Roses of Straw

by Taylor

The enormous Red eye plane came to a abrupt halt".. Every passenger cheered with excitement, and relief.

Hi my name is Sophia Andrews and I am a Senior at City Heights high school in New York City. You are probably wondering what all the excitement was about? Well as of my senior year, all senior students with passing grades are being privileged, to take a educational vacation to Scotland.

Scotland with its outstanding beauty and history, it seemed like the greatest opportunity.

My red, striped, zebra rain boots made a squeaky sound as I trudged my suitcase along the cobble stone road. """Okay students" Mrs. Birch said as the students reached the cottage hostel. "All students need to check in and go straight to their sleeping quarters" she said this very loudly "As soon as everyone is inside their rooms it is lights out"we all have a large day ahead of us in the tomorrow".

I made my way up the old staircase as it made a creaking sound. Finally I reached my hostel room , the room was the color of dark but faded green, in the left hand corner was a queen size bed made up with a topaz , golden comforter and two giant feather pillows. It was very cozy room that I had all to myself.

The next morning I awakened to a loud knock upon my door"" "All students get dressed and meet me in the lobby". Mrs. Birch hollered up and down the hostel hall. "Remember students we are in Scotland and it is freezing dress appropriately".

The first day of the trip was very pleasurable. The other students and I ate lunch at a undersized coffee house. The class and I took the ferry boat across Lake Loch Ness".. By the end of the first day everyone was tired and ready for bed.

Morning came once again and I was ready for another busy day, I pulled my soft fleece over my silky black hair. I then noticed a red envelope wedged under my doorway. Quickly I ripped open the letter.

"Dear senior students. Today is a very special day and a great chance to get into the heart of Scotland. All students will get the chance to use a European moped for the day. I expect all students to act calmly and maturely and please remember you do not own these mopeds so please keep them in pristine condition. You will find me in front of the hostel at 9:30 am."

I finished the morning letter and put on my purple boots and ran down the hallway and out to the cobbled road of Scotland.

The mopeds zoomed across river bridges and grassy knolls. Mrs. Birch picked out the Donan castle to explore and learn about. The Donan castle was thrilling with its beautiful hallways and amazing art work.

Towards the end of the day, the sun began to peek out above the lush mountains. The long educational day was turning to evening"". The sound of mopeds occurred again as the class headed back to the hostel. ""The sound of scary thunder crackled through the sky. The Scent of fresh rain was in the air as it began to splatter against the ground. All of a sudden I became very cold as stopped my moped to pull on my warm fleece the rain was heavy now. I noticed my class was no where to be seen I came to conclusion that I took to long to dress into my fleece.

White fog zipped past my face as my moped and I moved along the bumpy. Gravel road. The Scottish country side was becoming thicker and the Scotland rain was hefty and dense I became scared".my moped began to malfunction and the engine busted out black smoke and thenI slammed into a deep gravel pot hole. I panicked and my eyes welted with tears. Horses and sheep I could hear in the distances".. I suddenly heard the crunching of gravel ahead, chills went up and down my spine I knew that someone was near""My eyes began to adjust to the bulky fog and a figure became close and clear and I noticed it was a man"... A man close to my age stood before me. This man had curvy locks of black sky hair, his navy blue eyes fell upon me like a brick. I will never forget his muscular body, and those strong, veined hands. He was dressed in tight blue toughed jeans with a black loose dress shirt. Around his neck was a emerald green stone with a golden rusted key entertained. Upon his chin and under his nose was stubble. "Umm Good day miss" as he spoke I sat upon my half broken vehicle. He stared at me oddly.. " I am sorry If I startled you I heard noises upon the hill" . I finally began talking".."oh I am sorry I didn't mean to be a disturbance I am so embarrassed" I said this in very manor. " don't be sorry you look like you need help" he looked at me with those magnificent eyes. " my mopeds broken I need to get back to the village""." well miss I am handy when it comes to fixing things" he smirked and laughed." Why don't you come down to my barn and I will fix this mess". My heart stopped and I blushed. " Okay thank you I hope this isn't a problem"

