The Adoption

by Brooke Bahr

By: Brooke Bahr

Jessica gets in the car to go to the hospital. She is in the waiting room with her husband Tyler. They are both very nervous and anxious. Doctor Brown calls them back they go sit in the room. Brown finally walks in the room. He pulls out the vaginal altra sound and says, "I have some bad news. The baby's heart stopped and she is no longer alive." Jessica starts crying and is very upset. Tyler he had a hard time trying to recover.

Two months later, Joel is playing Guitar Hero with his friends in the living room. Alison is playing with her dolls in her room. Jessica and Tyler are talking in their bedroom. Jessica is still caught up on her baby so Tyler tells her that they can adopt a child. They both really want three kids and they already have two. For the loss of their baby they bought really delicate flowers to signify their unborn baby. This means a lot to them. In a couple of days they will go to the orphanage to find a child while Joel and Alison are in school. When Jessica and Tyler arrive at the orphanage the lady there shows them around. Tyler says he has to go to the restroom. On his way there he hears someone singing. He stops in hesitation, but still walks up the stairs. He sees a little girl sitting in a school desk painting a picture. She turns around because she heard the floor board creek. She says, "Hi, my name is Sarah. What is yours?" Tyler thinks that Sarah is a bright little girl. Jessica and the lady walk up the stairs and find Tyler and Sarah talking. They walk in and Sarah asks the same thing to Jessica. They both stay in the room to talk to Sarah alone. Jessica and Tyler step out of the room to talk about if they want to take her home. They both decided that she was a nice little girl and they would be more than happy to take her home. Jessica tells the lady that they want to take her home. The lady tells her that Sarah doesn't have that much paper work. All they know is that both of her parents died in a very bad fire. Sarah walks out of the orphanage with a great big smile on her face.

Thirty minutes later they get to Tyler and Jessica's. Sarah loves it. They walk inside and Jessica calls for Joel and Alison to come down stairs to meet their new sister. They walk down the stairs and said hi. Right away Joel doesn't like her, but Alison on the other hand likes her a lot. Sarah knows sign language, so they can talk to each other all the time. After she gets settled in, Alison shows her around the house. Tyler built Joel a play house so Alison took Sarah up there to show her what it looks like. Sarah likes it a lot. Jessica calls them in for supper and they all sit down to eat as a family. When everyone is done all three of the kids go and get ready for bed.

The next morning, Jessica notices that Sarah always wears a piece of cloth around her neck and around her wrist. She tries to take it off, but Sarah got really mad and told Jessica not to do that. When they get to school, a lot of the girls make fun of Sarah because she carries her bible everywhere, and because of the clothes she is wearing. Sarah is very old fashion, so she wears a lot of old clothes. One of the girls knocks the bible out of Sarah's hands, and Sarah freaks out because it means a lot to her, Everyone in the hallway makes fun of her, and all of Joel's friends tell him what a freak his sister is. When the kids get home, Sarah goes to her room and starts drawing a picture of how her first day of school was. Later that night they all ate supper together, the kids were talking about their day at school. Jessica told Joel that he needs to watch over his sister. Joel got really mad and said "she is not my sister!" After supper the kids went up stairs to get ready for bed.

A couple weeks later when the kids were at school, Jessica got a phone call from the lady at the orphanage. She said that she found that something was wrong with Sarah because they have no back ground of her. They don't know what she is like or where she really came from. When Tyler picked up the kids from school, they went straight home. Jessica wanted to talk to the lady and Tyler together, so the lady went over to there house. When she got there, Sarah answered the door and said, "What are you doing here?" The lady told her that she needed to speak with her mom and dad. She walked inside and Jessica told the kids that they needed to go up stairs. Sarah tells Alison to listen to what they are saying, and to sign what they are talking about. Alison signed to Sarah that they were talking about sending her back to the orphanage because they didn't know that much about her Tyler tells Jessica just to give it a try, and agrees.

Now Sarah is really mad. The lady gets ready to leave and Sarah takes Alison out by the lake, Sarah tells Alison that the lady is going to get what she deserves. So when the lady is driving by the lake, Sarah pushes Alison out in the middle of the road, the lady freaks out and drives into a ditch. She runs over to Alison to see if she is okay. Sarah comes up behind the lady and starts hitting her with a hammer. She kills her. Sarah tells Alison to help drag her in the woods by the lake. After that, Sarah takes Alison to the tree house and she hides the hammer and takes off her bloody clothes. She puts them into a backpack and hides it in the floor boards of the tree house. Sarah tells Alison that if she tells anyone what happened that she will get in big trouble to because she helped her do it. Jessica calls them inside for supper. When they all sat down, Jessica could tell that there was something wrong with Alison, she sat there very quietly, and she had a sad look on her face. After they were done eating Jessica asked Alison what was wrong and if Sarah did something to her or if she did anything bad.

