The Essay

by Lorraine Williams

"But it's too hard! I can't do it! I remember the first time I had to write an essay for school. I was horrified! I had no idea how to begin. Sure, I was in the fourth grade and, of course, I knew how to write strong sentences and paragraphs, but it frightened me when my teacher told me that I was going to have to write five paragraphs on one topic.

"It is impossible to think of that much on one topic! I won't be able to do it." I insisted.

"You will and so will your classmates." My teacher replied. I am going to teach you step by step.

I thought my teacher had to be out of her mind to even ask for such a ridiculous feet. I was a nervous wreck. My hands got sweaty and I began to worry about the topic I was going to be given. Would I be able to think of enough information?

"Just follow the process I teach you and the essay will be easy." My teacher reassured us. She taught each step in the process, and I did every step.

To my surprise, she was right. It really did become easier when I followed the process. The prewriting steps gave me time to develop a title and gather enough information on the topic. I realized that most of the time I don't have enough information because I don't take time to think it out. Bubble swapping helped me the most.

"That's a great table map on curfews and their importance. You should be able to write a good paper with that much informtion." My teacher would encourage.

We drafted our papers and then were able to conference with the teacher one on one at her desk and she helped us find things that needed to be edited and revised. We then went back to our desks and worked the essays. We might rewrite an essay three or four times before it would meet her final approval and we could make a final draft and paste it in the room.

"You all did a great job. Two weeks ago you were very nervous about writing and didn't think you could write a five paragraph essay." My teacher stated "Yeah, I thought it was too hard a thing to do." I replied.

"Your paper came out very good and you worked hard to meet the challenge. Thank you. You should congratulate yourselves." We gave ourselves a round of applause and prepared for our next essay. We knew we were ready for the challenge because we learned the proper steps to writing it.

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