Teachers Pet

by Stephanie Dawe

She walks in, it's no use, he see's her, she's his one desire. He starts to shake and sweat. Each time she walks by, with her skirt up to there, "my eye's I can't take them off her". Her friends are so jealous, the stolen looks, the coy fluttering of her lashes, they see it.

His wife is at home, just took the test. The results, two blue lines. She's pregnant. Overjoyed, the first thing she does is call up Micheal to give him the good news.

As she passes by he smells her, the sweet smell of her, intoxicated by her, he takes a deep breathe. She takes a seat, her skirt rises as she crosses her knees. Hands rise, unnoticed, and the principal Duvall walks in. His eyes follow Mr. Peterson's to beautiful blonde in the front row. Mr. Duvall knew the type, she wore the shortest mini skirt, as if to flaunt what she has, she paired it with a low cut v- neck black silk tank top, cut just low enough that her heart shaped freckle on her left breast peaked through, taunting Micheal. To everyone else her hair was blonde but in Micheals wondering eyes her hair was shimmering with golden and honey highlights that hung just past her shoulders to the middle of her back with a slight curl at the buttom. She tossed it back and forth and combed her fingers through it, she could feel Micheals eyes on her as she playfully stroked her hair. That was Micheal's favourite part of her. He peels his hungry eyes off her for just a second as Mr.Duvall mentions an urgent call from his wife Betty. Betty had short brown hair, wore little make-up, didn't need it, a natural beauty, more of the conservative type. Micheal wanted something a little wilder, he longed for the excitement he seen in Shannon's eye's.

Sitting on the big leather chair in Mr.Duvall's office, "Can you home straight after work?I want to tell you in person." "Depends, is it good or bad?" He jokes. "Good, I hope." "I'll be there at 4 then."

He wore expensive italian leather shoes, dark blue dress pants that coordinated perfectly with his slightly lighter blue button up dress shirt, no tie, to conservative for him. He had a new confidence, ever since he first saw her. He had never been in lust with someone like this before. It was his dirty little secret that was turning into full blown obsession.

The bell rang, the class poured out of the class as fast as they could, all except Shannon. She only had one thing on her mind, Mr.Peterson. She walks up to his desk, starring into his eyes. "Mr.Peterson, sir" she says helplessly, playing up the helpless school girl image she knew excited Micheal. "Could you help me with this, I'm not sure I understand this question here," she slaps the paper down on his desk and takes a seat on his desk, leans over, her shirt opens up a peep more, purposely, and Micheal falls for it and takes a peek right in. She leans in a little more to point to a question, any question and her cheast grazing his face, his heart races, it's almost more than he can take.

Waiting and waiting, now quarter past 5. She calls him, "Hello, is Micheal there? It's Betty." "Just a minute, I'll go check his room." She peeked through the window, shocked at what she sees she opens the door.

"Um, I can help you, if you want right now," the words fumble out of his lips. "Yeah, Mr.Peterson, I want you right now, I mean I want you to help me right now," she giggles, and Micheal can't take his eager eyes off her, first on her lips, then her thighs. Time ticks, as she flirts, the time dings five, "Oh shit, I've gotta go," he snaps out of his fantasy and realizes he's late. This could be her only chance. She leans in, her lips moist and pink she puckers, mistified by the moment, it feels so right, he leans in and there lips meet, for a split second, it feels perfect. He wants her so bad, it almost makes him cry. He backs off just as the door swings open. Mrs.Jennins walks in, wandering what she just missed, no, not Mr.Peterson, probably some other good explanation for what she just saw. "Um, Mr.Peterson, I hope I'm not interrupting anything, but your wife is on line 3." He stands up and takes a couple of steps away from his desk, as if to escape the scene of the crime. "Oh, alright, thank you Mrs.Jennins."After Shannon gets up off the desk, he grabs a couple pieces of paper. "I was just helping Shannon with some homework," he explains, trying to justify what she did or didn't see. Doesn't say a word, he rushes out the door, right past the office and straight to his car.