The Scottish boys barn was made of timeworn cherry wood and every plank had tiny cracks and holes. A nearby owl made noises while a goat slept upon a warm stack of alfalfa. I sat upon a aged ,rubber tire as I watched the man fix my moped. "So your not from around here are you? You're a American girl am I correct?" "."yes I am" I am from New York City and I am hear with my school"" " I see I see " he said. I stood up from my tire chair and walked over to the gorgeous man. " I am Sophia---Andrews" I said as I introduced myself. He smiled and shot out his hand for a hand shake. " I am Tristan Sklyar the 2nd it is a honor to meet you Sophia" he then caressed my hand and pulled me into his sweetness as he kissed my cheek. "Sophia where are you headed home from".

" My class and I " we where visiting the Donan castle "". "that's a very long trip on a moped" Tristan said as he chuckled " well it wasn't that bad just cold " I said as I snickered. Tristan walked out of the barn and looked up into the sky".. "Fog has finally passed look up at the stars Sophia" I looked up to the sky then back at Tristan"." beautiful" I said softly". "Sophia I want to show you something"something that you will never forget".

Tristan and I made our way through the Scotland woods and up and over lush, green mountain ranges. We came to a striking, half destroyed castle. The castle was so enchanting and magical! " this is Slains castle I call it the magic castle" Tristan said solemnly "." magic? is it really magic" I said as I became confused.." well when I was a lad I used to make-believe it was magic I fantasized that there were unicorns and princesses but now it's just a place for one special thing". Tristan and I adventured to the top tower of the castle as we rested upon the cold, grey bricks. The stars were so close and pure it felt like you could fly like Peter Pan. Every once in while Tristan would gaze over at me as we laid there upon the castle stone. The coldness of my body soon became sympathetic heat. As we gazed at the stars I felt a feeling. It was a feeling that was different from any thought or dream, it was a feeling that made my body faint and all I desired was to get absorbed within Tristan's eyes. Squalls of wind burst against the trees as we talked through the evening. We held each other intertwined as I nestled into his rocky chest. The night went on as we fell asleep under the superb atmosphere.

I awoke to the sound of rain pattering against the stone tower. I was clammy and soaked,

"OH NO..OH NO" I said as I shouted to my morning surroundings. Tristan then awoke very rapidly! "what is it "he said as he sounded afraid""the village I need to get back"my teacher will betaking morning attendance"and if I am not present I will be in such deep trouble".

Tristan and I sprinted through the woods, sprinted to the cherry wood barn. I mounted my fixed moped as Tristan started the ignition. He looked me in the eyes and brushed back my damp hair! " when will I see you again Sophia? This cant be the end because I believe that we met for a reason and I cant let this feeling go away" I looked into his rain drop eyes and then I spoke ""Tristan I don't want to runaway from this feeling I have either" I tighley grasped the sides of his rough waist and spoke again "I believe this is happening for a reason also" Tristan pressed his forehead against mine. rain splattered against us as it drizzled down onto our lips and hair. And then all at once our hearts became one, his wet, soft lips pushed against my peach colored lips we kissed in a way that was more astonishing than existence. The kiss was soft and smooth and it tasted of rain drops and compassion. Tristan looked into my eyes and spoke "meet me tomorrow morning at the Slain castle Sophia"

All I could think about the next morning was Tristan and how I couldn't make it through the day if I couldn't see his face and touch his hands and lips with mine. I needed to runaway to him, I needed a excuse a really good fib to set me free for the day. Knock Knock Knock " Sophia you need to hurry along the students are leaving in about 15 minutes for our history lesson" Mrs. Birch hollered outside my door ""Mrs. Birch I have come down with some sort of illness can I please take a sick day?"".."Sophia Andrews let me into your room so I can take a look at you" I shook from this stressful situation and I became nervous I spit inside my palm and rubbed the saliva upon my face to make it look like I was sick and so that I could pretend I had a sweating fever. Mrs. Birch gave into my the fake act and sentenced me to bed rest for the day and hopefully for the rest of the Senior vacation.

