The Network

by diablo hate

"now that all are one"


Can there ever be a day when nothing goes wrong. Can there be a time when all are one. As I gaze upon the world and everything that use to be. I find myself getting weary of this false reality that we live in, but the kick in the face is no one will believe it. I guess in a way my silence will make it most entertaining for HIM! The end of our world and no one is aware of it. The man closed his journal.

(3 days later)

HEY! loser we're going to catch you and when we do. The loser kid ran around the corner,GET HIM! The loser boy ran into a parking lot where he was hit by a car. The three teens stopped then ran the other way. A girl got out of the car. "O MY GOD...Allen, are you OK?" Allen looked up at her and said, "Britney, I am not OK, I hate my existence, I wish to not be part of this world anymore!" Britney touched Allens face and said, "everyone has a purpose in this world" Allen closed his eyes and walked away. Britney got in her car and drove up to Allen and said, "do you want a ride home?, I mean I live right next to you." (Allen got in).

(That night)

Allen was having the same dream. The dream was a dream of dominance. (A dream about a shadow figure that keeps getting closer each night, but tonight they are face to face) Allen starts shaking violently, his body begins to turn black. The silence comes next. (Nothing to be heard, not a sound) Allen awakes, his house explodes and chunks of wood fly throughout the neighborhood. Britney woke up to a 4 foot chunk of wood rammed in her. "I"M GOING TO DIE, BUT I DON'T WANT TO DIE, MOMMY HELP ME!" Allen ascended from the rubble. "I AM THE END OF THIS FALSE WORLD, it is time to wake up!" Allen opened his eyes and a half of a mile of the neighborhood was gone. (Allen looked to the city in the distance then disappeared)

( 3 days later)

A female body falls from the sky hitting a car. The driver freaks out and swerves into oncoming traffic. "12 car pile up on outer-sector 2-92 west bound!, 25 car pile up on outer-sector 1-86 north bound!) WARNING! INTER- SECTOR BREACH! "SIR".what is it? "The outer sector sir!" What about it? "'s gone!" WHAT?

Allen walked down the street and everything behind him started to disappear. Allen stopped and looked up to see a fighter jet coming at him. Two rockets were launched. Allen was engulfed by fire. "Confirm target is down." (The fighter ran a scan of the area) "TARGET DESTROYED". The fighter started to head to base when he heard a whisper behind him. "Hello john, I must thank you for the ride." johns eyes glazed over and he said, "you are welcome Allen Morre." The jet returned to base, landed, turned into a huge robot and went on a blood thirsty onslaught.

Allen walked to the front of the central base. Two guards popped out of the door and opened fire on Allen. (Allen smiled) then took his pointer and middle fingers, rammed them in one of the guards eye sockets, hooked his fingers, kicked the guard in the chest and ripped off his face. Allen then took the bloody face, rubbed it on the other guards face, grabbed him by the shoulder, turned him around, rammed his hand in his back, then ripped out his spine and started to beat him with it. Allen stopped then started to walk again, Allen made his way to the 47th floor. "Sir...all 67 guards are dead." WHAT?

The door starts to crack then explodes into pieces. Allen stands in the door way. "I have come here to set you free from this false world father, the end is almost complete!" "Son, I am afraid I can not allow you to do that." (Allens father pushes a button on his desk) "I just wish it didn't happen to you!" A huge figure appeared in front of Allen and grabbed his head, crushed in, then ripped it off. The figure started to shake violently and then turned black. (so black that you could see him even in the darkness of night) The figure walked up to Allens father and said, "did you really think you could win, I must thank you for the new body." Allen grabbed his fathers arms, ripped them off then beat him to death.

"No this can't be the end, I must have more pleasure, I must have more blood to fill my hunger, The end can wait!" Allen sat in his fathers chair and took a deep breath in and the inter and outer sectors were restored. Allen breathed out, smiled and said, "No they must all wake up one at a time, indeed let it begin!"

