A Moment

by Haewyn

    With a soothing sigh, it was over. With a single breath it all had passed. The mingled rage of hormones and nerves had come to a cease. Leaving me with more love for this one being, than any that roam this earth.

    He glanced at me, sort of an interesting glance. Not the obvious glance, but a delighted glance, full of intrigue. As if he were admiring me. These glimpses come often, yet they are more brilliant to me each time they're presented.

    With a gentle groan, he turns over revealing the brilliant red scratches. I hadn't even known I had been creating them. He enjoys them.

    I placed my fingertips to his back. I couldn't resist. Curling them into each groove of his shoulders, smoothing them into his curves. I couldn't think, I couldn't move. At that moment, I knew merely the one simply movement, as if all my preceding decisions led up to that movement, that touch. Nothing other mattered.

    I know only that I cherish him. I know only that I will always remember his skin under my fingers, his warmth as I pressed up against him, his eyes as he finally turned to look at me.

    He placed one hand on my cheek, just one. And with all the evening floating into place, he placed his lips on mine. Just one simple kiss. But somehow it was much more. It held every moment we had been together. It held each breathe that had been stolen, it held every kiss, every touch, and every glance. It was a moment that will stay with us forever.

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