Satisfied Instead Restless

by Sarah Rocca

Panting, Laurie bent down to touch her toes in order to stretch out her legs. "I had such an amazing run Georgia! I do wish you would come with me one of these days," Laurie said to her sister. Georgia looked up from her laptop and into her sisters bronzed face, she blinked a couple of times, and then continued to Facebook chat her cyberspace boyfriend.

Laurie went through her morning routine of making eggs and bacon that she bought at a local co-op, and then she took a quick shower before heading off to school. Georgia was too busy on her computer and texting on her brand new iphone that she forgot to grab breakfast, and said she'd purchase something on their walk to school, "When people make me food, it is so much tastier than when I make it anyway," Georgia told her sister.

As they headed to the car, the twins passed the grown pine tree that was planted on their fifth birthday as a present to represent their growth. "Wow, I honestly think our tree gets more and more beautiful everyday!" Laurie said. Georgia continued walking to the driver's seat of the car, not even giving the slightest glimpse to the wondrous tree.

Laurie was completely disgusted by her sister trying to devour an egg McMuffin and also drive the car. Georgia had to eat quickly to finish before they got to school and because she was multi-tasking, a mess of egg juice was dripping onto the steering wheel. The only thing that kept Laurie from barfing up her own home cooked meal was looking out the window and taking in the green fields of corn that resembled a perfect Iowa landscape.

"Remember I have therapy after school," Georgia confined to her sister. "Oh right, I'll tell the coach you'll be late for practice." Said Laurie, knowing that she would have to make some excuse up of why her sister was, yet again, missing their track practice. "Ah and then I have violin and tutoring after practice! I am so stressed out!" Georgia complained. Laurie did not feel bad for her sister at all; she was the one who got involved in everything and refused to lighten up her schedule. Laurie believed her sister needed therapy because her busy schedule gave her terrible anxiety that she could not handle.

As the twins exited the car Georgia's McDonalds trash fell to the ground, "Aren't you going to pick that up?" Laurie asked as she saw her sister pretend to not notice the trash and walk into the direction of their school. "No, that's what the janitors are paid for!" Georgia snapped. She then put headphones in her ears to avoid any more conversation with her own sister and the many peers whom she had neglected to get too close with over the years over growing up. Laurie rolled her eyes and picked up the greasy bag of trash and threw it in the trashcan that was a mere five feet away. Laurie would never understand how her sister could simply not care about the little things, like throwing away her trash.

"Congrats Laurie!" Megan, the twins old neighbor said as Laurie sat down for her Environment Science class. "Thank you!" Laurie gushed. Laurie had almost forgotten about her recent nomination of homecoming queen, since her sister never even thought to congratulate her. "And you got into Berkeley! Your family must be so proud!" said Megan.

Laurie was looking forward to diversify her life in a new setting of California. She was ready to leave her home, but only temporarily. She knew that she was too connected to her home in Iowa to leave forever. She believed that she would be back to start and then raise a family in Iowa after she graduated from the University of California Berkeley.

Georgia was still undecided about where she wanted to attend college, or if she even wanted to go to college at all. She knew she wanted to get far away from her rural town and move into a more urban society. She was thinking somewhere like New York City. She wanted to leave her small town in Iowa and never come back, but she was still figuring out what she wanted to do with her future. She felt that she needed to calm her anxiousness before she left home to live a life on her own.

"Georgia is going to be about a half hour late today, she has um, a dentist appointment," Laurie said to her coach. "Again, didn't she have one last week?" Laurie started running around the track, pretending to not here her coach's question.

After forty-five minutes into practice, and still no sign of Georgia, Laurie started to wonder if her twin had skipped practice, once again. Georgia did not even enjoy running, especially when the weather was warm and practices were outside, so it did not surprise her sister that she would be playing hooky. Nobody even knew if she went to her therapy sessions for sure. For all anyone knew she could have been fooling around, not trying to slow down her restless life.

Just then sirens screeched past the school and three police cars and an ambulance sped by. They stopped suddenly, seeming to be just blocks away from where the track team was practicing.

After about ten minutes the ambulance sirens started once again, seeming to be bringing the victim to the hospital. Laurie saw her mother's car approach the school. Usually the twin's mother never drove by this part of town. Their mom stopped the car, "Laurie, come with me. Now!" She yelled out the window. Laurie listened to her mother and quickly ran to her panicked voice. Laurie got into the car and looked at her mothers tear stricken face. "Mom! What's wrong?" Her mother clenched the steering wheel and sobbed, not giving her daughter an answer and sped away from the practice where both of her girls were supposed to be.

They arrived at the hospital and Laurie's mother finally was able to speak, "It's your sister, she had an accident. The police assume she went through a red light, coming from her therapy session I'm thinking. She must have been in a hurry because she wanted to make it to practice on a decent time. And, oh dear lord, a car side swiped her and sent the car tumbling."

"How is she," Laurie asked as they reached the supposed doctor. "She is in critical condition, she will need a lot of prayers and efforts to recover at this point, but do not give up on her yet. Since she seems like a strong young woman, she has a better chance of survival. There is definite hope for her to survive."

Georgia was indeed strong, but because of her diet based on convenience and time, she was not very healthy. She was so busy and so half of her nights remained sleepless. Sure there was hope for her survival, but if she survived her lifestyle would have to be changed to live healthier and hopefully she would become satisfied with her life.

"Dear lord, my sister better be okay!" Said Laurie wiping her tears off her cheeks.

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