Alison signed to her mom, "Nothing is wrong. I'm just fine." Jessica said that if she did anything that she could tell her. Jessica knew that there was something wrong. She was very confused and frustrated, so she went to the liquor store to get some wine she took it home. When she started to drink it it brought back bad memories. She dumped it out in the sink.

The next morning Sarah went down stairs to grab the bottle of wine Jessica was going to drink. She showed it to Tyler and told him that Jessica drank some of it.. This started a really big fight between Tyler and Jessica. Jessica told Tyler that she was going to drink it, but she didn't because of all the bad memories it brought back to her. She told Tyler that she was going to take Joel and Alison with her because she was leaving for the weekend to get away from what had been going on in their house. Tyler wasn't going to let that happen. They just left it at that and went on with their day.

That night Tyler told Sarah to go make her mom something nice and to tell her that she was sorry. Sarah went up and gave her some flowers. Jessica freaked out because those flowers were same ones that signified her unborn baby. Sarah knew that and knew how much those flowers meant to that family. So Jessica grabbed her arm and took her up to her room. When everyone was sleeping, Sarah went down to Tyler's work shop and put her arm in a vice to make it look like Jessica broke her arm. After she did that she went back up stairs and laid in her bed. She started crying for her dad. He heard her and went straight to her room. He walked in and asked her what was wrong. Sarah said that when Jessica grabbed her arm she broke it. Tyler took her to the hospital to get a cast. When they got back home, Tyler confronted Jessica about breaking her arm. Jessica told Tyler that she didn't even grab her arm that hard. Tyler thought that Jessica needed to go and get help so they take her to the hospital. When they got there Sarah was very happy. Alison and Joel were very mad because they knew Sarah was just trying to get their mom in big trouble.

When they got back home Alison went into her brother's room and told him that Sarah killed the lady from the orphanage, and put all of the evidence in the tree house. When Alison and Joel went to the tree house Joel told Alison to wait outside. While he went up there to get it. Sarah over heard them talking. When Joel got to the top of the tree house he looked in the floor board and saw that nothing was there. In the mean time, Sarah appears and pushes Alison on the ground, she climbed up to the tree house and locked it. She took gasoline and spread it on the tree house. Then she took matches and lit it on fire. Alison got off the ground and saw Sarah poring gasoline on the tree house, by the time she ran over to push Sarah it was to late. Sarah already lit the tree house on fire. Joel sees that his tree house is on fire, so he tries to get out; but the only way for him to get out is by climbing on top of the tree house and jumping off the trees on the snowy ground. Inside the house, Tyler saw that the tree house has on fire, so he ran outside and saw Joel laying on the ground not moving. Before Tyler came outside, Sarah was going to take a rock and throw it at Joel's head. However, Alison pushes Sarah making her fall. Joel couldn't see that Sarah was going to it him with the rock because he was already knocked out from the fall. Tyler runs with Joel in his arms to the car to take him to the hospital.

They are all waiting in the waiting room to see if Joel is going to be okay. Sarah asked if she could go to the pop machine to get a pop, but instead she went to Joel's room and tried to suffocate him by pushing a pillow to his face. Alison knew what Sarah was going to do, so she asked if she could go get a pop with Sarah. By that time Joel's room light starts making a beeping noise which means his heart has stopped. All of the doctors ran to his room to try to get him to breathe again. The doctors got him to breath again. After it got late, Tyler decided to take Alison and Sarah home, and they would come back first thing tomorrow morning. When they got home Tyler, told Alison and Sarah to get ready for bed. Sarah went into Alison's room and told her goodnight.

Jessica was still in the hospital when she got a phone call from the orphanage.

They said that they found information about Sarah. Sarah is eighteen years old that has been acting like she was nine years old and the worst part is she ran away form a mental institution. She also killed her parent's and she has been killing families after families. When Jessica got off the phone she hurried and got dressed and took her car to her house.

Back at the house, Tyler went to go tuck Sarah in bed. When he got to her room she wasn't in there. Sarah went up stairs and saw Tyler looking at the pictures that her on her wall. She went up behind him and tried killing him. He pushed her off of him and she took the knife that she had in her hand and stabbed him in the heart. Alison knew that there was something wrong. She gets very scared and tries to go find her dad. She found him lying on the floor dead. Jessica crashed her car into the house because the roads were icy and she tried to stop, but she couldn't. She got out of the car and saw her husband lying on the floor dead. She tried to go find Alison. She saw Sarah, and Sarah shot a gun which missed her. Jessica runs and kicks Sarah, knocking her out. Jessica went and found Alison in the living room. They both ran to the lake. Sarah chased them and shot the gun again. It hit Jessica in the arm, she fell on the ice and Sarah runs and falls in a hole on the river. She freezes to death. Alison ran to get her mom, and the cops were already there because the neighbors heard the gun shots. The cops took them to see Joel, and he is doing a lot better.

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