I Am and I Ain't

by Henry maxwell


My friends, my family and all those that have affection for me.

These and no other is my virtues.

Respect them I beg of you and remain a part of me.

Love me for who I am, and help me pay my dues.


My names are Chisom Henry Maxwell.

From my heart, to the mortals that caused my birth, I say you've done well.

I am now age eighteen less one.

By his grace, I have seen not a good man die in vain since I was born.


My mother loves and adores me because I never make her cry,

"This is in fact true"

My father loves and adores me because in a deep sense I bring him much joy,

"This is in fact true"

My teachers love and adore me deeply because I never make them feel dumb,

"This is in fact true"

You may not agree, but you love me because I am in every way inconsistent.

"This is in fact true"

I am an adult, but I aint yet a man.

I am a black, but I aint a nigger.

I am poor but I am not wretched.

I am rich but I aint wealthy.

I am happy but I aint joyful.

I am sad but I aint devastated.

I am short but I aint little.

I am tall but I aint gigantic.

I am bad but I aint terrible.

I am good but I aint righteous.

I am adorable but I aint fantastic

I am humble but I aint weak.

I am lonely but I aint alone.

I am growing but I aint grown.

I am smart but I aint a genius.

I am multi-talented but I aint a star.

I am true but I aint always truthful.

I am kind but I aint slow to anger.

I am a killer but I aint a murderer.

I am a hero but I aint a savior.

I am nobody but I aint unimportant.

I am unbelievable but I aint immortal.

I am a perfectionist but I aint perfect.

I am a grave but I aint a cemetery.

I count twenty four but I possess a million.

I count a hundred million but I possess a billion.

All you know is all you need to know.

The less you know the better for you to grow.

I write not a book, I play not a sport.

I spend no time in parties, but I party with all I got.

They wonder and over my business they ponder.

Like the six blind men observing an elephant in blunder.

My beliefs, my virtues and convictions I share.

With wise ones and real men willing to hear.

This is why I won't hesitate to call you stupid.

When you judge me and try to make my disappearance rapid.

As angels fly humans die.

As humans die humans are born.

While you're busy trying to cover your shame.

I make mine work for me bringing me much fame.

The problems we encounter per second are too numerous

That scrolls a million are like two pieces of paper and very little ink.

The disease these men carry about is too infectious

That people are dying from it every single time I blink.

Who do we cry our cries too?

Who do we die our deaths to?

Who do we pray our prayers to?

I don't know, but I wish I did.

I am and I aint whatever makes you STOP and go crazy when you remember


I am and I aint WHAT YOU THINK I AM.

Be very careful with me.

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