The Christmas Surprise

by Sally Loveday

The 'Little One' woke up, and gazed around the room. Soft pastel colours and fluffy-edged curtains gave it a very girlie and cute feel. She loved her room very much. After all, she did sleep in it an awful lot.

The Mother poked her head around the door and said gently, "Are you hungry sweetheart? Today is a big day isn't it, and you need to keep your strength up."

"Ooh Mother, I can't wait to see the tree, will it take long to decorate?"

"I don't know." said Mother. "We'll just have to wait and see!"

The 'little one' ate her breakfast and then put on her prettiest dress; it had sparkles and tiny jewels on. I mean, if she was to help make the tree look special, she needed a special dress, didn't she!

The day seemed to take ages to end 'Oh' the tree looked fabulous. Tiny lights twinkled on each branch and little ornaments hung with them and twirled gently in one direction and the other. Tinsel was swathed everywhere and fairy floss clung to the branches, like someone had dipped the tree in Candy Floss, the tree did look absolutely splendid.

The parlour, where the tree stood proudly, was now having all the Christmas decorations festooned about it. Glorious deep reds and greens with little red berries on (even though they were plastic, they looked good).

Some-one, probably Daddy, had put a bough across the fireplace. It had little white lights on it too! Oh, the room looked absolutely Christmassy.

Presents began to appear under the tree and the 'little one' was starting to get very excited.

Mother came to look for her and said,

"Now sweetie, just have a little lie down so your pretty dress stays fresh."

So the 'little one' did as she was told.

As she did, a hand lifted the lid off of the box she had been lying in. Gently, with tender little fingers, the youngest in the house lifted the 'little one' out.

"Mummy", she said "This new fairy is so beautiful, I'm sure she'll like our tree."

Mummy just smiled, and said "I think so darling, she's been waiting long enough, don't you?"

"Yes", said the little girl, "I think Mother Fairy must be really proud. After all it's not often you have two fairies in the house at Christmas is it?"

With that, mummy lifted the little girl onto her shoulders and told her where to place the fairy. "Don't put her right on the top darling; we don't want to stab her. Just down a little so her back and wings rest against the top branch.

That's it..lovelynow tie her on with the little red sash, around her tummy and branch."

"Ooh mummy", said the little girl, as she stood back to admire her work, "she looks smashing, doesn't she, do you know I think she's smiling up there."

"Yes", said mummy. "I think you're right, she does look very happy. Shall we go and have some tea darling?"

"Yes please", said the little girl, and raced off to the kitchen to find Daddy.

On top of the tree the 'little one' stood proudly, she looked around the room, at all the decorations, and down at her feet, at the tree stretching out below her. Mother fairy would be proud she thought her very first Christmas on the tree, and a smashing red sash to go with her very new fairy dress, with sparkles and tiny jewels.

After all, a fairy needs to look her very best doesn't she!

Happy Christmas All.

Sally Loveday November 2004

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