The World Is Ours

by Dan Beckmann

The World Is Ours By Dan Beckmann

I am wherever I wish to reside

With whomever cares to be with me

I wear nothing, for I am not that which can be seen

For now, I bask in the bath of brilliant sunlight, on a grassy lake island

One hand holds a handful of healthy weeds on the ground, the other rests in another's grasp

I smell the slight scent of the salty sea and the coming rains

The world is ours; only ours

I can not see the face or body of the other

I hear a melodic, mellifluous voice carried on the mellow winds

I find the light coming no longer from the sun, but from the feeling of safety

I taste a splash of honey, for emotion is sweet

I feel the first drop of rain, but it's alright, for rain is love

And the World is ours

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