Friday the 13th

by Kaylee Jenkins

Friday the 13th

"What are we supposed to do?" asked Christy

"Do we burry her? Or just leave her?" asked AJ

If you're wondering what is happening I will tell you, but not quite yet, let me take you back to that morning, Friday the 13th.

It was like every morning that summer vacation, the girls woke up at a relatively early time, except for myself and Cody he decided that since I was getting a scholarship for cross country, that I should keep running. And to motivate me, he said that he will run with me, which makes me really nervous. You see Cody is a 6'5" 200 lbs, he is a blue eyed blonde with curly hair, a six pack, and such big arms that he could bench me! And I am a 5'11" green eyed brunette. I have muscle and bone mass, so I am relatively heavy. And yet best of all, he has dimples the ones that makes his out shinning the sun smile even better. But back to the story the real reason he was able to convince me to keep running was that he kissed me my favorite way; one if his hands holding the back of my head and his other hand resting on the swell of my back; His lips so firm yet so soft against mine. He was so close to me that I could smell his aftershave, his skin, I could feel him breathing his chest against mine. And that is how he got me to go running with him every morning in the freezing drizzling rain in Oregon.

It was5:30 p.m. and we were all getting ready for the surprise the guys were throwing us. And at 6:30 p.m., Samantha, Christy, Damien, AJ, Cody, and myself piled into a car, well after the boys blind folded us, we drove around for what felt for hours. We finally pulled to a stop. When the guys helped us out I could feel that we weren't in the city. I kept hearing twigs break under my feet, but the humidity felt exactly the same. See growing up in western Nebraska, it wasn't humid, it was dry and windy with a good amount of sunshine.

It felt like two miles being going through an uphill dried up swamp I could tell that we were in the woods, and when we finally stopped they unblindfolded us, there was a candlelight picnic it was so romantic until you got to the food. They had peanut butter and jellies with nothing else but milk luckily Christy slipped a bottle of Champaign into her purse before we came so we had a little more romantic dinner. Oh, and I forgot to tell you, it was by this wonderful sounding river with fallen trees and rocks all below it; it was enchanting.

But after the dinner, we were all just talking and joking around. For Damien it must of gotten really boring, because he jumped up all of a sudden, got into the trunk of his car, grabbed his boom box, a bunch of alcohol, a hookah, a lighter, and we got this party started!

They got two 24 packs of beer for themselves and Samantha, and for Christy and myself they got us vodka, Mikes Hard Lemonade, Smirnoff, and a bunch of other drinks that I can not remember. So after about five or six drinking games and a lot of hookah and sex stories, Cody decided that we needed to play truth or dare!

It was my first time playing truth or dare, and it was my turn first great, I thought. But I went along with it, and I picked truth and, they had the most retarded question they were too drunk to even think of a good one.

"Why did you come out tonight?"

Yeah, and absolutely pointless question! And it was a no DUH answer.

"Um you blindfolded me, I didn't have a choice."

Then it was Damien's turn, and he said dare. And I am not very good at this game, so I told him to go climb a tree and gather vultures' eggs, and eat them raw. And he did.

So after about 30 minutes of the guys dares and the girls truths, Samantha finally took a dare. And I think the only reason was because AJ whispered something into her ear, and it made her giggle, smile, and blush. You know it was a promise for later on tonight when we head back to the cabin. But it was Damien's to tell her; her dare, and boy that kid is mean! He knows how afraid of water she was, but he still dared her to walk across the old fallen tree that laid across the river. The water was a lot more high this time of year, it being the rainy season, and so the moss was a lot more thick. She had been drinking and she was high, and she slipped.

Now that I have you caught up, you can figure out the rest of the story can't you? What? You can't? well why not? Man I thought you were smarter than that, well I guess I should continue then huh. Fine, if you insist!

We pulled her out of the water about two miles from where she fell, and began CPR. She was wet, bruised, and from watching CSI I knew that she got those bruises when she was still alive. The cuts on her face were probably when she was still alive.

Noticing a trend here? STILL ALIVE, but she isn't anymore. She died.

We didn't know what to do with her body. If we told the cops they would smell us and test us for drugs. Then they would test us for drugs and we would be in so much trouble! I mean, we all have sports and other scholarships in our pockets for OSU, and we were not about to throw all that away. So we buried her somewhere that only we would know where she was, and there would be no way of anyone finding her. There were tears, screaming, yelling, moments of silence, and a lot of silent moments only to be filled later with gasping breaths of now five crying people.