A girl walks into her apartment and the lights turn off. The girl then saw a dark figure standing in the corner of her room, the figure started to walk to her, but she couldn't move. As the figure got closer it said, "there is no reason to run!" (The door slams shut). The police were called for domestic violence. They entered the room to see a bloody mess. (The girl was ripped apart with her bloody limbs scattered across the room) One of the officers came to a bloody wall, "hey guys, come look at this." The word M.F.O.A.M was written with the girls blood.




The man woke from bed, he was thirsty, he walked down stairs, went to the sink, drink some water, turned around and the lights started to flicker. (As the lights flickered the man saw a blur) The lights stopped flickering, then the man walked up stairs to his room, laid in bed,and claps his hands. The man was then thrown out of bed, and slung across the room several times. (like a rag doll) The man laid on the floor with several broken bones. The lights turned on and there was a little kid in the room. "Mister, are you ok?" The man looked at the boy and said, "kid get out of here before it gets you." (The kid smiles and walks over to the light switch)

(2 days later)

A couple moved into a house they just bought. They moved in all their stuff and went to their room to lay down. The man looks over at his girlfriend and says, "Britney, do you like it here?" Britney looked at him then said, "Tim, we finally did it." Britney got on top of Tim and started to kiss him.

(30 mins. later).

It was starting to turn to dusk, the shadows creep inward to the house. (A boy is seen in the distance) "Britney, does it seem like it is getting darker earlier than it should"? Britney kissed Tim on the cheek and said, "go to sleep lover." (Tim closed his eyes) He woke up to the screams of Britney, he got out of bed, saw blood all over the walls, runs down stairs then saw a chewed bloody arm. Tim ran back up stairs, grabbed his 12 gauge, and turned around to see a huge demon like creature at the end of the hall. The creature threw Britneys bloody torso at him, Tim caught her, but her dead weight made him fall to the ground.

Tim pushed Britneys torso off him, but as soon as he did the creature rammed its fingers into Tims eyes, he started to shoot blind until the kick back dislocated his shoulder. The creature grabbed the gun and pulled it so hard it ripped off Tims trigger finger. Tim felt the creatures hand on his chest, he opened his mouth and bit down on the creatures lower arm. (Its scream was like the scream of a child) The creatures eyes turned to a bright red and started to rip Tim apart limb by limb. (The creature walked over to a wall) The police were called for reports of gun fire. They walked into the house and said, "no...this can't be." The officers looked at each other and then back at the wall that had the word N.I.D on it. "We have 2 psycho killers in the same city." One cop then said, "hopefully they will meet and kill each other." (Both cops smiled and walked inside)

The door slammed behind them, the lights started to flicker and both officers heard something walking down the stairs. The officers rose their guns to the figure and said, "freeze!" (The figure stopped and the lights quit flickering) A boy came running down the stairs and said, officer, officer the bad man is up there. The officers ran up stairs and broke into every room. (They stood in the hall way confused) The boy walked up the stairs and into the hall way. "Where is he kid?" The boy looked at the officers and his eyes turned bright red. The lights in the hall way started to flicker and the boy turned to a huge demon creature. The officers opened fire on the creature. The lights started to flicker faster and faster till they blew.

The blown light bulbs started to piece back together, then turned on. The boy turned around and his eyes opened wide. He rose from one of the officers ripped open chest, started to walk down the hallway, then stopped, looked up at the solid black figure with a bright yellow and black smiley face mask on. The lights began to flicker and the boy started to turn to the creature. The smiley face lifted his hand, made a fist and the creature crushed into a small ball. The lights stopped flickering. The smiley face started to walk away when the lights turned off. The creature grabbed the smiley face, slammed it through the floor, started to run to the window at the end of the hall dragging it through the floor with him. The creature slung the smiley face out of the window and into the street where a car ran over it. The creature jumped out of the window and landed on the smiley face. The creature grabbed its arms and ripped them off. The smiley faces head turned around 180 degrees and stared at the creature. The creature started to stomp the smiley face into the ground. It then sunk into the ground, then appeared fully healed behind the creature and grabbed his head, but didn't do anything.

