Mistaken Rain

by Roxanne Varden

                 MISTAKEN RAIN

She sighed with relief, and then a smile christened her tear stained face. Her eyes were red rimmed, but the dark liquid it held, still shone nonetheless. And, then she burst into another round of tears, causing injustice to the pretty smile she wore a few seconds ago.

The man standing beside her, studied her, unsure of what had just happened. He watched closely, everytime she haphazardly brushed away the tears that fell in abundance.

When she regained her composure, she would tuck the silky ebony strands of hair that escaped her almost neat chignon behind her ear.

And then rub furiously at her nose with the handkerchief he had so graciously lent her.

He had not known what to expect. Well, he did expect tears. But he was not prepared for the storm, that he received instead.

Damn, women and their emotions. That was one of those reasons why he had not settled down.

Alan patted the woman's back and tenderly brushed his lips across her forehead. But that did not help, in fact that made it worse. She clung to him and dampened his favourite cotton shirt.

He should have never came straight out and asked her. Alan cursed himself mentally. The internet would have been a more suitable means. Sensible people relied on such technology.

Yet, he had to be old fashioned Alan and tell it like it is.

He closed his eyes and embraced her thin frame tenderly.

Alan wished this awkward moment would end so they could get on with their lives.

He opened his eyes when he felt her small hand tap his shoulder. Alan gazed into the woman's eyes feeling a sudden sadness creep up on him.

Just then, a radiant smile replaced the unmistakable innocence in her eyes, as she removed the dainty ring from her left hand and placed it into the palm of his hand.

And then very sweetly, she added,

"Please Alan, one more time, please ask me one more time?

Alan glanced at the glittering piece of jewellery in his hand and boldly repeated his proposal.

"Will you marry me Caroline?"

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