Journey Home

by LadyMinx

Weary and fed up, Sasha almost crawled onto the train home from work that day. To add to her inner frustration she discovered that there were no free seats for her to throw herself into. Blank and bored faces stared straight through her as she searched the crowded carriage. Finally giving up she grabbed hold of a handrail and slumped against it in defeat.

What a horrendous day it had been and to top it off, a disciplinary from her boss. All she longed for now was to get home and close the front door behind her. A large glass of chilled white wine and a long hot soak in the bath were the order of the day.

As she began to sink into her reverie she became aware of a presence, or rather a feeling that she was being watched. As she slowly raised her eyes from where they'd been firmly rooted to the dirty floor of the train, she scanned the compartment once again. Just the usual throng of commuters; the "suits" that travelled daily to and from the city. She returned to starring glumly at the floor. Again she felt eyes resting on her. Starting to feel self conscious, she fiddled with the hem on her jacket. She wished she had thought to grab her MP3 player from her desk drawer at work. Anything to distract her from feeling paranoid.

"This is ridiculous!" she scolded herself and again forced her eyes upwards. Gazing directly back at her was a man with the darkest brooding eyes she had ever seen. The way in which he openly appraised her made her flush and glance away sharply. For the craziest moment she had thought...

"Oh Sasha! Don't be so stupid!" said Practical-Sensible's voice in her head. " There's no way on God's earth he would be looking at me..." But as she gave a sideways glance at the man again, sure enough, he was steadily looking straight back at her and to her suprise he grinned a lazy smile at her.

A feeling rippled through her stomach and despite herself she flushed again, this time in pleasure. This time she maintained eye contact with the man, returning the smile coyly.

Practical-Sensible spoke up again " What on earth do you think you're doing? You don't even know him!" But Sasha quelled the voice as something else took over. The way he continued to look at her brought about a whole new set of feelings. It was as if just by looking at her he was drinking her in, contemplating her. Steadily she met his eyes once more and she felt a jolt of sheer lust as he ran his tongue over his bottom lip. Images flashed through her mind and despite the fact he was a total stranger to her, she imagined his tongue exploring her most intimate parts. She began to feel an intense heat creeping over her, the crowded train carriage seemed to close in on her and then something else....

She could feel how wet and turned on she'd become. Practical-Sensible's voice had long been drowned out. Starring right back at him, she too licked her lips and toyed with the top button of her blouse. It was a challenge for her not to gasp out loud and draw attention to herself from the other passengers. The sexual tension hung heavily in the air, neither of them took their eyes away from the others. By now Sasha could feel her moistness drenching through her lacy knickers and between her thighs, she was desperate to quench the intense craving for release.

Instinctively her hand began to wander down discreetly, her lips parted, almost panting. Her actions seemed to ignite something in his eyes as his gaze become more intent. She fantasized that his hand was rubbing his cock through his trousers. The thrill of taking such risks in a public place overwhelmed her. Gone were the thoughts of how her arrogant young boss had belittled her that day; feelings of empowerment replacing them.

Suddenly the train jolted to a standstill. Startled, she realised they had arrived at the station and hurriedly she snapped out of her erotic moment as people began pushing and shoving their way out and onto the platform, eager to get home. In an almost blind panic her eyes flew round trying to maintain contact with the mysterious man. Her heart plummeted as she realised he had disappeared from her view. People were milling around her, impatiently glaring at her as she blocked the exit. Pulling herself hastily together she got off the train, her legs like jelly as she set foot on the platform.

It took her a few moments and several gulps of cool evening air before she finally got a grip of herself. Shaking her head she almost laughed out loud at her stupidity. "Great, now I'm all fired up and... well..." Slowly in a daze she picked her way through the busy station. She felt hot and sticky despite the chilly evening that was settling in and her cheeks burnt with the shame she felt at her naivety, of her abandonment.

