Life or Death: The Choice Is Yours

by Elizabeth

JUNE 17TH, 2008- Patrick's Point of View

"Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday to me." Patrick sung in a haunting, creepy way. On his 31st birthday, he stood alone in his thirty-seven roomed mansion. Buck, a Siberian Husky, Buddy a Saint Bernard, Bremmer, a Black Lab, and Booth, German Shepherd, all stood around him and his birthday cake wagging their tails.

"I can't take anymore! I've had to deal with this long enough. I'm going to do what I really didn't ever want to do again." He said revealing his dark side no one should ever see.

"It will happen"..soon"." he kept repeating, "The basement is ready and no one will ever know".. It's just two people. I've studied them long enough." He said walking to his office. He opened his desk drawer and looked at two people.

"It's just two people that can't hurt too many lives. No one will ever know right?" He mumbled to himself.

"Just two people"" he stammered as he examined the pictures of a six-year old boy, Geoff, and a twenty-four-year old woman, Victoria. "Just those two then I can stop for good. Never again. These are the last two"."

JUNE 17TH, 2008- Victoria's Point of View

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOOOO YOUUUU!" Screamed a ginormous crowd made up of Victoria's friends and family.

"Now make a wish and make sure you blow out all twenty-four candles!" said her joyful mother.

Victoria closed her eyes and thought hard. She squeezed her eyes even harder. "This has to be the year my wish will come true, she thought. She blew her candles out, yet the flame was still there.

"Whoa. That's crazy." She whispered to Ming-Ming, her cat.

She tried again to get them out. Still the flames were glowing.

"You guys are lame! Why would you get trick candles?" She laughed out loud as everyone in the room joined in as well. "I do want to thank each and everyone of you. I love you all! And it really means a lot to me that you threw me a surprise party. Thank you so much!" She said on a more serious note.

The laughs, giggles, and joy spread throughout the rest of the night to celebrate Victoria's birthday.

JUNE 17TH, 2008-Geoff's Point of View

"Happy birthday to you! You look like a monkey and you smell like one too!" Screeched a house-full of six-year olds scampering about.

"I don't smell like a monkey," smiled Geoff.

"Blow out the candles on your cowboy cake and made a special wish." Geoff's mom's voice sweetly said.

"Alright!" Geoff make a wish and blew out his candles. "Now it's time for gifts right, mom?!" Geoff proclaimed.

"Lets have some cake and ice cream first, Geoff, then we can go in the living room and open your birthday gifts," Geoff's dad said.

"Okay," agreed the big six-year old boy.

Everyone gobbled down their cake and ice cream, then sprinted into the tiny living room. "Open my gift first!"

"No, open mine! It's better!"

"Mine's the coolest, open it first!" Chirped every child in the room.

After all the wrapping paper was on the floor, the party came to an end.

"Thanks for coming everyone! I hope you guys liked my cowboy party!" said Geoff.

JUNE 24TH, 2008-Patrick's Point of View

As the palms of his hand filled with sweat he increased his walking pace.

"Just as easy as the others. I can do this. Just as easy as the others," Patrick repeated to himself. "His lessons are almost over. Just grab him and go to the plane as fast as you can. It's been done before, and you can do it again".. Let's do this, Pat. There he is sitting on the bench, lessons are over, and he must be waiting for his ride. Look both one is there, perfect. Now go!" He encouraged himself.

"Hey kid have you seen my dog? Man he was just here," Patrick said causally to Geoff. "No sir! Sorry. What kind of dog was he?" Geoff replied holding his baby blanket in his lap.

"A German Shepherd. Have you ever heard of that kind of dog?" Patrick said sitting down next to him on the bench.

"That's the kind of dog I want! They are SO cool!"

"That's neat. Would you help me look for him? He's really nice and I'll let you pet him if you help."

"Well, I guess I can but my mom will be here soon. So I can't help you very long. What's his name?!" Geoff said excitedly.

"Geoff," Patrick said with a smirk.

"Hey, that's my na--." Geoff began to say, but it was too late.

Patrick had already stuck a needle into his delicate skin and drugged him. RUN! RUN! RUN! Thought Patrick. He got in to his private plane and carefully placed and buckled Geoff in a seat and laid his baby blanket upon his lap.

"One down, one to go." Patrick said aloud.

Patrick thought out loud his next plans: "It is only four-forty. Victoria gets off of work right about now. Why don't we stop by her place and pay her a little visit?"

JUNE 24TH, 2008- Victoria's Point of View

"Oh, Ming-Ming! It was a LONG day at work! I am SO exhausted! What should I have for dinner tonight? Any ideas?" Victoria said to her Siamese cat.

"Meow!" purred the cat.

"Yeah, I knew you would say a salad. I was hungry for that, I just wanted to be sure. Do you think I'm crazy? I mean look at me. I'm twenty-four-years old and I'm talking to my cat. I need a life!" said Victoria.

Someone cleared their throat.

"What Ming-Ming?"

"Oh, that wasn't Ming-Ming. It was me," Said a voice from the dark, unlit living room. Who is in my house? What is going on?! thought the panicked Victoria.

