Toby Mother of Ratkind

by Linda Scott

By Linda A. Scott


Toby mother of ratkind story is a story for children. It can be read by them or to them. It is a warm tail about a rat that asks for and receives sentience threw spirit butterflies on a magical journey into space aboard the Legacy a colony ship that has been throne off course and out of the Milky Way Galaxy forever.

Our Story opens with an old gray haired rat rocking in a tiny wooden rocking chair. She is wearing a soft blue dress with a white apron. In her arms is a baby rat swaddled in a pink blanket, it has a tiny bottle in its mouth and is trying to stay awake. Around the old rat are gathered many small children, puppies and dragons all sitting and resting quietly, listening to her tell her story.

She is Toby, and she is the mother of all Ratkind. The children have all heard her story before but none want to miss out on the chance to hear it from her again. The children know Toby is old 50-years now and would not be with them for much longer.

So they all listened they need to remember every word. So one day they too could tell her story to their children. Her story had even been written down in a book. Ratkind's first of many books, it was important to write their history down for future generations to read.

"This is my story children, of how we came to be living on this wonderful planet we call Eden, in this beautiful village of Rosetown, that we call home."

As she rocked back and forth she began to tell the story of her great adventure, they're beginning and there journey to Eden.

Lost and Alone:

Children I do not remember my mother, but I know she loved me. Shortly after I was born something happened and we were separated. I was shipped out into space. I was told it was a three-day journey out into space to the Stale Mate a mining ship. That was considered fast because it had perishable foods on it.

My brothers and sisters did not survive the journey but some how I did. I awoke cold and hungry I cried for my lost siblings they lay cold beside me. I was frightened and alone. I cried out for my mother but I could no longer hear her voice in my head. For hours I cried softly to myself not understanding what had happened to me or my safe and happy home.

Bill found me I was in an old beat up cargo container that had arrived the day before caring food out to the ship. He had grown up on the ship and could remember going to port only three times in his whole life. He was the youngest son of the Captain a very mean and loud man. Bill was a talent and could read the minds of all around him, he mind spoke with the clone work force and the Tolmen brothers, the ships slaves and his only friends on the mining ship.

Bill had heard my cries; I was near death. He had searched though every cargo container on the ship until he found me. Bill cared for me; nursing me back to health he would hide me and taught me to be careful and to never be seen.

He had prayed his whole life for a friend, my dear children and it seams his prayers were answered with me. We became the best of friends and we still are, he and I share a love that transcends everything. He is dear to me; as dear as anyone of you, he is my family.

I proved to be very smart and I could go anywhere on the ship without being seen. I would carry notes and food to Donald and Scott, from Bill. They were made to wear control collars because they were both talented and with the collars on they on could not use their talents without pain. The control collars would also cause great pain if they did not do as they were told. Bill would never hurt them but the other members of the crew would. I often comforted them after a bad day.

I Grew up With Love:

I grew up with Bills love. I always tried to help out where ever I could. Every night I would go and get extra food from the galley and give it to Bill or take it to Donald and Scott. I would hug and kiss each one before I made a bed in Bill's hair. My body hair and Bill's hair were the same color and you could not tell by looking that I was there.

I grew up and after 2-years the accident happened and we found ourselves on a new and wonderful ship, it was huge. The first night I explored and found a garden rich in fruit. I dragged three apples back for Bill and the Tolman brothers to eat. The second night I found blue berries; I worked all night to bring enough for the boys breakfast.

The third night, a big cat found me. I was terrified of the big cat but the cat sat down and rolled on her back to show me she meant no harm. She helped me bring fruit back for the boy's and I reworded her by scratching her back we became friends.

I was taken on a tour of the ship, I road atop the big cat. Another big cat joined us. Each deck we went to that night was more amazing than the one before and the highest ones had all kinds of food growing on them.

The main deck had two lakes with fish in them. One was good to drink from but the other one was salty and tasted bad. That one had really large fish in it they would jump out of the water playing and they laughed out loud.

As the large cat brought me back there was a lot of men searching the area, Bill pathed for me to stay out of site while the security team was searching. I sat with the two big cats and watched as the team searched. I saw one of the men, the leader take Bill over to a cabin and let him in, I new this was a good thing because Bill was happy.

Discovery of the Clones:

In the days to come there was much activity. The clones had been discovered and the miners had been locked up. Bill and the Tolmen brothers had been taken to the Captains office. After they had been moved into new quarters on the deck where the two big cats lived with a huge man named Farmer.

The clones were all in sickbay. All but four of the clones had made it. Three of Cora's sons and one of Latwo's children had died in the accident. Bill was so happy Grace was there; he loved Grace almost as much as he loved me. I loved her to, even though I had only seen her threw Bill's mind that was enough.

I went with Bill to the sickbay to see how Grace and the others were doing; I was hiding in Bill's shirt. When we came to the Medi-unit Grace was in I climbed out of his shirt and went to smell her.

She was very beautiful just as Bill has said; when I touched her I could hear her thoughts as plain as Bill's. The three of them would make a good family.

Twosa the mother of the baby Toby was rocking came over and took her sleeping child. She had brought Toby her Great Grand mother a cup of tea. Toby thanked her and drank of the tea; she was quiet while Twosa took her daughter, Teela into the house for a nap. Her home was carved from rose quartz crystals and it sparkled in the sunshine. Toby had asked Twosa to move in with her after Twosa's husband Bandor was killed in a hunting accident when Twosa was two months pregnant. It had been such a hard time for her grand daughter; they had been childhood sweet hearts.

The accident had happened so fast Bandor's riding harness had broken and when Telator (Brandor's dragon) turned suddenly, they were to close to the ground for Telator to reach him.