It was a chilly, rainy day I dressed into my black skinny jeans, tan boots and a purple pea coat. I then decided to take the ferry boat across Lake Loch Ness the boat slowly moved across the lake I was almost to Tristan I could fell it in the air. When the ferry landed at the marina I tipped the man in European currency. I finally made it to the Slain castle, I saw Tristan straddling upon a remarkable black stallion horse"."Hello beautiful " Tristan said softly as he reached out his hands to lift me upon the horse. Tristan wore a white loose dress shirt half way unbuttoned I could see his chest. We trotted through the green, brown, mossy woods as we talked about life and love and how everything happens for a reason! All day Tristan and I galloped through the dark sandy waters beside Donan castle. After the amazing day Tristan and I rested down upon of steep hill of abundant, green grass . Tristan stroked his fingers upon my palms, we engaged into each other as we kissed. Every kiss was full of honest affection.

Everyone says that True love is hard to find, but I knew for sure that I found my true love. I love every part of Tristan, I love the way his blue eyes twinkle throughout the sun and the rain. I adored the way his smile begins in his eyes and then fills up every single space in my soul. I love the taste and scent of his lips I would give anything just to breath him in. Tristan showed me dreams and imagination but most of all he showed me true love.

Our last weekend to be together fell upon us painfully! We spent our last days together laying upon grassy knolls, loving each other, talking, and frolicking upon sandy Scottish shores. Sunday morning came and I knew this was the morning I was leaving for home it was the day that the Senior Vacation came to a end.

I made my way to Tristan barn for the last time " I saw Tristan placed upon an old cube of hay as he sat sad and hunched over while he rested his head in his hands". " Tristan " I said as I spoke tenderly"..Tristan sat up strong and formal like as his eyes were full of wet tears he pulled me into his arms. " Tristan I don't want to leave you I cant leave you" I began to cry and then he began to speak"". "I don't know how I am going to go on with out you here by my side but I know that wherever you go you will be the wind in my hair the sun on my eyes , you are going to always be in my memory"".Tristan but don't you know that If I could, I would stay here with you forever , I would marry you and be with you" I began to cry harder this time. He wiped away my tears with his noble thumbs "Sophia I promise we will find a way to be together again, do not loose faith in us, I love you so much" Tristan said as he kissed me sensitively. The sun began to peek around the mountains.

Tristan and I held hands as we made our way out of the barn and out to the grassy cobbled road. Our foreheads once again pressed together, we held each other close and kissed as it tasted of tears. Then he turned me towards the magenta horizon and whispered into my ear!!!! "now go love get to your plane fly home you will be in my heart and on my mind until we can be together keep your eyes on the horizon don't look back" I followed Tristan's rules as I began to walk forward""I was now a yard away from were I last stood".. I needed to look back once more, I needed to see Tristan I needed to see courage and his faith one last time". I spun around and there he was standing strong. I began to run in a full track sprint towards Tristan, the wind whipped against my hair sending it in all directions! My knees felt week and I was moist with tears upon my eyes I launched myself up into his arms " I love you Tristan I love" I said this many times as I kissed his lips one last bittersweet time.

My body sat against the secure, red eye airplane seat as I gazed out of the small oval window upon the plane wall. I knew that I was flying home to New York City and I wouldn't be able to see Tristan. I knew that I only have known my love for a week but in that one week I learned more than anything ever discovered. I learned that I love Tristan Skylar the 2nd , I learned that there is true love is real. I learned that everything happens for a reason. Tristan he is on my heart like a tattoo, and one day when the time is right we will be with each other. I am the rose Tristan is the straw and so that makes us roses of straw!

The end

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