When I Am With You

by Veronica Elam-Hills

When I am with you everything seems so right

I find myself wondering and pondering things I had previously thought beyond my reach

I wonder if our compatibility is an illusion

Just sitting and watching TV with you is enjoyable

I feel no pressure when I am with you

Spending time with you is like breaking, effortless

When we are not in the same space, I still feel your presence

My thoughts often turn to you throughout my day

I think about how I will tell you something that happened to me that day

Or how I will tell you of some interesting conversation I had

Being apart from you only enhances my time with you

The level of comfort I feel when with you is surreal

Kissing you seems so right

Loving you is my existence

Making-love with you is like the blood coursing through my veins,

unstoppable and life affirming

I discover new things about me when I am with you

My capacity to want to make another human being happy is beyond measure

because all I want to do is be responsible for the smile on your face

I love your quiet confidence

You are so comfortable in your own skin and I truly admire that about you

You are confident in the fact that I care about you and enjoy spending time with you but also that I don't want to smother or be smothered by you

Your vulnerability is an afrodisiac

I love our companional silences

Sleeping next to you makes me feel secure and wanted and excited all at once

Don't get me wrong, you do make me nervous but in a good way that has never happened to me before

I only want to give you and what we have and do for each other my best efforts

Labels like relationship or commitment or even monogomy seem to small to encompass what you mean to me and what I hope to mean to you

I want to honor it for as long as I can have it and bask in the joy of it

If it ends tomorrow, I know that I will be all the better for having experienced you but

I hope it lasts a lifetime in whatever capacity God sees fit to let it exist

When I am with you, I am me.

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