Mermaid Mine

by Osin

While sailing in the South Pacific, I was trying to sleep but it was too hot below decks and went topside aboard my boat, The Mermaid Angel to catch a breath of fresh air. It was a mild night and a milder sea.

I could smell Jasmine and other tropical flower scents being carried to me by soft breezes. Their smell was intoxicating. I began feeling lightheaded as their fragrance swirled up my nostrils and around my brain.

The sea is my home but the smell of these island flowers began to make me think of the beautiful islands that rose from their volcanic origins to decorate the sea, like a beauty spot on a woman's face.

I thought of the long white beaches, massaged by turquoise and white waves and the tall palms moving in the wind, bending and swaying like a women dancing. A woman dancing-- I had been at sea too long! I needed the soft warm body and touch of a woman to ease my restlessness.

It was moon bright and as clear a night as ever I had seen. Millions of bright, dazzling stars, shined down, reflecting like tiny diamonds on the water. The moon was so large it seemed out of proportion to everything else, reflecting golden, mosaic designs across ocean. It was truly a magical night!

Then I heard it. A sound I had never heard before. It was musical but more than just mere music. It had a sad, wailing quality to it. It was a lonely sound, a beckoning sound, human, but not human.

It seemed to be calling me, just me, like it knew who I was and was demanding my presence. I had not had any drink or smoke that night and was completely sober. I began to wonder if the three months I had been at sea was beginning to take its toll.

No, there it was again. It became louder, closer, piercing my ears and brain like sharp pins. I began to think of the siren's call that had brought many a ship to their rocks and then a watery grave, in all the sea legends.

Nonsense, they were just old sea tales. Stories meant to entertain sailors during their long lonely days and nights at sea. If there were mermaids, why hadn't one had ever been caught, or photographed over the years. No skeletal or other remains ever produced.

But what was this sound? What was calling me? I started scanning the sea, from boat to horizon in the direction of the musical chant, with my binoculars. Nothing, nothing... wait, what was that? It was a small atoll, only slightly bigger than my boat. Then I noticed something or someone sitting on the rocks on the atoll.

A silhouette, a woman's silhouette, framed against the stars and moon bright sky. I steered my boat toward her to get a better look. I was now, not more than one hundred yards away. I began to make out the outline. The musical chanting continued, it seemed to have some kind of grip on me.

I sailed my small boat to within fifty yards of the atoll. I was afraid to sail any closer, fearful I might scrape a rocky bottom and sink. I could see her much better now in the moonlight. Her hair was soft and long and wavy, the color of kelp. Her skin was pale, almost ghost-like in quality. Her legs....she had no legs, only a green, scaly fish tale, shimmering in the night!

This can't be! A mermaid, impossible! Yet there she was, right before my eyes. She was singing to me, looking right at me! My god was she was beautiful!

Not so much by human standards. Her beauty was unearthly. Her skin was a pale, with a slight green hew to it. Her eyes were as two glowing emerald whirlpools. They seem to possess the wisdom of the ages.

Her lips were full, like that of a butter-mouth perch, smiling or rather grinning mockingly at me, baring sharp, white teeth. Her bare breasts were small and pointed, tipped with salmon-colored, erect nipples.

I followed her stomach to her hips, and there between her scaly tail and her pelvis, was a woman's cunt, light green with red, glistening, folds of labia. She was magnificent!

I called out to her, "Ahoy there, who are you and what do you want of me?"

She stopped singing, parted her lips and held out her soft, pale, willowy arms in my direction. She spoke no words, but her meaning was clear.

Casting caution to the wind, I lowered my dinghy and rowed ashore to her. As I approached, I could smell the sea about her. She looked upon me, never looking away. Her gaze held me captive and drew me to her, just as her song had drawn me to her from afar.

Her arms wrapped around me like octopus tentacles, drawing me close, pulling me to her lips. Her lips were cool, but soft. Her tongue wet, warm and salty entered my mouth. It was much longer than a normal tongue and started to gag me, but she then pulled it back a little.

I could feel the air from her gills on both sides of her neck on my palms as my hands cupped her face. I began to feel dizzy as I looked into the twin whirlpools of her eyes and had to close my own eyes to keep my bearings.

I was completely under her spell. I felt her small breasts push up against my chest. She was much stronger than I was and she literally ripped the clothes from my body with her long claw-like fingers.

I started to feel fear. She could tear me apart with those strong arms and claws. I knew now that I was completely at her mercy and awaited my fate.

She suddenly became quite gentle. She caressed my body with her cool, webbed fingers. She explored every inch of me.

After fondling my cock to hardness, she looked deep in my eyes, the whirlpools stopped spinning, and her smile softened as she lay back and pulled me on top of her.

My cock reached her cunt and slipped in easily. It was the only warm part of her body except for her tongue. It felt wonderful! Not like the cunt of a woman, it seemed to have more internal layers to it and was much stronger.

I could feel it milking me as her vaginal muscles caressed my cock like tiny suction cups, squeezing, sucking, and drawing sperm from my testicles.

I could feel my own orgasm approaching. She was completely in command, using me like some helpless slave for her insemination and pleasure.

Then it was over, and with my seed deep inside her, pushed me away and quickly dove into the water and was gone. I sat there in shock for a few minutes and after regaining my strength and wits, then climbed into my dinghy and rowed naked, with a few shreds of clothing hanging from me, back to my boat.

I climbed on board. As I looked at my body, I could see a green, slimy liquid, wherever she had come in contact with my skin. It smelled very erotic. Like a mixture of sperm, ocean water and mermaid quim all in one.

I climbed into my bunk without washing and fell fast asleep for several hours. When I awoke, I noticed the slime on my body had dried and crystallized, and as I brushed it off I could see fish scales fall to the deck like snowflakes. I looked over at the atoll but it was deserted.

I have thought about her many times but I have never heard or seen her since that night. Sometimes I wake up hearing her song, but realize I have only dreamed it. I have often wondered why she wanted my seed and what it may conceive?

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