No one had seen the dragon for many months now some thought that maybe Telator was close by but still morning the loss of his rider. They had shared the silver cord of the dragons heart bond it had wrapping around both of their hearts. After the Pink Dress bonding (Eden's Wedding Ceremony) of Brandor and Towsa it had loosely wrapped around her heart When Towsa conceived the silver heart bond started to wrap around and encompassed Teela while she was still in the womb. Bandor had died three months before Teela's birth.

Towsa missed Telator and cried often at his forced exile. He would make a good father to Teela even if he were a dragon.

Life For Me Changed Daily:

Life as I had know it changed almost daily, I was introduced to everyone as Bill's Friend, Toby. I found out that cat that I had been a friend with was named Tweeze and the other big cat was Taweena. I met Luna she was a cat only a lot smaller and she was part of the Captains family.

The day I met Coco in the bio-garden, he pounced on me and he tried to hurt me but Tweeze had stopped him. Coco was the smallest cat on the ship and the only male he was also older, 3-years old. He was the color of a cup of coffee, with golden eyes; he was Ty's cat, the ships co-pilot he had never been fixed and he was a pure Burmese. After 2-months of test it was decided that he could come. We did grow to become great friends after the attack.

Grace moved in with us after she was released froam sickbay. Bill was the happiest I had ever seen him he glowed and smiled all the time.

The day came for the funeral of the dead clones and everyone gathered in the bio-garden clones, animals and humans.

Latwo one of the clones, only different in appearance, she shimmered and her eyes were rainbow in color. She picked up her dead child and started to sing, it was the most beautiful song I have ever herd. The song soon reached a pitch no one could hear anymore; then colored lights appeared everywhere and the child in her arms came alive, only changed it now had Latwo's skin and eyes.

A small light came over to me and I heard it say in my head "I am a spirit butterfly and I will teach you now to path." It entered my mind and all of a sudden I started to hear the other people and animals around me.

This was wonderful I had always wanted to share with others now I could. I also learned from the spirit butterflies that Latwo and Dide were not clones at all, but Tawcons and they were a very special raise of people, in what they were destined to do.

Bill and Grace Marry:

Bill and Grace married in the bio-garden and the party went on for hours after everyone was dancing and having fun singing. Luna told me she was caring a litter of kittens, Coco's he was beside himself. She thought that would be nice to have a litter maybe not now but later after Graces twins were born.

I went with Bill and Grace to pick out a puppy dog and when I saw them I realized I really did want a litter of rats. It seamed most of the females on the ship were having children or litters so I asked Bill to speak with Doc, I could not path to Doc I had know idea why some day maybe I would find out why.

Bill asked him if I could have a small litter of rats, maybe 2 or 3.

Doc said to Bill he would have to talk with Farmer and the Captain about a litter of rats, he would let us know what was decided, also he said I would need to find homes for my babies before a litter could be placed.

Bill explained to me on our way home what Doc had said and I was ok with that. The next day I went about finding possible homes for my children.

James and Mary Toolbar of security each wanted one, Scott and Penny Tolman wanted one, Ruth Durkee the ships head chef wanted one and Mr. Jonathon Tate (one of the school teachers) wanted one that was five, a good size litter for her first. I would go and speak with Doc in the morning.

I spent the evening talking with Tweeze about my hopes for my first litter, I would teach them to not eat just anything or go to the bathroom anywhere, I wanted their humans to be proud of them.

It took me two day's to find Doc he had gone and got married, to Amanda one of the clones and he was so happy when I found him. He could also path now.

My First Children:

I came in and sat down in front of Doc and Amanda, I said.

"I have found homes for five of my children, I will teach them to only eat what is given them, so please, may I have a litter?"

"Yes, Toby you can I will do it now if you would care to step in my operating room." Doc said.

I moved like lighting into the room and was laying on my back when they reached the room, Amanda said, Thank-you, Tom, do six, I want one too. Doc gave me six, four females and two males all with different genetic DNA. I was their mother but could mate with ether of my male children if I wanted another litter. Doc said Farmer would just have to understand.

After the procedure was done I went out into the bio-garden to find Latwo. I ran right up her leg and sat on her enlarging stomach.

I have a litter coming to, can you see if all is ok, it is my first litter there are to be six.

Yes I see there are six beautiful little baby rats, now they will all be able to path as well as any other litters you have, Spirit and I have changed you forever, is that alright with you?

Yes, oh yes that is wonderful I love being able to path my needs to everyone. I must go tell Bill and Grace, and off I went. But I stopped and turned around going back to Latwo and climbing back up onto her stomach.

Latwo I want you to make me smarter so I can teach my children not to go where they are not wanted, will spirit do that for me I need to be more like you humans, can spirit make me smarter as well as my children.

Latwo smiled and asked Spirit what I had asked to done to myself and to my unborn litter?

The butterflies descended upon me and we were forever changed.

It was like a light coming on, I new things and I could now speak. I had always wanted to speak to Bill we could path but I had always wanted to sing to him.

I also now realized I was not wearing any clothing, it never seamed important before but now I wanted to cover myself. Latwo laughed at me picking me up and walking with me to stores. Janet was a great seamstress and could make an outfit for me to wear.

Janet made me my first of many dresses and shoes. I went to work in stores and learned how to make all kinds of things.

Children I have never once regretted asking to be changed. Each day has been an adventure I would not trade, we are Ratkind and I for one am proud of it.

Toby slowly got to her feet and started home. "Grandma Toby when will you tell us another story?"

"Tomorrow, children I shall tell you how I saved the Legacy from the miners attack, but right now I am very tired, would one of you strong boys help me home?"


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