The smiley face let go of the creatures head and snapped its fingers. (The night suddenly turned to day) The boy looked up at the figure and said, "why didn't you do it?" The smiley face looked down at the boy and said, "I created you why would I kill you!" The boy looked down and said, "I must know, why did you create something as horrible as me?" The figure put its hand on the boys shoulder and said, "we all have a purpose in this world." The boy looked up at the smiley face and said, "whats your name mister?" The smiley face looked up to the sky and said, "My name is Allen Morre." The boy tapped on Allens side and said, "well, since your my creator...What is my name?" Allen laughed and said, "what do you mean, you have already named yourself." The boy looked up to the sky and said, "my name is NID!"



Guilty Hate

It was year 2062, when the great virus known as "the guilty" swept across the nations of man putting over 95% of the worlds population into a coma like state. So the nations of man decided the best way was to use a digital network and connect all the brains to it to create a new life for the ones who lost theirs. It was a success, all the brains reacted perfectly. One of the creators of the network was in a coma state, but he was connected to monitor and uphold life within the network. The man closed his journal and started to laugh, he suddenly stopped and said, "They are all fools!" (The man sat down in his chair and turned on his computer) "The end of our world and no one is aware of it."

NID finishes killing a woman, rips out her unborn baby and eats it. A object fell though the roof and landed in-front of NID. The object grew arms and legs then formed a robot like shape. NID started to turn into the beast when the robot grabbed him, rammed his fingers in his eyes then ripped off his face. NID fell to the ground and the robot stomped through his chest, into the floor then slung him though a wall and into the street. (The cars head lights turned NID back to a boy and ran him over) The robot jumped down on top of NID and started to stomp on his head. Another car came and hit them both. NID turned back to the creature, grabbed the robot by the head, crushed in, and ripped it off.

NID turned around and 6 spot lights shined on him. 3 groups of 5 robots fell from the sky, they landed and right away all jumped at NID. The robots grabbed the boy and ripped him apart. The robots started to walk away when the spot lights started to flicker. (A huge creature rose from behind the robots) NID grabbed one of them and slung it into the others. The rest of them ran to NID, jumped in the air to turn into one massive robot. NID looked up at the 2 story high robot then took off running down the street. The robot started to run after NID. (Each step the robot took shook the ground) NID and the robot soon made their way to the busy outer-sector freeway. As the robot got closer the cars started to lose control and swerve into NID. The robot got close enough to smack NID off the freeway. NID fell 200 feet down to the lower outer-sector.

The robot jumped off and landed on top of NID. The robot started punching NID deeper and deeper into the ground until there was nothing left but a puddle of blood. The robot touched his chest and broke back into the ten robots. One of the robots said, "target destroyed." The robots all started to lift into the air and shake violently. They were all crushed into small balls and exploded. A man walks over to the puddle of blood and saw a human child starting to form. The man lifted his hand towards the puddle and the child rose from the empty hole. NID looked at the man and said, "who are you?" The man smiled and said, "Hello, son!" NID ran to the man, hugged him and exploded destroying 2 miles of outer-sector west. The man walked from the flames dragging NID behind him.

The man walked up to an empty house and threw NID through the front door. The man walked in and heard a laugh. (The man was careless by throwing NID in alone) The huge creature ran toward the man. NIDs eyes turned red and he rammed his claws into the mans chest then ripped out his heart. The heart started to turn NIDs hand gray. The man laughed and said, "who should always know your enemies before you fight them, Now let this be a lesson to you!" (A figure walks into the house) The man looked back and said, "what are you doing here? The figure walked up to the man and said, that is enough! the man looked at the figure and said, Bryan Hate, you are not the one I wanted to see here! the man stepped back and disappeared. Bryan walked over to NID and said, "there is no need to fight me, NID." The creature turned back to a boy and said, "how do you know my name...who are you?" Bryan lifted his hand and NID fell to sleep. Bryan looked up and said, "Who am I?"

