The Apathetic Reality of American Culture (An Essay)

by Jaystone

An Essay

The Apathetic Reality of American Culture

Most days end up being the same, yet some have the exuberant ecstasy which never leaves our collective conscience. These are the days which stories are told, which legends are born, which lies are weaved as yarns of truth. I'm attempting to create my own wisdom as a masterpiece for all of the world to enjoy. At least this is my own interpretation.

I could elaborate on my life, but in this day of reality T.V., my life couldn't dare compare to some of the shameful excuse which we call mass entertainment. Yeah, I know that many have trod this same path as I, but my pain seems to be well worse than the others who've witnessed post traumatic excursions of lost hope. We are led to believe we are victims? Victims of what? My fucking god. We live in a land of plenty yet we complain at the most simplest of set backs in life. How sad?

The people I have studied, and I speak as tad morose idiot, are followers of Madison Avenue mass marketing. We dress as we are told, we watch what we are told, listen to what we are told, and we serve those whom need to be served. Does this make us slaves in the land of freedom?

I myself have been guilty of this way of being as well. For instance, the band Bowling for Soup, has a song called 1985. This pop masterpiece has all the trappings of having an earworm firmly transplanted within it's structure.

A ear worm is a song which imbeds itself in our heads or our sub conscience, and we find our selves humming the song, or worse yet singing the lyrics in a place which has no reason for a song as such to be sung in. Ever wake up to the sound in your head of an ear worm song? My thoughts exactly.

Like cattle being herded by wranglers of yesteryear, corralled by some unknown force which actually is nothing more than some mad man pushing the buttons on fashion, music, movies and media in general. We may as well start to moo, cause we are corralled people.

Our society is like a broken vacuum cleaner trying to clean up a dirty floor. It only picks up half the mess leaving the other particles to gestate, and then to divide and conquer. Some people as myself seek to expose that we are more than cattle, but since alone I can only clean up half the mess, the other is left to divide and conquer. In essence the battle is lost.

To sum up what the apathetic reality of American culture is, I have thought long and hard on this matter. Well here is my masterpiece:

Would you like to peel at,

What everyone gasps at,

Yet still becomes amused?

Oh, come on!

Sure you do!

One look won't hurt.


Did you see it.?


Now tell others what you saw.


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