Downtown Showdown

by Thad Mines

Creative Literature

Period 7

Charlie parked his car outside an Italian restaurant in Little Italy, Los Angeles.

"Time to go to work," he murmured. He unzipped a black gym bag and took out a pistol with a silencer. Sticking it in his jacket, he began to search for the back door of the restaurant. He decided the alley around the back would be the best place to start.

It was a fairly decent night outside. Not many people were outside, but that was better for Charlie because that meant less witnesses. Keeping in the shadows, Charlie peeked around the corner into the alley. One tall, muscular guy was standing guard. In a matter of seconds the door guard had a bullet lodged in his head. Charlie wasted no time. He kicked the door down, holding his gun ahead of him. He crept down the hallway, checking every room to see if he could locate his target. As he came further down the hall, he approached an open door. He slowly opened it a little until he had a view of what was inside. His target, Lil Tone and two other men, were in the room counting stacks of money that were probably obtained by selling illegal elicit items.

Why don't I just save myself the trouble, thought Charlie. He reached into a pouch in this jacket and pulled out a switchblade. All in one swift motion, Charlie kicked down the door, threw the knife in one man, and put a bullet in another. His aim was now set on Lil Tone.

"Well, Well, to whom do I owe this wonderful surprise Charlie Chev?" said Lil Tone.

"Cut the small talk, It's just business. I have to make a living too right?" said Charlie. Charlie pulled the trigger. He stepped over to the desk and helped himself to some cash. From a distance he heard some talking and the sound of feet running. Deciding it was time to leave, he booked it to the door and took off to the front part of the restaurant. He ran down a few halls to come into the kitchen, where a gangster shot a few rounds off at him. Unfortunately Charlie's aim was better than his. The man dropped to the ground, leaving Charlie with a straight shot to the door. Charlie rushed outside and hopped into his car and took off. Looking in his rearview, he could see several men running out of the restaurant and firing their guns at him. Charlie was in the clear, he drove through the downtown LA traffic back to his apartment where his girlfriend, who just got off of work, was waiting for him. He had been dating Jennifer for about a year now, and was waiting to pop the question. Jen worked at a hair and nail kiosk at a mall. She wanted to go to a cosmetology school because it was her dream to own a beauty salon. She thought Charlie worked as a telemarketer for a cable TV company. Charlie was trying to save up enough money to move to a nice town and start a new life. This last hit would have given Charlie more than enough money to move to a town outside of New York, and let him and Jen spend the rest of their lives in peace.

Charlie pulled into his parking space at their apartment, and all the lights were off. This was very out of the ordinary. Charlie opened the glove box and put his pistol in the inside of his coat jacket, he decided to investigate. He went to the front door and it was slightly ajar. Taking out his gun, Charlie entered the apartment. The living room was all clear, but something didn't feel right. He looked in the doorway, but he saw nothing strange. The floor creaked from behind him, and before he had a moment to turn around, was struck over the head with a blunt object, causing him to become unconscious.

Charlie was starting to regain consciousness. He could hear the sound of water. He was also feeling himself being tossed and turned. He had a black sack over his head and was tied up. He could hear people. The bag was lifted off his head.

"Hello there Charlie Chev, I heard you paid my dearest Lil Tone a visit earlier. What a shame it had to be you. An eye for an eye sounds fair to me. Sleep tight with the fishes," Said Fat Tone.

Two henchmen picked Charlie up where he was laying, tied two cinderblocks to his feet, and held him over the open water.

"Oh, and you have a good looking girlfriend. She might make me a lot of money," said Fat Tone.

Fat Tone had Jen taken out from below deck to rub it in Charlie's face.

Crying, Jen said, "Charlie, please help me! I love you."

The henchmen threw him over board and they hit the gas, leaving Charlie to drown in the Pacific Ocean. Charlie wasn't going to give up without a fight. Charlie thought that leaving him to drown was on thing, but making Jen pay for what he did was not going to fly with him.

