When You Grow Up

by K Jambulingam

During my long experiences in Governemnt and private schools, I have come across more problem parents than problem children. When a boy or girl scores hundred percent marks in a subject like mathematics, parents attribute it to their heridity. But when a child scores less marks, the teacher has to bear the brunt. This isthe attitude probelem.Some teachers are interested in getting their students good grades in their subbject. They do not encourage their students in other extracurricular activities. May be a boy excells in Art and Painting,the teachers will not encourage him. Instead they tell the child to concentrate in their subject and the art and painting is not going to help him in future.Therefore teachers must change their attitude towards the children and parents must change their attitude towards the teachers. Then only the developing countries can equal thier standard of

education to that of developed countries.

When I gave the topic "What you want to become when you grow up" as an essay writing project to the students of eighth standard Sections A B C D. Out of one hundred and sixty students( Boys and girls), some of the boys wrote that they want to become pilots.Some expressed the desire to become cricketers.Since one of his uncles is a famous surgeon, one boy wrote that he wanted to become one. Another boy from bussiness community wrote that he wants to become an Engineer but his parents want him to look after the family business. Most of the girl students wrote that they wanted to become hospital nurses to serve the community.Two girls were wanted to become a school teacher ; the other wanted to become an astronmer like India born Williams of United states.

As parents we force our children to take up a profession which we wanted and failed to enter.

Take my own example. I wanted to be doctor of medicine but I could not. Therefore I wanted my daughter to go for medical college.

In the common enterance test, she qualified for both medical and engineering courses. My daughter chose to continue her studies in Environmental Engineering. I had to accept her decision with a pinch of salt. Now she is in USA well settled. I say to people that I am very proud of her.

Therefore I feel that we must leave the choice to our children and we should not impose our ideas on them.

Now a days children are well informed and they know what to become. Young people marches on.

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