A Warped Mind

by Surge

"The baby can't swim."

"Sure he can, just watch."

A baby sinks to the bottom of a pool. Looking around many figures come into focus. Large walls, sets of legs moving about and a shadowy figure standing off to the side away from everyone else. Muffled laughter fills the air. A large hand reaches for me and grabs my arm and lifts me out of the water. I can breathe again.

Crowded halls, red lockers, the smell of perfume fills my nostrils.

"Hey man, there's a party tonight. Wanna come?"


I can't hear anything. Red and blue lights to my right, next to the punch bowl. Two officers stand before me with their hands over their guns. Their lips are moving but no words reach my ears. Lots of kids dancing on the green grass that stretches as far as I can see. The cops faces change from confused to angry and they grab me by the arm and shove me into their car.

"You're dead."

A shadow moves from one stalagmite to another in the blink of an eye. "HA!" He kicks me in my temple sending me to the floor. A knife on the ground... the equalizer. Standing I look around, the shadow is gone. Walking down a slope in the cave I see him. He's...he's rolling a spiked wheel....a small spiked wheel. It gets bigger with each rotation. He pushes the wheel towards me but I easily dodge the -now oversized- wheel. Reaching behind a tree I pull out an axe. "What's a tree doing in here?" The shadow runs over to a shelf...a shelf? and pulls out an automatic crossbow, takes aim and fires an arrow into my stomach.


"Guys get in here!"

"What is it this time doctor?"

"He stabbed himself with a pencil."

"What's his problem, doc?"

"I believe he was abused as a child. I'll have to do more tests. For now patch him up and put him in his room."

"Yes ma'am."

"And this time be sure to use the jacket."

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