Gratitude for the Winter Sun

by Vicki Hayward

To experience sunshine during the month of December is truly a gratifying experience.

Having just returned to Spain from a month in the UK, I have returned to blissful sunshine on a winter's day.

Sometimes in life we all become complacent and forget to appreciate the things we have in our lives.

Today I am writing to celebrate my life, to say thank you for the truly amazing life I lead.

I am sitting on a beach with the hot sun beaming down on my skin.

I am surrounded by several different nationalities enjoying this very glorious day.

To the left of me are a group of Spanish people and to the right of me a Swedish couple.

All are sunbathing in swimwear; I have just witnessed the bronzed Swedish lady stroll down to the waters edge and immerse her body fully into the turquoise rippling waters.

The sea is so inviting with dazzling sun beams shimmering on the tranquil turquoise surface, comparable only to a magnificent sparkling diamond.

The beach holds only about 20 people today, we are the lucky few all lined up along the beach wall.

The sounds of the beach are so therapeutic and calming.

It is a much more gratifying experience to witness these majestic sounds on a winter's day, rather than during a very busy summer's day.

The consistent sound of the waves hitting the shore, the very quiet conversations in other languages-to which I have no idea what they speak about. I hear the rustling of the Swedish ladies carrier bag as she removes a sandwich for her lunch, and the playful sound of a child playing near the waters edge with an elderly gentleman who could possibly be her grandfather.

There is a man on the rocks fishing and another man casually strolling across the tops of the worn sandy rocks.

Today I am truly grateful for my wonderful life, to be able to sit peacefully in a deck chair on the golden sand and write about my day is an amazing experience.

Today I am grateful for my senses, the ability to see such beauty and hear the soothing sound of the waves, to feel the soft sand between my toes.

Not a single cloud in the clear blue sky and only a gentle whispering breeze, this truly is a memorable winters day.

As I glance at my watch I realise it has only taken me twenty minutes to appreciate the beauty of this day, I hope that this short story will inspire you all to be grateful for the small marvels in your own day.

As I am drawing to an end in my writing for today, I hear the sound of the Swedish gentleman snoring and I think to myself what a fantastic idea, a siesta on the beach during the month of December.

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