Just as she walked past the door to the toilets, a hand reached out and forcibly grabbed her arm, pulling her inside. Just as she was about to scream a hand clamped over her mouth, stifling her alarm and her body was swiftly ushered into one of the cubicles. It was only then that she was able to twist her body round to discover who her assailant was...

Those dark brooding eyes met her own, followed by hungry lips, his tongue probing deep inside her mouth. At first, she was so shocked she froze, unable to fight him off or make a cry for help. Then his hands began to move roughly over her body, firmly kneading her breasts, his fingers sliding into her blouse and under her bra to discover already hard nipples beneath. A deep moan escaped her lips, almost unrecognisable to her. His mouth once again moved over hers to steal it, his eyes flashing with pure unadulterated lust.

She was already soaking wet and despite the risk and potential danger she could be in, she felt alive, her entire body pulsing with desire. His mouth travelled to her neck, teeth on her skin sending sharp sensations through her and she threw her head back as he moved lower still, tearing at her blouse to release her breasts taking a nipple between his teeth.

Again she felt tremors coursing through her. By now all fear had subsided, taken over instead by animal lust and need. Her hands moved swiftly over him, feeling the hardness of his cock in his trousers, applying pressure as she felt the length of him through the material.

Looking up at her he shook his head and pushed her hand away with authority. With that he yanked up her skirt, pulling her knickers to one side so forceably that she fell backwards against the wall of the cubicle, not caring if anyone heard the commotion.

His fingers traced over her pussy lips sending wave after wave of pleasure that verged on pain she was that turned on. Without warning he sank to his knees, pushing her legs apart. With one last glance up at her he buried his head between her thighs, his tongue probing at her clit. She felt like she would explode as his tongue slid deliberately inside her hot wet slit, moving deeper until she could hardly control the urge to cum. Her pussy seemed to clamp round his tongue, her fingers gripping his hair, pushing her pussy right onto his face.

Aware that she was close to cumming he moved away from her briefly and stood. Mouth glistening with her juices he grabbed her face and kissed her hard. She could taste herself on his tongue, on his lips; so sweet that she couldn't help but moan out loud once more. Her eyes pleaded with him to give her what she so desperately desired. The same wolf-like grin returned, playing over his lips. Before she knew it he had spun her round to face away from him, pushing her against the wall. The tiles were cold against her breasts sending yet more new sensations through her.

"Please..." she moaned softly as she felt him close behind her, his mouth breathed in her ear, "Please what?..." His hands grabbed her hips, his nails digging into her flesh, his breath sending shivers down her spine. She could hardly bare another moment of such delicious torture.

She felt the heat of his hard cock pressing onto her skin and she began to rub herself against him. feeling that he too was already wet with anticipation.

She heard him let out a low groan as he guided the tip of his throbbing member forward to her most sensitive and intimate spot. She jutted her arse out, spreading her legs wide, enticing him. "Fuck me...." she breathed out heavily and with that he slid his achingly hard manhood firmly inside her, her hungry pussy devouring it's length.

Biting her fist hard so she would not scream in pleasure, she began to rock her hips back and forth building up such intense friction. He filled her up entirely, stretching her wide open in a way she had never before experienced. He began to thrust himself deeper into her, the tip of his cock massaging her G-Spot, whilst his hand reached round to rub her solid clit.

By now she knew she could no longer resist the avalanche of ecstasy as he fucked her faster, picking up the pace dramatically as he grabbed her hair and pulled her head back towards him so he could kiss her fiercely once more.

With that she dissolved into a deeply intense orgasm, her pussy gripping his cock so tightly as she reached a dizzying climax that tore right through her. This prompted a deep throaty growl from him as he slammed into her hard, his balls slapping against her arse. His grip on her hips tightening as with one last thrust he filled her swollen pussy with jets of his hot wet cum.

Panting and breathing heavily they remained that way, their bodies damp with sweat and passion. He brushed her hair out of the way and softly kissed the nape of her neck, tongue lingering against her skin.

"About that warning this morning Sasha...I won't be putting it on your permanent record ok?..." he murmured into her hair. A slow smile crept across her lips.....

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