Random Acts of Kindness

by Tim Cllyer

One day, I was extremely bored. I was laying on my couch watching television when my gang called me. I picked my phone up. It was Jimmy. "What is up home dog?" He said. I replied, "Nothing much just chilling." "Cool, you going to meet us at our hangout today to do some beat boxing?" He asked. "Yeah." I answered. "Cool, see you later man" he quickly added. "Bye." I said. Then I hung up.

I was psyched! We hadn't beat boxed in like 3 months! Everyone in my gang knew I was clearly the best beat boxer. I was so happy! I sat down on my couch and started practicing. Then, I got up and started to walk down my stairs.

On my down the stairs, I decided to take out my Ipod. I went to music quiz. A familiar tune started playing. I guessed scars and I was right. Then I decided to listen to some music. As I was walking down the stairs listening to my Ipod, I decided to drum along on my stomach to practice my rhythm skills.

As I was walking down the stairs I saw my brother but I was too late. I had tripped over him. I fell hard on the ground. My whole entire body ached. I yelled in agony. I thought about screaming at him. I decided not to.

The next thing I knew, I was in an ambulance. I was uncomfortably strapped to a cot. I struggled to get out. "No use, you're strapped tight!" The driver joked. I groaned. The ambulance came to a gentile stop and the ambulance driver unloaded me out of the giant flashing van.

They rolled me down to a room. Then, they unstrapped me and put me in a hospital bed. In about five minutes, the doctor came in. "Got some bad news for you Timothy, you seem to have lost your sense of rhythm, along with your dignity." "No!" I cried. "Well, there is nothing we can do here." He said. " Except for one thing." He continued "I could sign you up for conga lessons to regain your rhythm" "Okay!" I replied, happy that there was a cure. They released me from the hospital the next day.

It was Wednesday, a week away from my accident and I was on my way to my private conga lessons. " I can't wait!" I blurted. We arrived at Rick's music world. I met my teacher. We went into the learning room and started the lesson. I caught on quickly.

Years passed and believe it or not, things got better. I became the worlds greatest conga player. I also got a scholarship to the Boston school of Music. I became rich and donated extremely large amounts of money to the loss of rhythm foundation. I was living the life.

A couple months later, I found a UPS box onmy door step. I opened it. In the box there were two awards. One for being the best conga player in the worls. The other was strange. On the plaque it said random act of kindness award presented to Tim Collyer. I was dumbfounded. Then I remembered when I didn't yell at my little brother for me tripping over him. I then realized that kindness can always be the best choice.

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