There Where the Wind Blows

by Byron Blake

I hold steady against the railing as the artic frost and sub-thermal air freezes my butt off.

The Belmont 'B' Train stops. Cold winter blustery day in Chicago 1998 I'm freezing my ass off keeping to myself I tighten the scarf around my neck and overhear. "You have an amazing ego J-Card Reader" Woman's voice behind me. "You'll stop at nothing to keep the paradigm steady as she blows and you are intent to make sure I don't get my way. Won't you?" Male voice again, hard to hear through the track reverberation but someone sounds pissed. "How can the deeper message stand any sort of chance much less get through to you when you are so damned closed off?" Her again, "Suppose the reality was nothing of the sort of story you're telling yourself or reading off the back of this DVD?" He seems more at ease, "What is the truth then? Is it as you imagine things & making them more out to be?" She replies calmly, "Suppose the movie is actually something totally different then what we both have described here?"

I can't take it anymore and turn around. At first I try not to look directly at them. I can't help find myself in awe. There behind me is a 7 foot man dressed in a floor long black leather coat sporting a perfectly spiked rainbow dyed Mohawk haircut. He seems to be wearing 12 inch heel platform shoes. She is barely dressed- in sliver gown shivering and often pulling against his hands. They seem to be fighting over a game-boy or something.

"Excuse me!" I say as I abruptly walk over to where they are. "May I inquire to what you are fighting about?" The two stare blank at me for a moment then with almost a tossing movement he tugs and hands me a palm sized black box with a mini-television screen on it. I flick the switch on and watch. An eerie yellowish tint and blue glow emanates from the sparkling screen where a tiny girl in a pink dress who looks about 6 or 7 years old dances around with a giant lollipop, singing then crying, then speaks to me.

"I'm hurting because I'm 'locked in the box'. I'm not able at all to talk to anyone much less you because you are not a 'real-one'. The person I most once respected and whose opinion I lived for That is why this movie was made." The screen suddenly shut off.

I slowly look up to the couple both now with pouting faces. She is nodding. "See our dilemma now? And there is nothing we can do about it." The 'A' train then pulls up and I know I must get on. Just before leaving the platform I turn around to thank them but I saw they went back to fighting again. I wished them luck in resolving their problems. "I have to get back to the future now," I say to get their attention and he picks up her arm to wave her hand good-bye to me never to see them again.

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