Edward: The Crippled Squirrel

by helopanda

A long long time ago, a time where land was full of green, where trees would sing over the hills"in the kingdom of Animalia, a grey squirrel was born, with a little patch of white on his back". and they named him Edward.

Edward wasn't an ordinary squirrel, he was fearless and peerless, with an exclusive sense of smell for chestnuts. His little nose would rise up and tremble curiously left to right as soon as he saw one! This kind of excitement led to an unfortunate event at his early age"

Edward was often hungry and curious when he was little so he used to climb up high chestnut and oak trees to grab the best hanging rewards for him and his family, when one day he suddenly lost his balance, fell very sharply on the hardened roots of the tree, catching his little front claws between the rocks, leaving him crippled for life"

Edward from that moment on disbelieved in every good luck he would have for the rest of his time on this earth"but nevertheless he had to go on.

He often thought he wasn't special enough, he dreamt of being a flying squirrel like the ones in hotter countries, or a red squirrel with the most beautiful strawberry fury shine. A squirrel like that he thought was far more unique than him, more perfect and profound".

You see, the rise oh his kind had been widely remarked upon in British culture, and many regarded Edward as a vermin, that hurt him a lot"deeply. If Edward was caught he was either be destroyed or kept captive"

Edwards family was simple, without many needs, they hid in the quieter hills, away from homes and humans, shortly after they passed away Edward found himself alone and bitter in many ways. He missed his mother oh so much, and his father who taught him that he must reject the sense of his injury, then injury itself disappears "only the best of us squirrels can survive in this world!

Many years past, It was early spring, coming up to Edwards 10th Birthday, and the hardest time of year for Edward. Since buried nuts begin to sprout and are no longer available to eat".these times Edward had to rely on the buds of trees, which isn't a pleasant diet for anyone".Times were changing also, and so were the laws, allowing to finally release captured grey squirrels which was good news for Edward.

One stormy morning Edward woke up inside the tree trunk with an immense pain in his belly, he was starving, he had a dream that he was the king of a huge chestnut castle, where all squirrels lived in one union and slept on chestnut beds, with chestnut lamps and chestnut toys".Edward realized it was only a dream.

He quickly sniffed out into the open daylight through the tree bark and had a nervous butterfly feeling in his belly as he thought of an idea"Edward rushed through the crackling bushes, across the wet grass hills and into the nearby village.

As soon as he approached the busy street he saw crowds of people rushing around through the rain, Edward ran through the morning market smelling the warm scent of fresh baked bread and warm chestnuts, hazelnuts and walnuts"

Edward just couldn't resist the wealthy life these people led, all he wanted was a single warm and content feeling of full rich fruit and fibre in his little belly!

The squirrel saw a harmless old man, a lonely man, like Edward, staring into the wide sky with a big grin on his face. Edward thought how silly to smile at this stormy day, what could be so pleasant"he swiftly but carefully approached the old man, sniffing his leather shoe that smelt of yesterdays fish and chips.

The old man looked down and saw the little squirrel" Alarmed by Edwards's oblivious friendly approach, the old man noticed the squirrels crippled claws" "What a pretty little thing you are' the old man said bending uncomfortable slow towards Edward, "Where did you come from eh'" Edward saw the hopeless kindness in the old man eyes, that which he only saw once before in his fathers eyes. It felt good again!

The old man reached for the warm chestnuts and passed a few to the little squirrel.

Edward couldn't believe his luck, happy and stunned at the old mans gesture, he quickly collected his chestnuts and rushed away hopping through t the market like nothing else matters"he suddenly stopped and turned around to look back at the old man-the squirrel was sure the old man knew how thankful he was.

So, life wasn't so bad after all. Every Sunday morning, the excited squirrel would become that little kid again and run with anticipation to that little market and see the old man.

Seeing the old man every Sunday became a routine, a day to look forward too. Edward would even walk the old man home at times.

"This year is good"' thought Edward, he found a friend.

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