It was year 2061, and the governments of man were At war once again. (We have had so many wars since we created robots to fight for us) The war first started in 2055 after the worlds natural resources depleted. A world war that lasted 6 years, until a group of researchers that called themselves "FREEDOM" created a super-virus called "the guilty" which would affect certain chemicals in the brain causing the host to fall into a permanent coma. (Me and my friend created a way to connect the hosts to a digital network) The virus had spread to the research lab and took me and my friend

I woke up in a room, a man walked up to me and told me that my brain was connected to the network and that I was needed to keep the order and peace, but to be sure not to let anything happen to anyone. I asked about my friend and they said, "he was not found...So I am the guardian of this world, I am the alpha omega, I am GOD. Bryan walked out of the house and was then slammed into the ground. Bryan rose from the ground and saw a black figure with a yellow and black smiley face mask on. Bryan looked at the smiley face and said, "who are you?" The smiley face looked at him and said, "my name is Allen Morre" and I am the end of this false reality.

Bryan lifted his hand and said, "Allen, why you have come to kill us?" Allen laughed and said, "I am the bringer of freedom!" Bryan made a fist and nothing happened. (Bryan was shocked) Allen walked up to Bryan and said, "so you have powers like me!" Bryan grabbed Allens head, twisted it around and ripped it off. Allens body grew back another head and the head Bryan was holding grew a body. The two smiley faces started to punch and kick Bryan to the ground. Bryans eyes suddenly turned white and one of the smiley faces melted to wire-frame then broke apart.

Allen stepped back, covered his eyes and said, "such power!" (Allen waved at Bryan then disappeared) Bryan looked over at the house and it exploded, Bryan walked over to NID, lifted his hand and sucked out a black spirit. Bryan looked down at the boy and said, I have taken you ability to transform and heal! Bryans eyes turned red and he turned into a monster then ripped NIDs head off and started to eat the boy piece by piece. Allen sat down in his fathers chair and said, "Bryan Hate, you dare take my creation from me!"

"The time is almost here, a time when all are one and all are trapped as one, a price for our ignorant failure as humans, a prize for the knowledge of what is to become. When you start to find yourself as the outcast for a period of time you start to see the human race as creatures trapped in by their emotions and confused by logic.I have come to free them from this hellish nightmare, I am the last member of FREEDOM, I must see my vision complete, the pieces are in place and it's my move." The man closed his journal and walked over to his computer and turned it on.




Change can only be achieved through dramatic events that changes the mind set of all mankind. That is the motto of "freedom". That is why we did what we did. My best-friend who I helped in creating a super-computer that could be used to bring us all together in a digital world. However, "The Guilty" virus was created before "the network project" was finished. We did not wait or make threats for world peace. (We simply released it and moved on) It took the virus 72 hours to spread world wide. Such was the beauty of the virus. However only 95% of the worlds population was affected, but again 5% of 15 billion people. I like the other 5% that were unaffected will continue, and start over again. (I lost my best-friend though, but that is the price that is paid) My name is of no importance, but you can call me guilty. the last member of "freedom". One thing I did not plan one was Bryan Hate finishing the super-computer project. However, since I helped him create the programming for "the network" I knew how to hack in. Guilty closed his journal, walked over to his computer and turned it on.

A couple was making love when their apartment door flung open. Allen walked in, the girl lifted in the air, her skeleton ripped out of her and blood poured all over the guy. The guy leaped out of bed and grabbed a wine bottle. The wine bottle exploded and chucks of glass went in the guys face. Allen lifted his hand and 5 robots fell through the roof and started to attack Allen. Each robot that hit Allen exploded sending chucks of metal throughout the apartment complex. Allen walked over to the guys shredded body, dipped his finger in the blood and wrote M.F.O.A.M. on the wall above.

