by Gissane Sophia

It was extremely passionate, undoubtedly surreal, and definitely the greatest dream I've ever had. I knew it then the perfect stranger I constantly dreamt about was near.

I could feel my heart beating when I walked into Church that morning, an unfamiliar figure sat in the spot I had personalized. What was I to do go kick him out or mess up the order of the seating? I guess I had no choice but to pull up a chair near him and resume my spot in the back. "Hello." He whispered softly. My thoughts were no longer steady, my heart beat was reaching its highest peak, and for a split second I had forgotten how to speak. How was it possible that this boy whom I'd never met could sound so familiar? It's as if I had spent my entire life listening to this voice speak to me. As my mind decided to obey me and I gained the ability to respond I could hear the church fill up at this point this stranger and I where no longer alone, I needed to answer quickly. "Hello." I stuttered.

"I'm Emmett." He reached out his hand to formally introduce himself. "Anabel." I replied thankfully I didn't stutter my own name.

"You're new here." I too was surprised at my sudden courage to state the obvious. "Yeah, I just moved here about a week ago." He calmly answered. It was then I saw those grey eyes of his that threw off a shade of deep blue. "Whose ever seat I'm taking won't be to pleased with me." He said with a little laughter. "I'm sure she'll cope" I added. "Its you isn't it." He had a small guilty smile on while he stood up. "Oh don't move I'm fine here I promise."

"Are you sure?"

"Positive. Don't worry." We grew silence after that for the church had pretty much filled up and our pastor was standing at his usual podium about to speak. After Church had ended a couple of the members wanted to go to a nearby park, this is something we tend to do often, and I'm usually one of the first ones arriving.

"I'm sorry Taylor I think I'm going to skip out on this." My confused best friend stared me down and I knew immediately she was waiting for an explanation. "I'm just tired, look ill explain things later don't worry." "Fine! But I demand to be first to know." She gave me that look of hers that stated "I'm joking but telling the truth at the same time." While I was busy talking to Taylor, Emmett was long gone. But I knew I'd see him again this wasn't the end. I turned to get my bag from where I was sitting, and there he was coming out of the pastor's office. There was about a ten feet distance between us, and I smiled at him then walked away.

If there is anything I dread in this world it's Monday mornings and to top it off last night I was so overwhelmed with irrational thoughts that I forgot to iron the clothes I had planned to wear. On another notion I overslept again therefore running late I threw on something and truthfully I didn't even look in the mirror to see if it matched. I got to class just before everyone started swarming in, and the first person to walk in was Emmett. Great he could probably hear my heart racing insanely. Why was I going crazy for someone I'd never met before? I couldn't understand this feeling.

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