The Secret Place

by Ayesha75


by Ayesha

The storm was raging wild outside,

White lightning streaked the sky,

Far off in the distant night

I heard a baby cry.

I thought I heard a wolf that night

Howling in the rain,

I thought I saw a monster's face

Against my window pane.

I sensed the ugly Boogey man

Hiding 'neath my bed;

A lightning bolt crashed through the roof

And hit me on the head!

I hurriedly dashed into his room

So he could comfort me,

So terrified and frightened,

As any child would be.

We sat ad watched the lightning bolts,

We listened to the rain;

Protecting me, he held me close

'Til I felt safe again.

He told me I was special, and

To him, I meant the world;

He said there was no sweeter thing

Than me, his "precious girl."

He said I was his princess

And I had a pretty face

And old enough to learn, he said

About my "secret place."

The storm was raging wild outside

No longer did I care,

That night we found this secret place

I never knew was there.

Frenzied by the wretched pain

That ravaged me that night;

Reassured by soothing words,

"My princess, it's alright."

Every night, he'd visit me,

He'd gently stroke my face,

He'd kiss my lips, and put his snake

Inside the secret place.

* * * * *

The storm is raging wild outside,

White lightning streaks the sky,

Far off in the distant night,

I hear my baby cry.

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