Allen walked out of the blazing complex, and Bryan was waiting for him. Bryan looked at Allen and said, "you are becoming an error that must be fixed!" Allen looked down and said, "I will carve his name in your chest. Bryan laughed and lifted both of his hands to the sky and 20 robots landed around him. Allen looked at the robots then looked at Bryan and said, "so, it has been you all along!" Bryan looked to the sky and said, "I am the alpha omega, I am god! Allen laughed and said "not anymore." The robots all started to shake violently and turn black. They turned to Bryan and Allen waved then disappeared. The robots all jumped in the air and made 2 massive robots. Bryan looked up at the 2 robots and they melted to wire-frame and broke apart.

Bryan appeared over the city and tried to spot Allen. (Bryan spotted him at the window of a sky scrapper waving at him) Bryan started to fly to the sky scrapper when he saw Allen holding a sign that said, "LOOK BEHIND YOU!" Bryan turned around and saw a black hole starting to form in the sky. An object came out and crashed into the city destroying all of outer-sector west. Bryan appeared beside the crash site, he saw a figure form as the smoke cleared. The figure ran out of the smoke, grabbed Bryan by the throat and slammed him into the ground. Bryan looked up and saw a man in a white tux with a blue and white sad face mask on. The sad face stepped back and put out his hand. Bryan grabbed his hand and the sad face helped him up. Bryan looked at the sad face and said, "are you another virus?" The sad face shook his head and disappeared.

Allen was laying back in his fathers chair when he heard a voice. Allen sat up straight and looked at the double doors. The sad face busted in and had two Uzis and unloaded. (The sad face kept on firing like the guns had infinite ammo) The 47th floor exploded sending Allen and the sad face off opposite sides of the building. The sad face landed first then started running through all the walls of the building and caught Allen by his foot before he landed then slung him into the nearest building. The sad face lifted both hands and the building broke apart on top of Allen. The sad face suddenly lowered his hands and the building crushed in then exploded. The sad face turned around and Allen grabbed his left arm then ripped it off and beat him to the ground. Allen leaned down and said, "I know who you are Guilty, you can't fool me!) Guilty looked at Allen and said, "I overestimated you Allen Morre!" Allen stomped Guiltys face and said, "what do you mean?" Guilty got up and said, "I chose you to be the bringer of freedom, I must know why you stopped!" Allen laughed and said, "What makes you think I stopped!" Guilty slapped him and said, "you will not defy me, Allen Morre."Allen grabbed his other arm,ripped it off then said, "remember this, you may have created me but your in my world now!"

Guilty disappeared and Allen saw an apartment light turn on. Allen knocks at the door, Bryan opens the door, rams two pencils into Allens eyes and breaks them off in him. Bryan kicks Allen off the stairs and into the street where a car runs over him. Allen stands up and another car hits him and comes to a dead stop. Allen picks up the car and slings it at Bryan. The car turns to wire-frame and breaks apart before it hits him. Allen holds both broken pencils in each hand and says, "I can see you, and I must admit...That was brilliant!" Allen lifted his hand and the building exploded blowing Bryan to pieces. Allen leaned down, looked at Bryan, smiled and said, "so you just learned or you knew how to make copies of yourself!" (Allen felt a tap on his side) A boy with red eyes says, "mister, do you know where my home is?" Allen grabbed the boy by the throat, lifted him in the air and said, "is this another trick!" The boy turned into a massive creature and started to attack Allen. Guilty appeared on the creatures head and said, "do you like my new pet Allen?" Bryan appeared behind guilty and grabbed his by the shoulders and pulled him off the creature.

Bryan landed on top of Guilty and said, "who are you?" Guilty looked at him and said, "my name is Guilty." Bryan closed his eyes and said, "this can't be." (Bryan got off of Guilty) Allen walked up and said, "we need to have a talk." Allen snapped his fingers, they were in a room with a table and 3 chairs. They all sat down and Bryan looked at Guilty and said, "I thought you were dead." Guilty took off his mask and said, "Bryan, I have come to bring an end to this world, I just wish the virus didn't get you." Allen laughed and said, "Guilty is also the last member of the group "freedom." Bryan stood up and said, "Guilty is this true, did you help make "the guilty" virus." Guilty stood up and said, "yes, I did and I will complete what I started!" Bryan looks away and says, "I do not know you!" Allen stands up grabs them both and says, This is my world, but I must thank both of you for wasting most your energy Allen started sucking their energy out. (They were to weak to fight back) Guilty turned to wire-frame and was disconnected. Allen let go of Bryan and said, "I can't wake you up yet, because you still do not understand what I am doing." Bryan looked up at Allen and said, "no, it is you who doesn't understand."

