The End of the World

by H. C. Chipangura

The end of the world had come. Not hellfire and brimstone for some and a pearly stairway to heaven for others.

The world simply ceased to exist as it was known. All knowledge disapeared. Everyone was as a babe and no harm came to anyone for it.

The population did not become suddenly ignorant. No. It was gradual but fairly swift. Some lost it all, practically at once. While others still had a grain of some knowledge. Whilst others still had the complete vovabulary they had before the world ended. But this vocabulary was completely useles. Phrase's, jargon, terminilogy all clearly ringing in some minds but curiously useless. it required that you kept up conversation with similar minds, which had become next to impossible. So even that was damned to fade.

In this new world of "ignorance" did chaos, anarchy and mindless destruction go on? Did everyone die out because of an inability to sustain thir physical selves? No. Everyone was as a babe and no harm came to anyone for it.

No one was able to turn their mind to "good" or "bad". As flowers growing out in the open there was no need to think of their safety, protection and sustinance.

In a similar situation as millions others was one. Where? They did not know. Who? They did not know. Why? They could have never even begun to imagine.

Like all else no identity, worries, happiness or sadness. Just being.

This one never thought if they were male or femle, as everyone else they could never begin to imagine. They just were. Whether within or without, in a hole in the ground or on a mountain top.

This one - "One" - had words in their mind. The words were clear and articulate in the mind. This is where they began and stayed. "One" was thus for a time. Maybe a long time, maybe a short time. "One" knew nor cared not.

It came to pass that "One" noticed something. How long "One", as others, saw this thing is not known. Not to "One". This thing "One" could see but could not comprehend. It was a thing but other things.

It came to pass, it seems "naturally", that "One" knew the things that were other things with the thing. They were letters and gradually letters showed themselves to be words. In time "One" attempted to read the words. When they were read they changed. Whether one read correclty or not is not known, the words just changed. "One" read on.

Eventually "One" noticed a being with a tiny head, sitting with arms and legs crossed next to the words. "One" read on.

In time "One" saw the being had long brown hair, brown skin but of a shade lighter than the hair, two peices of clothing covering parts of the being. "One" read on.

As time went by "One" saw the being had hands and feet. And there was a simple large bluish white cup next to the being. "One" read on.

Whilst "One" was reading the being reached out and poured the cup over its head and its head grew larger. Then put down the cup again. "One" read on.

The words continued. Some were hard some were easy. They came and went. "One" read on.

"One" seemed to suddenly recall the existence of others. "One" read on.

"One" remembered or knew other things. Only a drop in an ocean of knowledge. "One" read on.

"One" began to get inklings of ideas and one came to realise that the something with the being, the cup and the words on it was a square. The thing began to have more meaning for one. Then the thing stopped. The being was still there. The cup was gone. The words could not be read. "One" thought.

"One" knew of others and decided others must have screens. "One" somehow managed to get to others screens. "One" could not have explained how. "One" only knew that they thirsted for more words.

"Others" did indeed have their own screens and none bared him from their screen. Whether they comprehended "One" or not "One" knew nor cared not. "One" met many others who seeked other screens but did not think to consider them.

"One" came to the eventual knowledge that as many screens as one saw and read it had had no meaning to "One". "One" went back to where "One" had began, somehow.

"One" thought.

Eventually "One's" screen had words and a cup again. "One" read on.

As "One" read on "One" thought of others and their screens. "One" thought there must be others who have a marked significance to "One" though they must be just like any of the others. "One" thought and read on.

"One's" words on "One's " screen slowed when "One's" ideas became too clear. "One" read on. The thoughts though now firmly entrenched in "One's" mind would politely move to the back ground. "One" read on.

Slowly but surely. "One" read on. "One" thought.

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