Indulgence of Youth

by Louisa Watts

How is it that for someone who actually has it all together is the one person who doesn't? At the age of 12 she found her first love, indulging in the beauties of youth. It was all so new to her, but a newness that was soon overcome. Her man was three years older, decadently blonde, had those two small lines on either side of the mouth when he smiled and faded away freckles on his nose. The two of them went through all the stages relationships go through, including the fights. She blew him off on a few occasions, suspecting that they weren't mean to be together, but every time she ran back to him without a second thought. Two years had passed and things heated up quite a bit. They were no longer shy of one another and lips and tongues locked together more than they'd hoped for. She felt feelings she'd never even new existed giving her the experiences of a woman. They never went too far; knowing their limits at such an age. During her ninth year at school the rage of teenage hormones kicked in and she found herself looking at other boys. Without a clear mind she ended it once and for all hoping she'd never regret the decision she just made.

Her next few months were rebellious and depressing, leading her down into a spiral of hatred. She turned to her stupidity and clouded thoughts for advice on how to live. There were times of happiness, but they were always forgotten. Thankfully year ten came and she decided that being single and doing what was right was actually the better option. Just when everything seemed to be going well, her best friend moved to the farthest place possible" England. The land of rain and poms had stolen away a friend. Such a dreadful place. News of her friend worried her as she heard of her friend's new boyfriend. Apparantly his manhood was big, which was no information she wanted to hear, but somehow her friend found it necessary to tell her. For this, she hated him and what he was doing to her beloved friend. Little did she know that later that year, that same boy would become the next three and a half years of her life.

It began when she got her first job at McDonald's; the beloved fast food restaurant of western society. She was becoming such an independent woman. Single and working. What more could a fourteen-year-old girl want? After a few months of working in the McCafe, she found out her friend was having problems with the boy with a big hoohoo. For some reason the boy turned to her for advice about what to do about her friend. But they soon split after she ran off with his best friend. She and the boy started talking and after a year of internet dating, two months of being together and then another year of dating and yet another seven months of being together and then a few months of internet dating again they find themselves here today, in November 2009. They love one another, but they are fighting. The girl doesn't know whether they should be together and the boy hates himself for it. Everything seemed so good until today. Hopefully it's just those hormones again. God I pray.

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