"My vision is slipping away because of one little flaw in my plan, I should have saw it coming, but I was to foolish to think it out fully. I have also been disconnected from the "network", I would have never guessed it would turn out this way." Guilty laughs and closes his journal. "If I can't destroy it from inside, then I have no other choice."



The End

"In the mouth of madness, we shall stay, to take what is given, then give it away!" (Allen looks down at Bryan, then disappears) Bryan got up and looked to the sky, lifted his hands, then walked away. Meanwhile, Guilty paces back and forth, stops, snaps his fingers and says, "I got it"! Guilty sits down at his computer and turns it on. "The end of both worlds, and 2 are aware of it."

(2 days later)

(Allen walks out of a room and a figure appears at the end of the hall)

A building exploded sending bodies into the busy streets. Bryan appeared, and the building started to rebuild, he went to everybody and brought them back to life. The awaken people started to scream, Bryan waved his hand and they all stopped then walked away. Bryan looked to the sky and said, "Allen I will stop you, because it is you who doesn't understand!" (Bryan disappeared) A guy walks down the street when Allen appeared in-front of him, the guy grabbed Allen by the throat, picked him up and slammed him into the ground then said, "Allen Moore, do you even know what you are?" Allen touched the guys face and he turned to wire-frame then broke apart. Allen stood up and said, "what am I you ask?" Allen started to run down the street grabbing cars and slinging them into buildings. The people walking around started to shake and turn bright white, they all started to chase Allen while grabbing every object they could throw to slow him down. People jumped off the buildings and started to fly towards Allen, they caught up to him and tried to rip him apart, but their hands went though him as if he was made of smoke. Allen smiled and said, " I see you!"

"SIR, 2 miles of outer-sector east has been destroyed!" The general looks at the monitor and says, "Allen Morre is its name, even after the guilty virus FREEDOM still plans to"....."SIR....the civilians are fighting Allen Morre!" (The general looks back at the monitor) Allen lifts his hands and everything stops (freezes in time) he walks up to a group of the angelic white people and grabs one. The persons eyes turned from white to black. Allen looked down at his hand and it was starting to turn to wire frame. A bright white figure descended from the sky and landed in-front of Allen. (the intense light started to fade and a female figure began to form) The woman touched Allens mask and said, "who have such pain in you, why do you hold such malice?" Allen grabbed his decaying arm, ripped it off, looked at the female while the arm grew back and said, "I hold such malice because I choose to, I hold this much hatred to remind me of the true reality!" Allen walked closer to the female then said, "let me show you." (Allen touched her on the forehead) The woman smiled, looked at Allen and said, "you are just another simple creature, there is so much you fail to understand, now be gone!"

The female lifted her hand and Allen turned to wire-frame then broke apart. Bryan landed in-front of her and said, "what just happened, who are you, how did you defeat Allen?" The female looked to the sky and broke apart into a hundred butterflies. (Bryan was in shock) The west and east outer-sectors were restored.

(1 week later)

The city life is continuing like Allen never existed. Bryan sat down in Allens fathers chair and overlooks the busy city. The lights start to flicker and 10 shadow creatures appear in the room. Bryan lifted his hand and they all turned to wire-frame. Bryan leaned his head down and a car came flying through the window, he walked to the scattered window and saw a city of ruin. Bryan jumped out and landed in the street, he looked at the city and it was no longer in ruin. Bryan scratched his head then disappeared and reappeared over the city. Suddenly building after building started to explode! (screams are heard everywhere) The female appeared beside Bryan and said, "It is Allen, somehow he has come back and he is pissed off, I never imagined he held such power!" Bryan looked up at the sky and it started to turn from blue to black. Massive shadow creatures began to rain from the sky, soon the city was filled with blood thirsty monsters.

