Brinlee's Stairway to Heaven (Part 2)

by Kayli Foran:)

Part 2: 3 years later

Kelly mom smiles and looks at Kelly.

"What is it mom?" Kelly asks.

Her mom sheds a tear and says, "Oh Kelly! You're a senior this year."

Kelly rolls her eyes and smiles, "I know mom. You're so happy cause after this year I will be out of the house."

"You better not be." Her mom replies. "I'll miss you darlin." Kelly's mom hugs her.

"Now you got a big day tomorrow Kelly, your first day of school as a Senior. So, get to bed ok?"

Kelly walked upstairs slowly and said, "Ok Mother"

"Plus tomorrow is Brinlee's Birthday" Her mom said.

Every time Kelly would think of Brinlee, she'd smile. She loved and missed her cousin so much. Kelly has moved on since Brinlee's death. I mean it's been 3 years. You have to move on sometime soon. Kelly had, and was ready for her senior year.

Kelly is alot smarter, taller, and prettier. Everyone at Rockridge thought she was the prettiest girl they had ever laid their eyes on. With her curly long brown hair, tan skin, and sky blue eyes. The 2nd most beautiful senior to them was Kelly's best friend Mia. Mia has black hair, midnight blue eyes, and tan skin. She has mexican in her. Mia and Kelly are both about 5'7". They were tall girls, slim and slender. Kelly and Farrah kinda stopped their friendship soon after Brinlee died. Farrah still goes to Rockridge. She and Kelly never talk anymore though. Just to plan stuff for senior year. Kelly, Mia, and Farrah were all in cheer, fccla, and all of the sports. They were good girls. Very talented. Although Kelly and Mia were alike, Farrah was different. Kelly and Mia were organized and neat with planning things. Farrah knew more by not being organized.

When Kelly got to school, she ran straight to Mia and gave her a hug.

Mia looked at Kelly with a smile and asked, "Hey are you okay today?"

Kelly smiled and responded, "Of course! It's senior year and Brinlee's birthday! She'd be 18, just like us and loving senior year."

Mia and Kelly walked into the school building talking about their plans for senior year. They walked right passed Farrah who was standing by her locker.

"I hope Kelly is ok today." she says.

"Why does it matter?" Replied Chelsea.

"We don't talk to her much." Farrah looked at Chelsea like she was stupid. "Brinlees birthday is today. Remember she died 3 years ago? How could you be so careless?"

Chelsea got mad and said, "It's not that I'm careless, I just forgot and it was 3 years ago.The only person whining about it still is you, Farrah! Plus I don't think Kelly wants any compassion or anything. She looks happy, leave her alone for now."

Farrah gets sad and yells back, "I just want my friend back!"

Kelly comes up to her and says, "Hey, I want Brinlee back too, but it's not happening. We will see her again someday though." Kelly smiles and walks off as Farrah looks at her with sadness.

Yes, Farrah missed Brinlee. That's not who she was talking about though. She was talking about Kelly and Mia. Farrah missed them alot. It always broke Farrah's heart to see Kelly upset. It made her the happiest person ever when Kelly was happy. Farrah really cared for Mia and Kelly, and she wanted to hang out with them again. It's not that Farrah didn't like Chelsea. Its just that Chelsea and all of her friends got annoying. How they would always be jealous of Farrah and judge her for who she was. Kelly and Mia never judged her.

They loved Farrah.

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