The Burden Poems

by Ama Plange

The Burden Poems by Ama Plange


] Falling in love


] Mine eyes have taken no strain

] my insanity its power gain

] When I look upon his handsome kind

] Then comes love deepening within my mind

] So did I see him to whom I cherish

] for someday he'll be mine; let no love perish

] I long to be his beautiful bride

] Happy and merry by his side

] visible in love forever lasting,

] Time never waits and always pasting

] I made my wish now let it be answered

] Drown me with faith and love mastered.


] The meeting


] How glad am I to make his acquaintance,

] my waiting so long has brought forth my patience,

] he appeared to me richer than wealth,

] my heartbeats fast narrowing my health.

] Into our visual sights he gave a polite smile

] we exchange with contact voices for a while

] my hope and dreams arrive soon and true

] deepens with our love that exists so pure.


] The Marriage


] I married my love, I am now his wife

] bonding together with the love of my love

] as the years and anniversaries past on

] a crown with good fortune tight fully bond

] talents and geniuses our four children inherit

] blessed with joy and all great merit

] Tragedy cuts short our happiness abort

] like a shipwreck crashing at seaport

] My will to live for a while longer

] I am so weary, ill no stronger

] terminal grows controlling my deepest depths

] Our children, my husband, how will they cope?

] all what lies is my prayers and hopes.


] The widower


] Beautiful and bold my lovely wife

] to whom I love all my life

] Our children inherited her gifted creations

] her charms and graces all genetic imitations

] In my night dreams I see her every night

] comforting me with messages in rays of light.

] My wife, dearest wife

] the love of my forever lasting life

] she has gone away from me,

] this is not how it was meant to be.

] And I a burden widower alone

] with only her memories I own.


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