Forbidden Angel Part I

by Samantha Robertson

Forbidden Angel

They met on the internet and struck up a fast conversation. The more they chatted the more their feelings came out. But they never said anything to each other about what they felt. She went through here daily routine and waited for the time they would get to have their brief on-line chat. As time went by their chats started to involve their daily lives. She took solace in there conversations. She was a good mom, housewife, and lover. Her husband and her where very happy together. But she wanted more. She wanted something or someone exciting. The days, week, and months past and life was going really good. Summer was coming - the girls would be going to camp and her husband was going to be traveling. She usually spent her Summers on the beach or at a spa resort with her girlfriends, but she wanted something different. After getting her family off to their destination she had a great idea, she was going to Kansas - she was going to surprise her on-line chat friend. She made all the plans; airline, hotel and car rental. The morning of the flight she had butterflies in her stomach. She was so excited. She checked in at the front desk and headed over to the airlines. After about twenty minutes they called for boarding. She waited in line, her heart pounding with excitement. She reached the stewardess and handed her the boarding pass. She was getting closer . She found her seat by the window and started giggling like a little girl. The flight did not take long. She stepped off the plane and headed for the car rental stand. She grabbed the keys and headed out the door. After a few missed turns she located the hotel checked in and dropped her bag down on the floor and headed out the door. She had somewhere to be.

After his French class he headed to the library to get on the computer to catch up to his Angel. He logged into the computer, dropped her a instant message and waited. She was usually on at this time he thought. He sent her another instant message and waited. Again no response. Well he figured he would just do his work and wait to for her to respond. He saw the office administrator coming towards him with an envelope in her hands. She addressed him and he acknowledge her. She handed him the envelope and walked away. Inside he found a card and a hotel key card. The card said "Shall see you soon." He quickly closed the card, grabbed his backpack and headed to the car. He knew exactly where the hotel was and went straight to it. The whole way there, he thought that this was out of character for his wife, but he was intrigued with the thought of meeting her in a hotel for some romance. He arrived at the room and knocked. A few minutes passed and then he remembered that he had a key. He opened the door and called out to his wife, no one answered. As he walked into the front room, he found her sitting on the couch. She had blonde hair to her shoulders and the greenest eyes he had ever seen on a woman.

"It's you; what r u doing here?" His cyber lover had come. She was here, in front of him. He could finally touch her. "My family had plans for the next couple of weeks and I thought that maybe I could visit a friend.. The truth is I couldn't stay away. I am sorry I should have asked you first." He walked to her as she rose and they met in the middle. He put a hand on each of her cheeks and looked down at her and then lowered his lips to hers. The kiss was soft and sweet and then began to heat up. He pulled away from her and grabbed her hand and led her to the bedroom. When they reached the room he pulled her into his body. Her back rested on his hard chest. He began kissing her neck, at the same time he began unbuttoning her blouse and pulling it open revealing a black bra with red prints. After discarding the blouse to the floor he ran kisses down her neck and following the curve of her neck to her shoulder. He gracefully popped the latch of her bra and it too fell onto the floor. When her breast where bare he cupped them. Her head fell back and she moaned with excitement. The kisses became bites and the heat was rising fast. She was brought out of her state when he turned her around picked her up and walked over to the bed. They reached the foot of the bed and he lowered her, sliding her down his body. She could feel his erection. She kicked off her heels and reached behind her and unzipped the skirt and let it fall to the floor. He stood back and looked at her, she was naked all but for the black thigh highs. He pushed her down on the bed and she scooted back on till she reached the head board. She was watching and liked what she saw. He pulled his shirt up and over and threw it on the floor, kicked off his shoes. She was watching him. She watched him unbutton his Levis and was getting more excited by the minute. As he pulled the jeans down below his waist his erection came forward. She smiled. She loved what she saw and did not want to wait any longer, she wanted him in her now. After discarding the rest of his clothes he crawled up the bed and over her body. He looked at her for a moment and then kissed each one of her eyes, then her nose, each cheek, and then kissed her lips.

"Please don't make me wait, I have waited so long" she said. Without a word he positioned himself between her legs and with his hand he felt the entrance to her sweet spot and found that she was wet and very ready for him. He positioned his cock at her opening and while looking into her eyes he slid into her. She gasped and her whole body shuddered. They began to move together. They started kissing and touching each other. Her hands roamed up and down his spine and his hands stopped to caress her breast. When he twisted her nipple she began to nibble on his lower lip. In the next instance he was on his back and she was on top of him with her hands upon his chest and pushed up and down off his cock. She was riding him with all she had. She was close but not yet, she wanted it to go on and on. She new that tomorrow she would be gone. Thinking of the moment at hand she placed her hands behind her on his knees and began to move her hips back and forth and from side to side. His hands where roaming her body and then with one hand he found her wet clit and began to tease it. She started to move faster on and around his cock. Her moans where getting louder. She looked at him and he looked up at her and said "Angel, I am going to cum, I want you to cum with me. Don't hold back let me have it all" He moved again and she was on her back. He grabbed her hands and wrapped them around the top of the headboard and he placed his hands right next to hers. He started moving so fast and hard, the echoing of their bodies slapping together was all they could hear. At the exact same time they looked at each other and let go. She screamed out and scraped her nails down the front of his chest. He continued to ride her till she quit screaming. Her orgasm seemed to go on forever and she enjoyed the feeling that it gave her. Both of their bodies convulsed together for what seemed like many minutes. He placed his forehead on hers and just stayed that way till he caught his breath. Finally he rolled over onto his back and took her with him and she curled up on his chest. Within a while they where both sleeping.

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