"Oh, Victoria we have someone waiting for us. Just come in your living room," The creepy voice said.

Victoria grabbed a knife and her house phone and turned to go into the living room. "Who are you? What are you doing in my house? I am calling the pol--," Patrick plunged a piercing needle into Victoria's warm, soft skin.

"Victoria, I'm Patrick. It's nice to meet you too. This knife here is no way to greet your friend. I'll just have to show you how close we really will become. We will be a little family like it was suppose to be. Just a little family," Patrick rambled.

"Everything will be okay," he said with a "click" of her plane seatbelt. "It will be okay."

JUNE 25th, 2008-Geoff's Point of View in the Morning

Man I am tired! I can't even remember what happened last night! Thought Geoff.

I'll just have to ask mom what happened. Geoff tried to open the door. The doorknob would not budge.

"Good morning, Geoff! Don't' worry everything is alright," said the intercom.

That's weird, Geoff thought.

"We are just going to take care of you for a while. You will LOVE our new house. We have our own little island. And guess what? Look at our dogs!"

Right on cue four bouncing, happy dogs came through the door.

"Cool! We have dogs now!" Geoff said aloud.

"Just get ready for the day, Geoff. All your clothes are in your dresser. Just like normal," said the intercom.

Geoff's room was exactly like the one in his real home in Los Angeles. Exactly the same. Right down to the exact toys. Geoff ran to his dresser and picked out his clothes. To him things were normal. Well"". Almost normal".

JUNE 25TH, 2008- Victoria's Point of View in the Morning

I am so sore. Thought Victoria. Man what did I do last night.

"Ming-Ming, what time is it? " Victoria said aloud.

"Good morning Victoria! It is 8:03 in the morning. Don't worry everything is fine. Just get dressed and ready for the day and I will explain everything at breakfast," said the intercom.

Victoria was shocked. What is going on. Ming-Ming is here and this is my room. She thought. Well I guess I'll get ready for the day".. But what in the world is going on?!

JUNE 25TH, 2008- Patrick's Point of View in the Morning

Now that they have woken up I can make sure everything is in place. Breakfast is ready and I am ready, thought Patrick.

"Let's get this party started," said Patrick.

"Come out into the dining room," Patrick commanded over the intercom.

The two victims did as commanded to do and then the two saw each other.

"Well hello family! Victoria and Geoff! Oh you guys are lovely today! Victoria this is Geoff. Geoff, son, this is Victoria. We are going to be a great family!" an excited Patrick said. For the rest of the day silence rang through the spacious home.

"Geoff, will you be a good boy and go play with our dogs in your room son?"

"Sure!" agreed the boy.

"Victoria, you are probably really confused. But I will make this simple for you. You are my wife. The one I was suppose to have, my only real true love, died a week before our birthday. A week before my son was going to be born. A week before June 17th, all of our birthdays. Are you following along?" he said with a half smile.

"Yes, I am," said the worried woman.

"Good. So you are my wife and Geoff, that beautiful boy is our son. This is our family and it is going to work out this time. It won't turn out like the other ones. All the other ones failed. You see, I have been trying to find the right family for years. But the others didn't work. You know what happened to them? They didn't think. They tried to escape. Let me tell you something right now, Victoria. You are on my own private island. No one knows about my island. Everything you need to survive on this island is here. If you follow my rules, then you will live. I will get you anything you would ever desire to have, just name it. All you have to do is follow this one simple rule. Change your life. We are a family now. Our son, Geoff is growing up. Just help him grow up with me. We can raise him together. But if you decide not to follow this rule, Victoria, sweetie, you will see the bad side of me. Oh and one other thing, whatever choice you make, you make for Geoff. If you try to do something stupid, I will kill you and kill Geoff too. You aren't the first people ever in this situation but I know you will make the right choice. Do you understand?" He stated to Victoria.

Victoria was speechless.

"I said do you understand?" Patrick said persistently.

"Yes." Victoria squeaked. "Yes, Sir."

"Good. Well go take a little nap now sweetheart. We have a big week ahead of us. And remember. I am always, let me repeat that again, I am ALWAYS watching you. I will always look after you. After all we are a family. It's just one simple choice: life or death." Patrick hummed.

JULY 7TH, 2008- Victoria's Secret Diary

I don't know what to think of this. I have been trapped in what should be a paradise place. Geoff is a really nice child, but I am so concerned about his family. And my family. I wish I could tell them that I'm alright. I want to hear my family's voices again. I want to tell them that I love them.

JULY 25TH, 2008- Victoria's Secret Diary

Patrick has now let me do some daily chores. At least I can finally stay normal with chores. He lets me do the laundry and he has let me in the kitchen downstairs, I can't use knives yet. But one thing still annoys me: I still have not seen the whole house. Whenever Geoff or I want to go outside on the beach he blindfolds us. I know that he is hiding something but I don't know what"".

AUGUST 11TH, 2008- Victoria's Secret Diary

He let me cook my favorite meal: steak and potatoes. He is slowly trusting me. He said that I'm not the first person who has gone through this. How many others could he have put through this torture? How many other people's families were ruined my Patrick kidnapping victims? What kind of messed up person could do this?

