The Miniature Man

by jimbob

The Miniature Man

My eyes flickered open and the sun was streaming into my apartment. I rose to my feet and stretched a lazy Sunday morning stretch and walked towards the window I was on the 55th floor of my building to some people that might have been kind of freaky being so high but I liked it. IT made me feel like I was the king of the world. As I was looking down into the street I could see every body and there were just so many different stories to be told and different kinds of people. But there was one person that I was most happy to see today at about 8:00 tonight I was going on a date with the most beautiful girl in the world her name was maya she had beautiful brown hair that flowed in the wind "enough of that fanaticizing," I said aloud. I slumbered over to my bedside alarm clock and checked the time it was 10:30 AM and I was tempted to go back to sleep but instead I took a shower then put on some tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt and decided to go out to the local star bucks. I always remember that smell as you walk into the shop that strong cappuccino smell with the other brewing coffees. I walked up to the counter and ordered a white chocolate mocha with no cream. I then went to go sit down at the big cushiony chairs and noticed a familiar face. "Robert," I shouted "how are you doing," he didn't respond so I repeated myself he still didn't hear. I thought to myself that is kind of weird Robert was always the one who had the keenest hearing. I finished up my coffee and stepped out side I then checked the clock that hung over the DIY store it said 11:15 AM.


As I got back to my Apartment my neighbor Ms. Jones came out of her apartnment to tell me that a women had come by and knoked on my door so she took a message for her and the message was that when I got back this mysterious woman wanted to meet me at the grand entrance to central park. I agreed but had one question for misses jones I asked her what did this mysterious lady looked like Ms.Jones told me she had long beautiful brown hair and wore a long white jacket with black high heels. I knew exactly who Ms.Jones was talking about. But why had she come so early?


As I came up to the grand entrance to central park I spoted Margret straight away just as ms.Jones had described her. When I approached her she welcomed me with a big smile and held out her hand for me to hold it. It gave me this nice warm feeling on the inside like nothing could have been better. She told me that she came to get me because she had nothing to do today so she thought that we might be able to catch some lunch together and I said nothing could be better on this Sunday afternoon. We came up to this little restraunt that I had never heard of before called the Bronx coffee she said that it was her favorite restraunt in the whole city of New York she said I would know as soon as I walked in as we opened to the door it was like going back through a time machine because as soon as you walked in you noticed the 60s feel of the restraunt the red dividers of the booths and the black and white checkered floors and the red, yellow, and blue counter tops and the bar at the front with the red bar seats and of course the music machine. We both sat down in a booth and told Margret that this was quit an amazing restraunt and that we would have to come here more often. I ordered one of the old style burgers you know the kind the ones with the big meat and the crisp lettuce and my favorite the red juicy tomatoes. Margret ordered and weightwatchers salad that came with thousands island sauce. I felt kind of guilty eating this while she was on a diet but it tasted so damn good. When we finished eating I checked the time and it said 2:01 P.m she asked me if I wanted to go for a walk with her in central park so that we could talk. I agreed and we started walking. Central park is just so amazing all of the flowers and the main lawn its just like it shows you in the pictures of it. We walked all the way into the middle of the park and onto the main garden and just sat down and watch the children and dogs and the beautiful butterflies as me and her just sat there lost in a mixture of conversation and pure love the feeling where you its just perfect just you and the women you love. We spent a total of about 2 hours just sat there talking to each other it was quite an amazing experience. She then got up and told me that she had to be of and go do some grocery shopping and said that she can't wait for tonight I told her that I couldn't either. As I was walking back to my apartment a thought popped into my head I have known Margret for what 4 years now tonight was going to be it I was going to ask Margret to marry me but I want it to be special and not one of those cheesy hide in cake things. As it grew closer to 8 o clocks I got more and more nervous so I decided to check my e-mail. AS I logged on I saw a message from Margret saying that she could not make our date tonight. I was so bummed that I just sat there. In the few minutes that I was sat on that hard plastic chair that was threatening to give me years of back trouble I realized that Margret had sent me a link in the message. As I clicked on the link I had a feeling that this wasn't going to be good. As soon as the deathly picture of Margret's cold bruised face popped up on the screen I began to cry. I knew just by the picture what had happened. When I looked up again at the screen I saw a caption under the picture which said "pay the ransom or she will die" It scared me even more because I didn't know how much he or whatever it was wanted for Margret. But it was too late I turned around and there staring right at me with his icy cold eyes and Wearing a dark silky cloak that seemed to shimmer in the moonlight with thick moose hide boots and a heavy tall build. But the more prominent feature was the blood red scar that ran down the side of his head. He had in his hands a blood stained metallic blade that seemed to smile an evil smile.

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