A few days after everything, we put out a missing persons alert. The story was that her and AJ got in a fight and she went off walking. We haven't heard from hersince because we all thought it was a good idea to just let her cool off, alone.

. . .

Its been one year from the accident, and Friday the 13th again, its weird that it falls on the SAME exact day as a year ago. Cody and I are doing great, and actually we are getting married after we graduate. I am so excited for it; it will be a dream wedding I will be missing a maid of honor, but I think all will go well. Damien and Christy are still together and I am so happy. They found a house together, its so cute. They just need the pitter patter of little feet of a little one running around and it will be the perfect family. Well, they still have to get married also. AJ has found another girl, she is pretty, but that is about the only thing. She has absolutely no personality, the total opposite of Sam was like. But that is his choice I guess.

AJ doesn't want to go out tonight. Since he started dating this new girl I guess weird things have been happening to him, and he thinks that he is getting haunted. Silly kid, but his girl wants to go out tonight, she loves spooky stuff, and he, not so much. He goes along with it anyways, and I don't think that he should.

AJ had a big fear too. His was of burning to death, and that is exactly what he did.

Have you figured out my plot yet? Huh huh huh? Have you? Come on its not that hard, she is haunting him. Well, was, if you didn't get it in the last few lines. He dies, just to clarify that for you. I mean sometimes people are kind of slow, but I understand. Do you want me to continue? Okay, I will anyways.

It wasn't just AJ who died that night. His girlfriend died too, and I guess when they autopsied the bodies they found that he had been castrated. I mean the WHOLE thing was gone, and never found. They both burnt to death in a car crash. I guess building just pop out of no where sometimes. And then, when someone cuts the breaks on his 2009 Volvo, and he doesn't want to kill innocents, a train is always a substitution to stop and die.

An investigation went down for the murder of AJ Whitley, but no evidence was found. They marked it as a suicide and a murder for his girlfriend.

I woke up to a dream, and in my dream, it was Samantha. It was when she was so cute an little and had that innocent smile. But what she said and then did was so not cute. She burst into flames, and then said: "Damien is next." Then smiled her ever lasting smile, while still in flames, her eyes raging with revenge and anger!

Don't worry I went to a psychiatrist, and told her about how our friend went missing and was never found, and all this stuff. She said that I was just having a mild case of schizophrenia and some anxiety attacks. Some anti-depressents and sleeping medicine were said to help. They were due to having to much stress with AJs' death, and school being hard and everything I just needed to take a break.

It been six months since AJ's death and we are all moving on, going back to our daily routine. Better yet, Christy is going to have a baby! We all just found out, and I am really scared for it. In six months Damien will be dead to leave Christy and an unborn child to raise I don't know who to tell or who will believe me, but for now I guess I have to let it be.

Man this is getting weird, I mean now two of like my best friends died on the same exact day! Of the same exact month! Gosh, I think something might be up, but I am not sure. Its probably my imagination.

Okay, Damien died and it looked like he was murdered. Christy and I were having a girls night on of course that famous day. One year later, we get a call from the Oregon County Police asking to come down to the station immediately. It was because Damien had been found near a dumpster. Well, what was left of him. You see Damien was afraid of cannibals, and of course he died in his biggest feared way. Well partially.

He was found by some hooker making her usual rounds. She saw a leg with only three toes and called the police. It turns out that he was tortured, and then eaten. Alive. But even more creepy was that there wasn't any saliva, finger prints, or teeth indentions. Just like AJ, it looks like it was a murder well, it was, but this was getting out of hand.

I stayed with Christy for a long time. She had mo other family, and her parents and grandparents were dead. No aunts or uncles, and I think she knew that she was next.

Are you freaked out yet? If so you can stop reading. Its okay, I don't mind. You don't want to stop? Well why not? Silly goose. Okay fine I will keep going.

Christy didn't die one year later, but you know how there is more than one Friday 13th in a year? Well, you know how Christy was pregnant? And you have heard of people dying during childbirth haven't you? Oops, did I just give it away? Oh well. Christy went into labor at 10:53 that night, and at 11:53 Jackson was born. Then we were getting rushed out of the delivery room. I know it then, after a few friends just go out of the blue and on the same freaking day, you just kind of know.

Since there was no immediate family, and for some reason she actually wrote a will an put me n charge of Jackson. Since I was getting married to Cody we decided we might as well fill out the adoption papers now. But since I am so afraid, I mean, there is only two of us left that were there, I know Samantha would never kill a baby, even if it was from someone she despised. She wanted her own children.

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