The Art of Coincidence

by Sean Darkbloom

My mother once told me "witchcraft was the art of coincidence." It took me years to realize the magnitude of this statement. From the simplest events, to those bordering on "miracle", it does seem that coincidence has been a noticeable reminder of my own powers. Knowing that many readers and editors of your magazine feel they witness some personal enchantment, I offer you the following experiences for contemplation, and challenge you to find similar instances in your own lives. I believe I can persuade you to share my belief that for the "charmed", coincidence is not simply one of those "things that make you go hmmm..", but an actual self-made reality stemming from sub-conscious mental projection and the resulting physical and environmental manipulation.

The idea of this ability to influence ones surroundings is certainly not new. If conscious, this would be considered a "spell." Let's consider for a moment what this entails. At the minimum, a working spell usually entails considerable preparation, utensils, and a great deal of concentration-as well as some sort of effect or "backlash" on the user. Yet coincidence offers a more powerful mind than we imagine. The fact that we can actually simply "think" an event and it happens-with no preparation or thought whatsoever, and no recognizable backlash.

Many cultures have recognized the power of the mind-probably the most famous statement being "I think therefore I am." Is it possible that our collective reality is simply an elaborate web of relationships between individual realities created by one's own mind? And furthermore, since each environment is a creation of an individual's own mind, an individual's environment can be affected by another, more powerful mind coming into contact with it. This affect may be intentional, or unintentional-which I will describe as spell vs. "coincidence." Perhaps I aim not to redefine, but add to the definition of "coincidence." There are many of my counterparts noticing this, and I hope I am not too late to add my thoughts to the collection of knowledge on the subject. Let's analyze the similarities between "spell" and "coincidence".

Ex. of coincidence- You are upset with a co-worker on the job. You know that the next day at work you will have problems with the individual. You think for a split second "I wish that guy would get in a car wreck and not make it to work tomorrow." You really mean it for a second"then realize, "no.., I don't want that to happen to anybody."

The next morning, sure enough, the employee gets in an accident. You think, "Oh my God, I was just thinking that."

Ex. of spell- You get into a fight with a co-worker and consciously obtain the materials and time to "hex" him into a car-wreck.

We see in both instances a common factor-the user strongly wants the event to happen. In the spell-deliberately-in the coincidence-not deliberately, and only for a second. Then why"does the coincidence come to fruition more often than the spell? You would think, if reality were to be influenced by another's will strong enough to influence another's reality"the spell would work more often for the witch. But, from personal experience most of us will agree the latter is true. Upon contemplating this fact, I believe that the missing factor between spell and coincidence is "doubt." While going through the series of events in a spell, the user has plenty of time to doubt whether it will work or not. In coincidence, the user thinks the act for only a second, then sometimes even regrets it" Yet, the initial thought, though involuntary, is completely free of doubt as to the outcome. The user fully wishes, for that split second, with no doubt at all.

My girlfriend has unintentionally tapped into this power many times. One week our bills were overdue. She mentioned, "I wish you're night shift DJ (on my job) would get sick so you could get some hours." An hour later, the employee called in sick and I gained his 3 shifts. A few months ago she simply asked me "Why doesn't a tornado ever hit Atlanta?" She didn't care about it, and simply put the thought out there. The very next day, out of nowhere, and according to Glenn Burns, basically impossible- a huge tornado ripped through downtown Atlanta, causing a few million dollars in damages. Would the employee have gotten the flu and the tornado have hit anyway". if she hadn't thought of the acts first?

The effects of doubt seem to have been most recognized by the early Jewish and Christian churches". Or at least lack of doubt"referred to as "faith". Faith, in fact, can be defined as complete confidence, or a complete lack of "doubt." We know that the human psyche has the hardest time having faith in one's self. It is much easier to have faith in a higher power. And truly, history tells us of battles won and miraculous deeds-due only to "faith." Modern cults such as snake-handling sects believe their success or failure due totally to faith -or lack thereof. Jesus himself said that with enough Faith you could move a mountain. He attributed his own miracles only to faith. So, could it be that the collective painting of life can only be repainted, if temporarily, with this "faith", this "lack of doubt?