The female lifted her hands and Allen appeared behind her then ripped off both of her arms. The female turned around and Allen rammed his fingers in her eyes then ripped off her face. The female grew another face and arms then said, "Allen Morre, how much chaos you bring me, but it is time for you to understand!" The female snapped her fingers and all three of them were in a room with 3 chairs. Allen sat down and said, "let us begin!" (Bryan and the female sat down) The female looked at Allen and said, "Allen Morre, you are a virus that was created to bring life within the network to an end, and I cannot allow that, neither can Bryan Hate!" Allen looked at her and said, "before, you called me a simple creature that doesn't understand what I am doing, but it brings me great joy to tell you that I do know what I am doing!" Allen stood up, lifted his hands in the air and said, change can only be achieved through dramatic events that change the mindset of all mankind." Bryan looked down and said, "now I understand why you came here.....Guilty!"

(200,000,000 nuclear missiles are launched world wide)

Guilty stands up and walks over to his kitchen then makes a sandwich, he paces back and forth whispering to himself, he stops and walks outside to an empty city and says, " I am just another one of them as himself within the person I am and once was." Guilty goes back inside, turns off his computer, walks to his bed, lays down and says, "this is the final resting place, I like the rest of the unaffected will soon join the others to complete the rebirth of a new paradise, an event so meaningless in the universe, that it will be as if it had never been." (Guilty closed his eyes)

(Meanwhile in the network)

The female grabbed Allen, lifted him up and tried to turn him to wire-frame, but she couldn't do it. Allen smiled and said, "I have been slowly infecting you since day one, I am complete, I am the bringer of freedom. Allen looked at the female and she turned to wire-frame then broke apart into a hundred wire-frame butterflies. Allen then looked over at Bryan and said, "I know all and i always have, would you like to know what is happening on the outside!" Bryans eyes opened and he said, "how do you know about the outside world?" Allen slapped him and said, "are you really that stupid, I am the supercomputers A.I. now, but atlas when you have the knowledge of what is to come, it becomes more of a curse!" Bryan looked at him and said, "what is to come?" Allen lifted his hands and said, "the end of one failed paradise and the birth of another!" Bryan turned to wire-frame then broke apart.

"Sir, everything is starting to disappear....all of outer-sector is gone.....inter-sector starting to disappear. (the general looked outside the window to see a busy city turn to nothing but darkness) "GOD, WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?" Allen is the only one left, but he starts to turn to wire-frame. Allen starts laughing and says, "now that I know the truth...." Allen brakes apart

(outside the super-computer)

Billions of severed head awake trapped inside a glass container, forced to watch the nuclear missiles coming towards them on their every own monitor. (crying and screams are heard) The missiles hit, but since the super-computer was 2 miles underground it was unaffected. The ruined scorched earth was left completely bare. No life form survived the world wide nuclear holocaust. The earth will start over, or maybe it won't. None the less the idea of FREEDOM is complete. We have achieved unity. Now there will be no differences between mankind. Now that there is a new mindset. A mindset of constant pain, and the knowledge that we are nothing more than a mind trapped forever in a cage. The billions of trapped severed heads could still speak to each other, but that was it. No physical contact, just to forever be trapped for our sins.






My name is John, I am a severed head that is somehow still alive, I should be thankful, but I am not. (John hears a whisper) "Hello john, I would like to introduce myself to you so we are no longer strangers." Johns personal monitor turned on, then a yellow and black smiley face icon appeared.

"If there was a time, it is over, for there is nothing to be said nor be heard. Now is it worth knowing....that all there nothing at all."

Part five of five

"now that all are one"

"Unity will be achieved from the form of what we did and didn't, to become the only thing that we did want, but not in the vision that our creator had planned. We are no longer the most important creation!"

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