Holly and Ben at Cleveleys

by Judith Hussey

Holly and Ben at Cleveleys

Holly looked up at Ben with admiration. She hadn't always loved him like she did now, when they first met, he even used to scare her just a little. But that was before she got to know him so well.

They had adjusted to living together and they knew each others little ways. "Three years is quite a long time" thought Holly, "I can't believe that we have been living together all of that time"

They were walking along the yellow sands at Cleveleys near Blackpool, a favourite spot of theirs. "Are you alright 'Flogly' he said over the slight wind which was now blowing but she heard him quiet well.

'Flogly' was the name he always called her, but for the life in her she didn't know why, it had just always been that way. Holly looked up at him, her hair blowing back over her ears, she didn't like her ears showing because she thought that they looked too large for her face, that's why she liked to keep her hair long, and cover them up. No one else seemed to think that she had large ears well at least anyone who noticed kept the fact to themselves, never actually pointed it out to her. They wouldn't be so rude would they. She also had a bit of a large nose but her eyes were absolutely gorgeous. Large and brown into which you could melt. Many an admirer on the street had stopped to look at her, she sometimes heard the comments like 'oh how cute' or 'how lovely' or similar rubbish. She took it all in though, she didn't miss a thing.

A few years ago when she was living with someone else she wasn't quite so well off as she was right now. Its not that she was ill treated or anything like that, but because she couldn't speak she was sort of ignored. Holly had a lot of love to give and until Ben arrived on the scene she didn't really have anyone to give it to. But now she adored Ben. They slept together like spoons, he facing her with his arm over her protectively, her with her back to him snuggled close. She couldn't go out without him of course because she was dependant on him but he didn't mind. He lovingly looked after her. Every morning they would go for a walk on the beach before Ben had to hurry off to work, 'you be ok today Flogly, and enjoy yourself, I will be back home before you know it.' Holly looked at him wistfully, knowing that he was going to go out and leave her alone all day. She was used to it though. Ben wouldn't have liked her to be upset, so just before he went, she plonked herself on his knee and nuzzled up to him. 'Hey, leave it out Holly he laughed, you are wetting me through, you know that I can't stay here with you just now, I have to work, but I will be home later and we will go out for a walk, I promise."

It was the best that Holly could hope for, she went and sat down in their special place and looked at Ben before he went.

All day she mooched around the house, not quite able to bring herself to do anything much. She had a wander around the garden and saw the frogs in the pond. 'I suppose they are there for a reason,' Holly thought to herself although she really wanted to get rid of them, they gave her the creeps. Ben wouldn't like it though because he told her that they were good for the garden. There was also some tadpoly things that were still there, or whatever they were.

Holly looked over the side of the pond. It looked a bit murkey and full of green stuff so she decided to leave it for now and see what happened later.

Looking further into the garden Holly could see other little creatures. Spiders and creepy crawly things. She didn't like them but she stayed where she was and didn't touch them .. She knew that Ben would disapprove. Its not that he was an environmentalist or anything but he liked the frogs and creatures in his garden.

The sun was getting a bit high in the sky and Holly was feeling the heat a bit. She sat down in the shade and had a drink of the fresh water that Ben had left for her. It tasted cool and refreshing. Looking around her she felt the sun on her back and the warmth around her. She decided to have a little nap before lunch, and then it wouldnt seem long before Ben was back home she thought to herself. 'it's a very long day to amuse myself thought Holly but when you are handicapped like me I suppose there isn't much I can do,.

Holly mused for a while. What were her qualities, her fors and against?

Well, many people had told her that she was beautiful, that she had kind eyes and lovely hair. Being disabled thoughnot being able to speak or make any intelligent decisions, dependant always on others, it was like living a lie.

Holly was not perfect just always, always waiting for an opportunity to show her worth. She had found it with Ben and was waiting for him to say the one thing that she craved..

Ben came home right on schedule. She heard the car draw up in the drive. Holly heard the gate close behind him and she was waiting for him as he took his house keys out of his pocket. She heard him place the key in the lock and she moved into the hallway where she could see him closer. He didn't come in right away because there was another door to open, he placed the key in the lock and turned it. The anticipation of that last few seconds was tremendous. Holly had been waiting all day for Ben to come home and now here he was, just on the other side of that door, hurry, hurry, please hurry Ben I need you.

Ben put his key in the lock, knowing that Holly was just on the other side of the door waiting for him. He felt a bit guilty having been away for so long but what could he do? He had to support them both now that everyone else had gone.

It was a pity that Holly couldn't speak, well, not actual words that is. Of course she could communicate with him.. They loved each other. He would always look after her and she would always be faithful to him, and grateful as well.

Once Ben got into the hall he bent down to stroke Holly on the head, she was so excited, that she jumped up and licked him in all the places that she could reach.

'Hey Flogly, how're you doin then, said Ben. I know its been a long day, but have you managed to see off the frogs and spiders and stuff in the garden.?

Go on then girl, go get your lead, its time we went on that beach at Cleveleys.

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