Betty waited and waited for him to arrive, she wore a tight red dress, this may be the last time for another 7 months to show off what she has, she wanted to excite Micheal. "Hey baby, you're late!" "I know, I'm sorry, so sorry," his eyes almost have a tear, he realizes what he could've lost and is not only apologizing for his late arrival but also for what almost happened. She leads him to the table, wine glasses and plates placed perfectly for the special occasion. She fills his glass with red wine, then fills her with grape juice. He tilts his head curiously and asks "What's with the grape juice?" She places a little box on the table in front of him, he opens it. Inside is the test with the two blue lines. "Are you serious? You're pregnant," he anxiously asks. "Yes baby, we're going to have a baby," she smiles, "This is what you want isn't it? A family with me, us?" "Yes, baby, yes," he walks over to her and hugs her. "So babe, when did you find out?" "Just this morning, I missed my period so I took the test, and there is was, who knew two little blue lines could make someone so happy, eh!"

In the teachers lounge the accusations fly. He walks in and they all stop and stare. They all whisper, word gets around so fast. He know what this is all about.

She walks in, he doesn't look, she passes by, he doesn't breath, she sits down, he doesn't watch. He knew it was only lust, no future, no real feelings. It was her or his wife, he knew where his future was. Hands rise, noticing he quickly answers. She's pissed, she doesn't understand, never turned down before, she had the confidence that you can only have after a lifetime of being beautiful. Her friends all whisper, she starts to get upset. Mr.Duvall walks in and follows Micheals eyes this time straight to the blackboard.

Bell rings, three o'clock, the class rushes toward the doors. Shannon stays behind, "Mr.Peterson," she approaches his desk, upset that he's not paying attention, he reads a paper on his desk. She wanted him more, she always wanted what she couldn't have, it wasn't so much him that she wanted, she only wanted him because he was there, untouchable, completely out of bounds, she liked that. She repeats herself "Mr.Peterson?" "Shannon, what can I do?" He didn't want to mention last night, he just wanted to forget it. "I really need your help, I really don't understand this geography stuff," trying to use the old school girl trick with no success. "Sorry, not tonight Shannon, I've gotta go," he grabs a couple of paper off his desk and tries to leave. Grabbing onto his hand she pulls him back and makes eye contact. She stares into his eyes. He sees the lust in her eyes, the lust for him. "Wait, I need your help, please," she pleads. His body's saying lets go, but his heart is saying no. He forces himself to pull away. He walks out, she watches, her eyes start to fill up, she stares a blank stare as he closes the door.

She was desperate, she wore a little black dress, she thought if you plant a seed it takes time, and work to flower, she already started something with Mr.Peterson, so now she may have to work a bit at it and this little black dress was sure to make any seed sprout. Armed with a body to kill she was on a mission, she walks in, he can't help it, she smiles. Her dress hugs her body, turns heads and her from young girl to real women. She sat and played with her hair, Micheal tried to concentrate on the class but was constantly distracted by her efforts to attract him.

The bell rang, they poured out, she stayed behind for one final attempt to win him over. His mind filled with horrible thoughts, thoughts of making love to her, he could fell himself start to weaken, like a drug, he was dependant on. He felt helpless, totally under her control, he almost liked the feeling. She shuts the door, and pulls the drapes. She sits on his desk in front of him, "You know you want me, and I want you," she whispered slowly in his ear. She starts to kiss, slowly on his neck "You like that?" she whispers. He pushes her off with such force that she falls to the floor. "Shannon, I can't do this, this, us, it's not going to happen," he says sternly. She starts to cry, on the floor. He walks out, slams the door.

"Hi, everyone, I know you are probably wondering who I am, well since your old teacher Mrs.Pennway retired I'm your new one," he introduces himself to the class. "I'm a transfer from Glendale secondary." he explains. Before he could say anything else he scanned the class, he noticed noone that compared to Shannon, relieved, he smiles! Then, the door creaked open, she was saying goodbye to a friend in the hall, she's giggling, she walks in, he see's her, she's his new desire.

Stephanie Dawe

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