OCTOBER 23TH, 2008- Victoria's Secret Diary

One of my favorite holidays is coming up". Halloween. I love when all the little children come to my door. I love to see their smiling faces when I give them candy. I wish I could take Geoff trick-or-treating. Geoff is such a wonderful child, but Patrick is talking him into calling me "the name." "The name" is horrible. I can't blame him for calling me "the name" because he missed his real one".. his "mom."

NOVEMBER 27TH, 2008- Victoria's Secret Diary

It's Thanksgiving Day! Guess what happened today".. Patrick fell asleep with Geoff this afternoon. I snuck upstairs to take a look around. My heart was racing the whole time. I really didn't want to get caught. But I saw most of the house. We live in a mansion. It's huge. I'm going to have to do some more exploring. I need to find out exactly where we are. I think I might try to escape with Geoff. We have to get out of here".. soon".

DECEMBER 24TH, 2008- Victoria's Secret Diary

It has been six months".. SIX MONTHS". Tomorrow is Christmas. Geoff will get everything he put on his list for Santa Claus. I'm sure I'll get everything I asked for. But that's not what I really want. I want to get out of here. Patrick is starting to really trust me. He talked about letting me see the rest of the house. If he let's me see the house, I might find something that can help Geoff and me get out of here" Anyway, Merry Christmas!

JANUARY 9TH, 2009- Victoria's Secret Diary

My new year's resolution is to get out of this place".. I really just need my family back". I miss them so much"" At least I have Ming-Ming"..

MARCH 17TH, 2009- Victoria's Secret Diary

Happy St. Patrick's day! I'm really excited"" I found something the other day when I was cleaning upstairs. Patrick has let me clean up there and I found this medicine that can make you pass out. But the best part is that after getting in your system it kills you. I would never kill a human in my life. But Patrick is a monster. If I can get him to go then Geoff and I can get out of here"" I can't do anything wrong though"" this is going to take some planning""

MAY 19TH, 2009- Victoria's Point of View

Months. MONTHS now. Victoria we need to get out of here. Geoff has really become my son. I love him with all my heart. We only have each other on this horrifying paradise island, Victoria thought.

"Good Morning, angel! Do you have any laundry for me to do?" She said walking into Geoff's room.

"Morning!" Geoff yawned.

Victoria kissed Geoff's forehead. "Are you excited?!" she said.

"For what, mom?" Geoff peeped.

"Mom" she cringed at that word. Poor Geoff was so vulnerable that he gave into calling Victoria mom.

"Sweet cakes your birthday is only a month away! What do you want?" she said. "Well". I have almost everything I want but I think I really want a friend""

"A friend? Geoff, I am your friend. Pat is your friend. Ming-Ming, Bremmer, Booth, Buck, and Buddy are all your friends." She said trying to cheer his up.

"But a person my age, mom needs a friend"."

With a cringe she replied, "Sweetie, we will see."

"So what do you want?" he asked Victoria excitedly.

"Hmmmm"" I want you to draw me a really awesome picture. " and I want hmmm". I don't really know what else " let me think on that Geoff, okay?"


I really want to get us off this island. I want you to be with your real mom. I want you to be safe. That's what I really want. I want my real life back and that's it. This creepo needs to go to jail. That's what I really want, she thought.

JUNE 16TH, 2009-Patrick's Point of View

"Well, well, well"". I told you that the choice was yours, Victoria. It was going so wonderfully. Now both of you must go. What did you think you were doing trying to poison my food. Even though I will be dead soon, you two will be dead too. I will find you. You are on MY island. You have no idea who you are dealing with," screamed Patrick at the top of his lungs as his heart rate continued to slow.

JUNE 16TH, 2009- Victoria's Point of View

"How's everyone's meal?"

"Good mom!" Geoff said.

"Amazing, honey!" Patrick said.

"Oh man I really don't feel so well".." Patrick began to say as his face plopped into his scolding hot soup.

"Geoff, sweetheart, follow me! Do everything I say okay? Trust me."


"Go get your blanket and your favorite toy. Okay? Run!" I have no idea what I just did she thought". No idea at all"..

"DONE!" cheered Geoff. "Are we playing a game?"

"Yes! Yes, we are Geoff. Pat was acting. He wants us to play hide-and-go seek. Okay?"

"Okay that sounds fun!"

They ran through the mansion and through the sand into the small forest area on the island.

"What happens if we get caught, mom?" Geoff asked.

"I don't know yet. It is a surprise. But whatever happens, Geoff, we need to keep quiet okay? We can't let Pat catch us, if he does, we lose the game. Okay?"

"Okay!" Patrick was now out of the house his heart began to slow its beat as Victoria's heart pounded in her chest.

"Will we make it?" was her only question in her head now.

"Please God help us! Please!" she whispered under her breath as her heart continued to beat through her rib cage at an unbearable rate.

The choice was mine and I made it"" LIFE". She thought as she looked down at the almost seven-year old boy with his huge brown eyes and his baby blanket draped on his shoulder. Life"" life is what we want"..

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