by Harold Palmer


By Harold E. Palmer


All the while the man was preaching, to the congregation, the church musician waited for her chance. She knew her time would come. If the man was as good has he seemed to be, as a guest speaker, sooner or later, he had to look over in the direction of the church in which she was sitting. A good preacher would scan the congregation, every now and then, she thought to herself, in order to make eye contact with the church members in service. So it was only a matter of time. All she had to do was wait, be patience and be ready.

And then it happened. The moment the woman was waiting for took place. For the man peeked...I mean the he looked in her direction. First contact was made. Understand that as his eyes met hers it was not your normal every day eye contact. As he looked at the woman in question, she took on the total view of the man with an ultimate consummation of his whole being.

Form head to toe from top to bottom, from bottom back up to top and back down and up again, the woman checked him out. The way she was looking at him it was as if she was in the process of fitting him for a new suit. Oh! Yes, the woman was sizing him up. And it had nothing to do with what he was wearing, or about him putting on a new suit, either.

In that brief second of their visual encounter it was as if the woman had touched the hem of his garment. For the man felt as if something was taken away from him. It was as if, when he had looked in the direction of the woman he sense that he had been touched. And then realized seconds later that something was missing.

Quickly before he would, come to his senses and looked away the woman, kicked it up a little more in reference in her non - verbal assault on the man. She took her advances up to another degree, by sharing with the man a smile. And it was at that moment that she saw that her smile caused the man to have a pregnant pause.

" Never underestimate the power of smile, for in the hands of a woman a smile can stop traffic."

After she did what she did to catch the man's interest, in order to emphasized her intentions even more, she bit down on her lower lip, while batting her eyes, revealing a gazed wide-eyed look of interest.

Then she flicked her tongue, slow and easy she flicked her tongue, over the tips of her moist lips as she lifted up her shoulders and took a deep breath in a way that extended her apocalyptic chest, projecting herself outwardly, in a come - hither - kind - of - way.

Our hero noticed, Yes! he saw it all. Still he was not sure. In truth he was clueless. And yet without a doubt the woman was beautiful and by 'beautiful' I mean vital, absorbing and exhilarating. Added to what she was doing to catch the interest of the young man, the minister of the church, in his seat up on the stage, was starring at the woman, trying to get her attention, for himself.

The tug of war in the metaphysical world was interesting to behold for those who could see what was going on. But the woman did not care about the Pastor. He did not interest her. She knew a hard man was a good find. The young preacher was the one, the woman had her sights on. She was not going to let him get away, without letting him know that she was available

So she kicked it up a notch and gave the young man the "protean signal ". What she did was to touch her hair, but it was not so must the touch of the hair it self that was the signal. But it was rather in the way in which she touched her self, the way she caress her self, the way she tossed her hair to the side, that was the difference .For it was as if she was carrying out some kind of sophisticated choreography with the movement of her head and by the way she used her hands as her hands moved through the hair, that appealed to the senses of the man.

She touched the side of head first, then slowly brushed her hand backwards, moving her right hand through her hair, so smoothly, through the thickness of her hair. After that her hand went down the side of her neck, pass her ear lobe, and started brushing something, ever so slowly, "stroke one, stroke two" , off the top portion of her dress, just above her bra line

Know that what she was giving the man an IOI" (Inductor of Interest)

Then the woman turned up the heat, for she brought in the big guns, for she started playing with the fan that was on the seat next to her. Waving it, twisting it, in her hand, the woman fanned herself, ever so slowly; slowly ever, she did. It all took place in a matter of seconds but it was so seductive, in its own way, for the woman made good use of the fan that she held firming in hand.

Showing that she could multi -task, she crossed her legs, as she was fanning herself, all in full his sight of the man. Her dress was almost ankle long length, so he saw nothing, but she knew it was not about what he saw.

It was about what the man thought, that he thought, that he thought that he saw. A matter of fact the suggestive movement of her body was of more important then what he could see. Shifting her legs under her dress within the sight of the man was her way of sending out to man a message. For the man eyes were given the opportunity to see all the pleasures nature could offer, with the hope that the pleasant aspects of a well shaped young lady would be able to arouse man's mind.

You see all men are visual animals, when it comes to woman. So the woman's movements had little to do with showing him what he could see but it had more to do with appealing to the man's imagination, in terms of enticing him to want to see more. Now, the church musician did know this for sure. In truth she was only a babe in the woods about these things.

Nevertheless the woman had learned a thing of two about men from listening to the talk of the older married women within her family, when they gather together to speak about things like how to keep your man's interest or how to get a man's attention. And so as she sat in her seat, in the church, the woman could almost recall word for word something her Great Grand Aunt once said, at one of those sister hood round table talks for adult females only which at the time, being a child, she understood not;

" Ladies, men are visually stimulated. Therefore regardless if think you looks beautiful or not, each one of you have the God given capacity to automatically turn your actions into sexual semaphores signaling interest in the opposite sex, which is just as predictably and instinctively as peacocks tanning their tails, codfish thrusting their pelvic fins or mice twitching their noses and tilting their backs to draw in the object of their attention "

Yes! It was getting hot up in the church, that Sunday morn. And it was not the temperature in the worship service that was on the rise. The woman was getting steamy. thinking about it all, as she, extended her neck, she said to herself; " If this man doesn't get the message he has to be legally blind.

MMM! HA! She laughed at her self. It was then that she realized that the way the man was hiding behind the pulpit, was a clue.

Yes! She thought to her self, the man could see rather well....And yes, it was clear to her, that on that day, up in church, in the pulpit, the message was delivered.......and received.

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