Up the Creek

by Annette Cheek

Marsh Tacky Island

" Up Da Creek"

By: Annette Newman-Cheek

A story of island people

As the sun begins to rise over the vast marshes and creeks which surround these beautiful islands, I can't help but recall stories of the people who share in this beauty each day.

Island people seem to share many things in common, one being "island time". Over the course of growing up, I came to understand the meaning of the phrase. "Island Time "is a frame of mind in which island people live. You see island people share a common love for the beautiful surroundings and the bounty of goodness which many believe is a direct result from GOD himself.

In this story you will meet just such

"island people",

Who share the love and the sense of peace which evolves each of them? People who play main characters in a play whose author is yet to be met by man. A play that unfolds each day with the beauty and bounty of nature. A place where nature provides us with an amazing journey for all of those who want to come along for the ride.

Join me now as I introduce the people and the place "up Da Creek".


Butterbean is a wonderful soulful little girl who grew up in these here islands. Her family fished and crabbed and netted whatever was eatable from these creeks. Butterbean is sweet, naive and a short to the ground girl with big brown eyes.

She gets her name from shoving a butterbean up her nose when she was little and her momma had to take her to the doctors to have it removed. What's funny is, no one knew it was there until it started smelling bad. Everyone was shocked including the doctor to pull a butterbean out of the nose of this little girl.

Her momma just knew she has a serious illness until the surprise unfolded. Needless to say, "butterbean "it was from that day forward. Today Butterbean is a true and beautiful person with a heart of gold and my dearest friend forever.

The Huckleberry Boys:

As the name implies, wilder than a Marsh Tacky horse back in those days. These boys weren't kin but were stuck together like twigs on a tree. Mischief was the order of the day when you seen these two coming your way.

Island Ashley:

Ashley is a sweet southern girl with a smile as big a Texas. She has a special heart and all the love two arms can hold. Ashley's story is one of terrible loss and heartbreak. An Island Girl so young and yet so very strong. Her story will forever haunt my thoughts and will continue to follow "The Changing Tide"

There is a beach not too far from my home here in the low country. The sand is rocky with broken oyster shells and shards of weathered rocks. If you were to visit in April or May of any particular year, you would immediately fall in love with the ocean air and warm sea breeze that seem to perfectly blend together. The sounds of children laughing and the ocean waves crashing in the background always put a unique feeling of peace in your heart. Couples frequently walk hand in hand on the ocean shore looking for rare shells or sharks teeth. Teens tan on towels nearby- their bodies slathered in dark tanning oils, their cars blasting the newest country hits. The ocean waves crash into the sand and randomly roll back out. Seagulls dip down and swipe fish from the open ocean, their squawking surprisingly serene. For a moment in time, everything seems perfect and impeccable. This is where one goes around here to relax and unwind. No other place I know of carries a larger feeling of contentment and perfect harmony.

In the South, we don't always speak slow like some would imply. A good portion of us are legitimately smart and inquisitive. I find that people sometimes put us down without even realizing that they are doing it. We just smile politely and think bad thoughts.

The wind was blowing as the threat of a hurricane to Marsh Tacky Island was in the midst. The sounds of the trees bending and the sight of the white linen drapes blowing in the window made you feel a little nervous. Outside you could hear sirens in the distance as the evacuation had been ordered by the fire department. If you looked out the window you could see a young native couple running down the road seeking shelter.

To be continued""".

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