The proof may be in the sarcastic side of coincidence. You would think sarcasm to be doubt, but lets examine how coincidence uses sarcasm for the witch. In this useless coincidence may reside the proof that we weave our own reality. Interestingly enough, this form of coincidence happens most often with electronic devices, such as a radio or TV. How many times have you said to yourself, "They never play "such and such" song on the radio? Then you get in the car, and the song is playing. Or,"Hey, I forgot all about that movie", and the next second it is on TV. This form of coincidence happens to me on a daily basis. So much, in fact, that I have almost went crazy debating how it can be only "coincidence", and actually inspired me to write this article.

Recently, I was listening to an obscure radio station playing Michael McDonald's "I Keep Forgetting." I said to myself, "I keep forgetting about that song" The very next day a girl came to me at work (I'm a strip club DJ) and said "Can I dance to I Keep Forgetting?". In fact, when it comes to the media, it seems all I have to do is think something and it happens. Months ago, I told my girlfriend, "Nobody remembers the play Sweeney Todd, but it would make a good movie. What do you know; the very next week Johnny Depp's Sweeney Todd was unveiled. These things constantly happen regarding things I really couldn't "give a damn about." It's almost as if the powers that be are playing tricks on me.

It's just damn weird. If I have this power, why can't I just say, "I'll win the lottery?" Again, when I think of this trivial stuff there is no doubt in my mind. Of course, when I attempt to "think" the lottery, hard as I try"there is doubt. To manipulate the dream, one can't question the ending. Perhaps the adage "Merrily, merrily, merrily".life is but a dream" makes some since after all.

Could we be weaving our own reality, in fact be weaving the realities of others around us on a constant basis, with the deciding factor being "doubt'? Or".are these coincidences thrown at us by the powers that be to play with us and let us know that we have some sort of power? My mother believes that these "coincidences" are watch signs for us to realize we have a power and then begin to hone in on it. Christians and Buddhists believe that these coincidences are merely proof of a grand plan by some outside force-be it karma/destiny or god. My Cherokee friend believes that it is simply basic premonition, recognized as a spiritual trait by multiple cultures for centuries. If God realizes no time frame-then signs of his plan can be both intentionally and accidentally shown to us on a daily basis. M. Night Shylaman's "Signs" was crafted to elaborate on this theory. It's strange enough when something weird happens once, but what about again and again? "Lightning never strikes twice in the same place""hmmmm. Are we sure about that?

This leads me to the next form of coincidence- coincidental "repetition."

In this, I personally recognized my power and place. At five years old, the rain used to pour for miles, but end in a blanket of rain right in front of me. At first I reached out to touch it, an innocent child with nothing to doubt. Over the years it continued to happen, and I never thought it strange. By the age of ten, I would put my hand in the rain, and run for miles down the beach rippling its blanket, with my body remaining on the other side dry. At some age, probably around 12, I began to question the probability of it. I never "stood outside the rain" again. I never found the "end of the rain" again. Looking back on it, I believe my doubt ended the rain, which I once controlled. When I was young, I did not doubt the rain would come to me. In fact, I expected it.

There have been many other instances in my life of re-occurring weirdness. I've probably forgot as many as I can remember. Again, my mother argues that these re-occurring anomalies are watch signs for the witch. I believe that these as well are subconscious mental projections stemming from the individual. Some have argued that the "poltergeist" is the same sort of projection, exhibiting itself in a destructive manner. I encourage the reader to re-examine their past for these happenings. Perhaps the recognizing of these reoccurrences will help them to recognize themselves.

I have to also state the impact of just "damn weird things" that happen, perhaps on a certain day or at a certain time"that end up meaning something to us, but to normal society don't make a difference. The timing of the incidents alone makes them "coincidental." The following are a couple examples in my life. I am 25% Native American, my grandfather being full blooded Blackfoot. My mother has always been close to the old ways, although she herself is only 50% Indian. On my 13th birthday she told me to go out and find my animal guide, for it was the day that would make me a man. Coincidentally, all I had to do was walk outside. 3 eagles circled my house 3 times when I walked outside and then flew away. It was quick and it was over. My name was 3 Eagles. It certainly was a strange coincidence that those eagles, which were not seen everyday in Florida would choose to fly together (normally a solitary bird) to circle my house on my 13th birthday.hmmm".

