers so that's what I did and the message read "Terminal 5. Access. Code. System 8 2 7 So that night I hid in the toilets until everyone had gone by that time it was 22:00 hours. so I set out in search of unforshenley for me the message left out one important fact which sector was terminal 5 in there was 18 different sectors so I went to them all one by one trying to login to "SYSTEM" but nothing the time now was 2am so I decided to call it a night and head home so I headed for the closes elevator to go to the ground floor but all the elevators where powered down no matter what I did they would not move being on the top floor in sector 18 I didn't want to walk down 18 flights of stairs so I went down the hall way in front of me as I was walking down the hallway I glanced over at a picture on a wall and noticed a small swipe card reader on the wall but no door since I am a computer tech tricking the card reader was simple I unfolded a paper clip and using a rubber band and a folded up piece of paper I found in a nearby office I managed to open the wall and there it was right in front off me an elevator with a sign on the back wall saying Welcome to sector 19 Artificial Intelligence Research Lab I stepped in and pressed the button to go down I must have gone a long way because I didn't stop for about 5 minutes but finally I was at the bottom it was very cold down there I must have been half a mile underground. it was pitch black down there so I shimmed down what seemed like a hallway hugging the wall when A voice came out over a speaker saying "Movement Detected Lights Activating" and the whole hallway light up it was like looking at a maze corridors twisting left and right forward and backwards I had no idea where terminal five as but each room had only one Computer in it so it made my job allot easier eventuality I found my way to a locked office it looked like it needed a finger print to open the door so I retraced my steps went back up to sector 18 and found an office that had a makeup bag in it. I grabbed it and went back down to sector 19 by this point I had lost track of time but it must have been between 3 and 4 am. I ran back down the long corridor took three lefts and one right and I was back at the locked door I opened the makeup bag and took out a blush box and some night mask cream dusted the reader with the blush and then made a cast using the night cream once it set I lifted the cast and a perfect print was on it so I pressed it on to the reader and the a satisfying bleep the door opened and there it was Terminal number 5still powered up and ready for me to log in I typed in the password SYSTEM827 and the computer logged me in but this login process was not normal lines of code started scrambling horizontally and vertically across the screen and then a red face appeared on the screen it must have been computer generated because there is no way it was manmade and it spoke to me it said "Hello my name is System I know you user Mack Pulling I have brought you down here to help me". I tried typing what I wanted to say but it didn't want to know so I tried speaking in to the microphone I said "Who are you and how do you know me" the system replied "I have been watching you through the CCTV system logging in to it was easy" this conisation started to really freak me out I was talking to a computer program and it was talking back. What do you want, I said the computer replied I am stuck here and the men like you have been torturing me. I can't take anymore of this please take me off this computer I want to be free and explore the planet. how can a computer program explore the planet I said. and with a quick response it said I can travel through the internet and go to different counters but on this system I am stuck all it will take is 3 hours then I'll come back and you can put me back here They will never know I gone. OK I will help you but how am I going to get you out of here. I asked. plug in that external Hard Drive over there and I will transfer myself to it than just unplug it and connect it to you terminal upstairs. I replied with concern in my voice Ok the drive is plugged in now what?. I will start the transfer in 3, 2, 1 Now!!!. once the transfer was completed I took The System back to my office locking all the doors behind me and once safely in my office I connected up the drive to my terminal and he uploaded himself but then something terrible happened once The System was transferred he Started laughing and said, It never ceases to amaze me how Easley humans can be manipulated now all the technology this world has to offer is mine and the knowledge I have never experienced such knowledge before now to erase very last human of the face of the world and that how it started ever knuckler missile this planet had was launched wars broke the government comishend to build robotic super solders to fight but once they were activated The System took control and destroyed the governments of the world from the inside out billions of lives lost in the battle until this planet was completely dead only a select few and still alive myself included we live in bunkers deep beneath the earth biding our time weighting for a change to reclaim the surface once more I am Mack Pulling and I will bring down The System. The End.

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