With endless supply of adrenaline pumping through him, Charlie ripped through the rope and untied the cinderblocks from his legs. When he resurfaced, the boat was long gone. Charlie was close enough to the shore to see the lights from the city. He began his long, epic swim to the shore.

Charlie stumbled ashore gasping for breath. He gathered in his surroundings for a quick second to establish where in the world he was. It looked like he was on the northeastern side of LA right next to the boardwalk. Not wasting anytime, he started to run onto the stairs of the boardwalk.

The boardwalk was packed, being it was a Friday night and the Boardwalk was the place to be. Charlie saw his ticket home. A guy with a moped was heading his way. Charlie stood in his path and jumped right before the point of impact. He drop kicked the driver out of the seat, doing a body varial to land n the riding position.

"Time to head home and find out where that son of a gun Fat Tone is," whispered Charlie as he turned onto a freeway.

He arrived at his apartment complex. He saw unfamiliar cars parked outside. He approached with caution. He snuck through the door to find his house in total disarray. Three men were trashing his bedroom; Charlie assumed it was to find where he kept all his records of hits.

"Having a party and you didn't invite me?" Charlie said. He round-house kicked a gun out of one guys hand, as he threw a chair at another. He then dove for the gun across the room. He took cover behind the kitchen table, while the other two guys sprayed the table with bullets. Charlie picked the big metal table up and used it as a child while he charged at the gun men. Proving a worth distraction, Charlie sunk 2 bullet into the henchmen, leaving the unarmed one whimpering in the corner.

"Now I am going to ask you a question, and you have only one chance to answer it or you will be eating my bullet for supper," Charlie threatened.

"Man please don't shoot me. I have a wife and kids. Their names a Rosie, Massimo, Maximus"" he explained.

Charlie pulled the hammer back on his gun.

"OK! OK! Fat Tone has a mansion over on the eastside of LA, right in the heart of Chino."

"Hmmm. Get out of my sight!" barked Charlie. The man picked himself up and ran like the little girl. Charlie figured he would go to Fat Tone and tell him of Charlie's miraculous survival.

Charlie went to the bedroom closet and flipped the three light switches in a secret sequence that opened to a secret room. This secret room was Charlie's hitman headquarters, he kept all his guns, money, and records there. Charlie grabbed a duffle bag and filled in with grenades and ammunition. He also grabbed his two pistols with silencers and headed to Fat Tone's house on his crotch rocket.

Driving down the street, Charlie's adrenaline was still pumping. He approached a red light and came to a stop. He looked begin him and saw a black SUV speeding toward him. Charlie hit the gas and got his gun out. The SUV was on a rampage for Charlie. It caught up next to Charlie, and men started to shoot at him. Charlie hit the brakes, then accelerated, which put him behind the truck. Charlie moved to the next lane and shot at the back tires. The SUV lost control and started to roll, causing a massive pile-up and a few ticked off drivers. Charlie put his gun away and high tailed it to Fat Tone's.

He approached the front gates, jumped off of the bike, and took out his guns. He let the motorcycle get close to the gates before he started shooting at the gas tank. Right before the motorcycle hit the gates, the bullet ignited it and blew the gates to smithereens, along with the guys standing at the gates. Charlie ran up the driveway, putting a bullet into any man that came into his path.

He came to the doors of the mansions. He opened the door to see dozens of guns pointed at him. He quickly dove to the side. No more than a second later, the door was shot to pieces, leaving a cloud of shrapnel floating in the air. The men inside had thought they had him, but as they began to approach the entrance of the door, five small spheres flew into the lobby. Five seconds later the grenades exploded, killing all the men in the lobby.

Charlie marched into the mansion and saw Fat Tone fleeing into the back with Jen in his clutches. Charlie shot a bullet right into Fat Tone's left calf, sending him to the ground. Jen broke free from his grip and ran into Charlie's arm. Fat Tone looked up as Charlie walked over to him.

"Sleep tight," Charlie said as he ended Fat Tone's reign. Charlie and Jen walked out of the mansion, went to the airport, and took a one way trip ticket to New York where they started a new happy life together.

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