For my entire life I've felt that unfortunately any powers I have do come from the "darkside." I've questioned it over the years. The following 2 coincidences not only opened my eyes to who I am, but will certainly take this article for a darker twist. After being approached by forces from the underworld for my whole life, always telling me "I'm one of them', finally the night before all hallows eve 2006 a spirit came to me and said that I would receive a sign the next morning. The next morning "Halloween no less, my car stalled out in front of a bank showing the temperature on a billboard-66 degrees. I looked at the speedometer. It stopped at 66,666.66 miles. Sound impossible..It happened and my guitarist took photos of the speedometer. Things that make ya go hmmm"..

Ready for another"Way back in Florida some 15 years ago I knew a fellow DJ named Jason. Several friends had told me he had gone "crazy" and was still taking medication. Years later I met him again, here in Atlanta. He had begun Djing again. He said that he had gone temporarily insane do to the fact that he had seen demons steal people from shows he had been at, and they never returned. He said that he had left Florida and had lived with his fiancà here for two years. He said that recently strange things began happening again and they had broke up. He came to visit the house I was remodeling. He said "I see a vision for this house, may I paint it on your wall?" I said "sure". The mural he painted was of tortured souls in hell. When he was done he said he did not know why. Jason soon moved back to Florida. A few days later, I met a fellow witch. She was at a party playing piano. For those who need to know-when a witch sees another, a spark goes off in their eye-almost unbearable for a split second-nothing can be said-it's too overpowering. Her name was Majick, and she became my roommate and guitarist in my band. She saw the painting in the kitchen and asked, "What's this?" I mentioned that a friend from Florida painted it-Jason. She fell to her knees and said "oh my god, that's my ex boyfriend." Coincidental, eh? I met two people in two states bound together, and his vision was of hell.

Finally, since I've already been too long winded, I'll try to touch on the worst of all-the backfired wish. It seems like a joke out of a fairy tale. You wish for something and it backfires. The following example is frightening"

My bass player and I work at the same job, too (not the same person I was speaking of above). I told him on a Sunday afternoon that I had a couple weeks that were slack at work"and specifically had""Hey man, if you're going to have any "EMERGENCIES", you better have them now., cause it's the only week I can cover.". That night he was robbed and beaten within an inch of his life. I take no responsibility for the attackers action"but did I somehow subconsciously influence his "reality?" He certainly Had his "EMERGENCY."I had no doubt in what I said to him".and that lack of doubt somehow backfired on us. He has recovered; thank all the powers that be.

My last and final discussion is aimed at those of you who flirt with the "dark" -The chaotic side of coincidence. WE of the shadows know we have no choice (I am part demon)- and unfortunately"try as we will..nothing of the light may come from our hand. The ancients called it "hands that can heal you..vs"hands that hurt you." We befriend those of the light rather than stray from them. We despise the ignorant who beg the dark into them. It has been years since I cast a "spell." The backlash was too devastating..and my "coven" is finally beginning to recover"We never speak of the day. My burnt robe remains in the back of the closet.

What horrible secret does coincidence have in store for myself and my loved ones next? Can that secret be overturned by "faith.? Is it all some sick joke? Is it all just "coincidence?" Am I subconsciously influencing my surroundings on a disgustingly and unavoidable evil level?" Is it fate? Can we through believe in our own powers turn back the hand of death? Should we throw away our powers in disgust? Could we avoid our path even if we did?

I don't know what is to come"but I assure you the reader"this small paper is but an example of the novel of my life. My advice to you is to take a long look at your loved ones. Live for today and work for tomorrow. Stare into their eyes and never forget seeing their soul face to face. Since lightning always strikes twice"you'll be seeing that soul again soon.


Your old friend.

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